World Healing

When I first started receiving messages about earth and humanity, I didn’t know what the “collective conscious” was. However, this would change, as what was conveyed to me was primarily founded upon the idea of a collective consciousness and how we shape it and it shapes us. In fact, the main thing these guides want humanity to understand is that we have power over what happens externally; that is, we have the power to divert the world from the destructive course it has been on. Not that we need to be afraid should we continue down this destructive path. Most of what we would be facing—if we do—is our collective fear of loss, and of not being or having enough. This has been the driving force behind mankind’s greed for more and more and more. This said, we do have power over whether we will spiritually evolve enough—and lovingly unify—to see the disbanding of nuclear and other forms of toxic or corrupt “power systems” and potential threats that can have the most devastating consequences for life on this planet and for the human race.

Out of our own feelings of powerlessness and helplessness, we have played a good game of giving our power away while blaming our governments and various institutions, authorities and corporations for some of the bigger problems of the world. What has been missing is that we haven’t really understood how to look within to see how we have contributed to this situation. It has been difficult for many of us to see that we, individually and collectively, are the force that maintains them. We are powerful! More than we know! Understanding this and how we have been part of a collective consciousness will help us toward further understanding:

  • What is being manifested that takes us down this destructive path?

  • What part do we, the individual, play in a bigger picture being manifested? What is our responsibility and accountability for the shape the world is in.

  • What is our reason for continuing to play a part, however small?

  • What unquestioned beliefs lie beneath our continued involvement? For example, what beliefs do we subscribe to that we never question which lead to our contributing (in whatever small way) to this destructive path we are collectively heading down?

Defining the “Collective Consciousness”

I view the collective consciousness as a level of thought and belief that extends beyond our personal thought level. It is shared by a collective of individuals. These collective consciousnesses can be of different sizes and the thoughts within them can reflect more than what I call our “language thoughts,” i.e. the thoughts that come from our minds which are composed of words.

For example, the same way that our individual bodies have an energy field that contains imprints of thoughts, beliefs, memories, and emotions, so too, does the bigger energy field that encompasses a collective or planet. This is why the general state of the health of the majority of individuals within a collective can begin to be reflected by our environment as well. “Nature” seems not herself anymore (peaceful and supportive). Her weather patterns (mirroring our moods and drives) are more aggressive and chaotic. Her frequency feels “sped up.” She is being poisoned in the same way we are—by our drive to produce and consume more and more artificial products and goods.

Because all is One and Mother Nature is the perfect mirror, through her, a bigger picture starts to unfold. She begins to display that something is amiss, by the deleterious effects that humans are causing her bounty to suffer: the exhaustion of resources, depletion, excesses, destruction, pollution, etc.~ I am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond

This state of imbalance seems to arise from collective beliefs that are held at the most basic level of our human experience. These beliefs originate from what we have been taught we need in order to survive in the world.

For example, the majority of us have been conditioned to believe that we must all have a “life purpose” which becomes our “job.” In this “purpose,” we must strive to make as much money as we can. We are taught that if we have enough money, this is “abundance.” We can then use this abundance to enjoy various forms of leisure and convenience. We can also use it to buy and consume the man-made products that are advertised to us. It is even promoted that we must make sure to continue to buy/sell lest this whole system begins to crash and our economy falls into a depression. We never really challenge any of these beliefs. They are simply part of what we inherit from the collective consciousness that believes them. They are passed down to us through our parents, schooling, media, etc.

As a result, we may end up feeling stuck, unhappily, in 9 to 5 jobs, striving to make enough money to pay off all of our various bills and debts. We keep doing so, even though the stress caused by our constant striving to find happiness externally, as the collective consciousness prescribes, causes our health to decline.

There is hope, however. The beliefs of the collective conscious change all the time. When it comes to examples like the one above, these types of beliefs can change as well. We can create a society without money if we really want to, but it is not something many of us have confidence in. Many of us feel comfortable with how things are. It is familiar territory even though it keeps us trapped and conditioned.

