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For inquiries about wholesale, promotional opportunities, or services, please contact . Please use this email rather than messaging me on Etsy or Social Media (I almost never check my messages on social media).

Please Don’t Contact Me For UYPLO Manuals

See below:

Please be aware that sellers who sell counterfeit copies of the Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle don’t provide a physical manual. While these forgeries include a card that suggests buyers contact me for a pdf manual, please do not do so, even if a purchase was accidental, a gift, etc. Instead of contacting me, please take your concerns to the seller of the counterfeit.  While I can’t provide a manual, feel free to use many of the free deck apps I offer through this website. I have always tried to offer a lot of free content and tools for others.  For where to purchase authentic copies of this oracle, you can get them through the links below:

My Etsy Shop:
Nine of Earth Single Deck:
Nine of Earth Gift Box: