EFT is very easy to use upon the energy field, chakras or any feelings of resistance or blockage in the body. Often, with some clients who do not tend to feel much progress using EFT on regular issues, sometimes using it on the energy field can give them the shift they needed to happen. I even use it within a session while tapping regular issues.

You can go through each chakra and tap something like “Thank you God for healing this chakra of all energetic defects, clearing all blocks and bringing it into balance” or anything else that comes to mind. If a certain chakra feels blocked you can use the negative as well, such as; “Even though my crown chakra feels blocked or out of balance and I feel this painful headache, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.”

You can use it to clear the energy field such as “Thank you God my energy field is clearing of all impurities and is filling up with bright while healing light” and adding rounds of tapping using any other statements that give you the feeling your energy field is lightening and opening up. You can tap in the all leaks and tears in the aura are healing and mending and that your energy field and energetic boundaries are becoming stronger.

You can put up shields, clear your energy of other people energy, dysfunctional cords and attachments, psychic attacks, or you can even use EFT to heal your energy of leakages and energy depletion. Basically the world is your oyster using EFT for these issues and you can just go with what you feel and implement it into a set up statement. Such as in the videos below or see the EFT articles/video page for how to create set up statements.

You can also use EFT on a lot of the Theta Healing type issues such as entities, attachments, curses, contracts, karma, and almost any other energy condition.

An example is below. Tap the following points with two or three fingers while repeating the statements (for more information on how to do EFT see my blogs on EFT):

EFT Points

Karate Chop Point:

  • Even though I feel anxious, my thoughts are churning and I feel my energy can’t relax, I deeply and completely love and accept myself
  • Even though my energy feels tired and blocked, I deeply and completely love and accept myself
  • Even though I feel like I am weighted down negative energies that may or may not belong to me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Top of Head Point:

  • I am releasing all negative energies
  • I am releasing all negative entities
  • I am transmuting all impurities
  • Replacing them with light and love

Eyebrow Point:

  • I am releasing anything negative that comes up in my aura, and I deely and completely love and accept myself
  • I am releasing all blocks in my energy field and all the resistances to releasing blocks in my energy field

Side of Eye Point:

  • I am letting go of all cords, psychic attacks, old karma, energetic traumas, contracts to suffer or anything else that keeps me from being in divine alignment
  • I am letting all negativity go, and with this, I feel so deeply and unconditionally loving and accepting of myself

Under Eye Point:

  • I am clearing and healing my whole energy field and weaving it with light and love
  • I feel my vibration rising and that anything that isnt part of a higher vibration drops from my energy grid.
  • I am releasing everything that is not of my highest good, and replacing it with Creators light and love.

Under Nose Point:

  • I am releasing and letting go of all negative attachments
  • I am freeing myself from all heavy cords, digging them out and transplanting them with Your light
  • I’m letting any energy that I took on from others release back to their original owner

Chin Point:

  • I am releasing all negativity
  • I am releasing all other entities and attachments into the hands of God, away from my presence to continue their evolution never to enter my personal space again.
  • I am healing and strengthening my energetic boundaries, seeing them grow stronger and brighter
  • Any leaks and tears being healed and fused

Collar Bone Point:

  • I am flooding my entire energy field with the brightest and whitest healing light
  • I am flooding it so full
  • And I am letting it expand out so beautifully and so brightly
  • I feel my energy and vibration rising
  • I feel my chakras open, balance and expand out and I let them all expand out
  • I feel all the love coming into each chakra and feel it going out
  • Out into the “all that is”, and I just allow…

Under Arm Point:

  • My auric field is looking so clear, so white and so bright
  • It is so beautiful
  • My charkas are all spining so brightly, so beautifully, so clear of any blocks, and all are free of any energetic defects, aligned and in balance

Thumb Point:

  • I’m flooding my energy field now with bright white healing flowing light.
  • and I let it flow
  • and I let my energy field expand out
  • My energy field becomes overflowing with light and love as I keep tapping
  • And I keep tapping into it a deep unconditional love and acceptance
  • Of myself, of others and of Life

Index Finger Point:

  • I keep tapping in that love
  • I keep tapping in the joy of God
  • I feel in the moment one with God, His Love and I know that I am divine
  • I am worthy of all love, I always was

Middle Finger Point:

  • I am a bright white sparkling being of light
  • I deserve to trust it all and to believe in myself
  • I deserve to keep walking with this light releasing everything I don’t need to carry anymore

Pinky Finger Point:

  • I feel everything I don’t want or need being completely released, transmuted or let go of
  • I can trust that it is all releasing and letting go
  • Because I am giving it all to God, who loves me so much and who is offering me so much love for myself, filling my heart with His divine love.

Take a deep breath and release and return to Karate Chop Point

Karate Chop point:

  • I am so full of love
  • I am so full of God’s Light
  • My energy field is fully of sparking and magical light
  • it is shining so clear and brilliant
  • I am ready shine my light out over my life and out into the whole world.