For those of us who are open to being part of creating this kind of radical change, we may simply not know how to do it (myself included). We may have never thought about it before or even attempted to visualize what this kind of change would look like. Most of us automatically believe that we would not be able to survive without money, though there are people experimenting with new types of communities, indoor gardening, off-grid living, etc. They dare to tread a path that is different from the one that the majority of us choose to walk. So, the first step is learning to see the box before we can begin to think outside of it and begin to make small steps toward change  (as we feel safe and comfortable).

How acknowledging a collective consciousness will help us heal ourselves and the world

One collective belief that many of us have accepted is that we will create world peace or healing through focusing primarily upon the self. My guides want humanity to understand that while yes, this is true, we also need to realize that we have been so overly conditioned by the collective consciousness to believe prescribed things and to think in prescribed ways that it may be hard to step outside of what we have learned in order to see these things in another light. Therefore, until we begin to focus outside of the self in order to see what is happening within a bigger picture of our world (and what leads the world down a destructive path) we will keep mindlessly conforming to certain belief systems not realizing how destructive they truly are to our world and our souls. Only when we can begin to see these unproductive belief systems and where they are leading us can we truly know what most needs our love, awareness and healing within ourselves and our world.

My guides want us to understand that this is what is meant when the Bible explains that we will know the true prophet from the false prophet from the “fruits.” In Matthew 7:15-20, it states:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

This is not meant as judgment just a law of nature. “Evil” is “Live” spelled backward, after all. And, what do “evil” fruits create? Damage to life. The sacredness to life is lost and the holy spark of God within it is no longer recognized. God (or Great Spirit) is replaced with lifeless objects to worship.

When it comes to “the prophets”, these are merely the individuals we follow and are sheep too. They can sometimes play a role in shaping the collective consciousness because we allow their beliefs to take it over. They tell us how to live in accordance with their ideas of either faith or man-made laws. However, if how we are living when believing in such prophets leads us down a self-destructive path (or one with the potential to destroy the collective), then this prophet’s philosophy of how to live was likely not in alignment with Spirit or higher truth. For example, our adhering to certain forms of power, as an energy source or as a governing system, is leading us down a path where all sorts of abuses and environmental consequences can result.

Many of us continue to blindly follow these types of prophets. We believe that certain “seeds” are the truth when on a greater level the same seeds reaped by a collective consciousness of a great number of people are not reaping peace, love, and the acknowledgment of life as sacred, but the very opposite.

So, the solution lies with beginning to see that there is a dual process that we can begin to apply. Such a dual process will help us to be able to decipher where were have been accepting untruth as truth, and truth as untruth (not that life is about right or wrong, we simply have a choice about whether to learn to live in ways which foster life or to live in ways which sabotage it).

Where do we begin?

We can begin by learning to examine our greater environment and world while beginning to ask ourselves, “Where has this come from?”. Anywhere there is lack of peace, destruction, pollution, exhaustion, excessive greed or oppression, we can learn to step back and examine what part of the collective consciousness is creating it and start to question why.

We can also start to examine how aspects of our own lives, dreams, goals and beliefs, are contributing to the manifestation of something we do not really intend to create within the greater world.

Begin to question everything. Everything you buy, sell, eat, believe or use. We can learn what kind of demand we are passively creating in order to make more empowered decisions. For when we truly know what we are asking for and creating on a deeper level, we can begin to awaken and make different choices that serve our higher intentions. Until then, we may find that our intentions contradict or serve split purposes. For example we may wish to be a force for unity, love or peace within the world, but our lifestyle may contribute toward a different kind of intention or outcome: environmental degradation, striving, and separation consciousness—the belief we are separate from others, have to fend for ourselves and need to compete with one another rather than cooperate.

The ideal, as it pertains to increasing our awareness of a collective consciousness, is to use this awareness to move beyond blame and/or complacency in order to better understand some of our own automatic or unconscious choices and how they formed. What would be the ultimate benefit? A space can become more open for us to bring about more freedom, Self-knowing, free will, and power in our lives! Our willingness to move beyond the current ways and means of a collective consciousness will be what lays the foundation for a form of awakened consciousness that is loving and conscious rather than unconsciously self-destructive.

Waling the Way of the Rainbow Bridge