Recently, I was approached by someone with the question, “What do the Healers of the Earth Oracle cards have to say about climate change?” The oracle cards offered a compelling answer.

Fungi FuneralThe first card I draw from the Healers of the Earth Oracle is the “Fungi Funeral” card. This card points to humanity moving away from a consciousness of self-indulgence to replace it with moderation. Many people are embracing more environmental lifestyles or are becoming simpler so this is a process that is already in motion. It is a card of releasing addictions and temptations. We are collectively waking up to the fact that humanity enjoyed a period of having a lot of fun without really considering the consequences through its effect on the environment. We are realizing that it might be time to put our need to have it all to rest a little so we can make more responsible choices and choosing to support corporations that are more environmentally-friendly. The keywords on the card are “resisting temptations” and “healthy choices.”

IntensityThe second card drawn is titled “Intense Feelings.” The keywords are “powerful desire,” “obsession,” and “fixation.” Again, this card directs us to the issue of the power of our desires and whether we are letting them control us or whether we can bring them into balance. This could also represent society being fixated or a little obsessed with the topic of climate change and having some intense feelings about it. For myself, I actually feel the issue confuses people. It creates fear and controversy over whether it is provable or not, or caused by human efforts or not. An alternative would be to promote environmental awareness in general rather than worrying about whether climate change is or is not real. This said, as a card representing tsunamis and turbulent waters, perhaps the consequences of too much global warming is more wind activity or the potential for water-related disasters. Climate change and atmospheric moistening can reportedly trigger events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and hurricanes, and can make things a lot windier.

Ice FishingA third card I draw is “Ice Fishing.” On a collective level, this card points to breakthroughs in consciousness and increased awareness. We are reaching beneath the surface of things to discover what lies underneath. We are also breaking through emotional coldness or detachedness (including when it comes to caring for the environment) to discover emotions that have been frozen and hidden from our awareness. Perhaps, the issue of climate change is helping us to break through to have more understanding of what we were previously in denial of. We may have to face feelings of vulnerability and fear of what situations could potentially arise from our negligence. Environmentally, this card also pertains to life in the arctic sea and how it is being affected. Climate change could be melting icecaps or warming the water which affects sea life in polar areas.

The Karmic ScalesAsking what we need to know to tackle the issue of climate change, I draw the card “Scales of Karma” which is about atonement, justice, and lessons from the past. I do feel whether climate change is man-made or nature-made if you are a believer in the law of attraction and the principle of oneness and “as without, so within,” you will understand how our collective energy can create external conditions as a mirror.

Asking about the lesson we are to learn (as part of our collective karma) I draw the “Divine Feminine” card. We are very fire/masculine/yang oriented right now. The masculine dominates. It drives us to want to produce and conquer but this needs to be tempered by the yin energy of rest, nurturing, and receptivity. We need to put out some of the fire and balance it with water. With climate change, there is too much heat combined with a weakening of the earth’s magnetic field (because people are more ungrounded, busy, and ADD). So, we need to cool off a bit of our passionate and driven natures. This card can also represent our need to protect water, the oceans, and Mother Earth herself.

Divine FeminineOn a spiritual level, “Mother” Earth, is also an aspect of the Divine Feminine as a female counterpart to the masculine energy of Father Spirit. We can create a bridge between the two through understanding that to find wholeness for ourselves and our planet, we must realize we are not only one with the ethereal and the Father but also one with the physical and the Mother. I love a quote from the white buffalo calf woman where she stated, “When one sits in the Hoop of the People, one must be responsible, because all of Creation is related, and the hurt of one is the hurt of all, and the honor of one is the honor of all.” We cannot come to wholeness through the divine masculine alone. We need to honor the divine feminine and earth herself as well, for as without, so within and vice versa.