Photo of Citrine Natural Raw stone .

Photo of Citrine Natural Raw stone .

Last month, my crystal channeling for Himalayan Ice Quartz warned of an unexpected disaster coming and that the Statue of Liberty would not be herself. Jesus would be holding her torch of freedom. This month, the stone of Citrine channels a message of strength and healing.

Citrine is a form of quartz which ranges in shade from yellow, to gold to orange. This quartz gets its sunny color from traces of iron.

Citrine is reported to not only be a good stone to use to dispel negative energies and toxins, but to help recharge and regenerate. With its sunshine color it radiates positive energy. Unlike many other stones, it does not need to be ‘cleared’ because it does not take on or absorb negative energies from the environment. For this reason, it makes sense that it is known for helping to replace negative emotional states such as depression, addiction, self-sabotage, fear, trauma, anger and self-doubt with a sense of positivity, joy and/or self-growth. On a physical level, Citrine is reported to have a positive effect upon issues involving digestion, sleep, the endocrine system, the immune system and more.

Asking Ariel for a message to relay, I receive:

Child of Love, know that you can become a beacon of Light and encouragement for yourself, others and the world through allowing yourself to see a brighter picture to replace a dim view of life or circumstances. Visualize shining a golden loving light upon the world around you and see that same light cycle back to you in order to fill you with its magical energy.

Encourage yourself and others, whatever the circumstances, that one can still find humor, light and joy. Connect with all the vibrant beauty in Nature, for She is endlessly revealing Her magic and miracles everywhere. Learn to see the abundance within everything. When one can only see abundance as present through obtaining outer success and material objects the true miracle of abundance is missed and unconscious suffering or despair can potentially result. 

Do not be afraid to be innocent like a child again. Carry a candle of hope and wonder lighted within, and do not forget to play. Your angels and guides support and encourage you in any loving endeavor, so Believe!

As a last message, I am shown a finger moving from the mind to the heart. As the finger rests upon the heart center, this center begins to glow a brilliant green energy surrounded by golden tones. The feeling I intuit from this is that humankind can learn to become vulnerable enough to move away from living within the thinking mind toward radiating a true presence from the feeling heart.  It can take courage to allow ones heart to take the lead this way.  We can invoke Citrine for this courage.

Then, I am shown sparkling streams of energy that flow much like a river toward a mystical lake within our heart. The impression that I receive is that we can FEEL our life as if it is flowing with rivers that are alive with beauty, power, truth, and magic. We can follow these rivers ever deeper into the lake of our heart. Within this heart lies a non-verbal language that can be felt.  We can allow ourselves to find a gentle and childlike purity within this language, unclouded by the verbal language of the mind. While visualizing yourself as immersed within the lake of your heart, allow your true authentic self to emerge in all its color while letting go of duality as much as you are able.

Know that in any moment you can invoke the beauty and the magic of Citrine. Once its blessings have been invoked, allow yourself to find the positive and the abundant within all things great AND small, particularly within the highest part of whom you are as a part of All That Is. Remember, that highest part of you, much like the Citrine stone, never takes on or absorbs anything negative for it can only know and live in Love and Truth.

There is a group who focus on Earth Healing, Love, Prayer and Unity 8pm EST nightly. Prayer can be dance, song, ho’oponopono or anything that focuses on praise, appreciation for life, living things, spirit, and how we are all enough/blessed. Anyone who wishes to join us, please do. More info at