Weeds are the bane of fields, delusion is the bane of mankind. Therefore, what is offered to those free of delusion yields abundant fruit. -Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

If you have never heard of the illuminati or other various conspiracies, you are not alone. I did not really know anything about conspiracies until 2009 when I began dating a man who was interested in certain types of documentaries. It was a real revelation. What I learned the most was that while various documentaries seem to blame an outside force for all of the world’s problems, I saw things a bit differently. In essence, I saw a bigger picture of ‘as without, so within’ (see glossary). I even felt a bit confused that others were not seeing it as well.

Some of the documentaries—which I won’t go into detail about all of them—were about government and banking conspiracies, the dangers of fracking, the problem of nuclear waste, the suppression of spiritual truth, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), the end of the world, polar shifts, etc. Then one day, while visiting a health food store that I frequented, I was unable to find certain products that I used to purchase. The store clerk asked me, “Have you heard of Codex Alimentarius?” (See glossary.)

While I had never heard of Codex Alimentarius, I had experienced my own issues with the medical establishment. This is because prior to my thirties, it was still natural to give my power and decision making over to other authorities. And, as a result of this, I went through several painstaking years allowing various professionals to try to help me with my own health issues.

As one example, I followed the diet instructions of the initial doctor who first diagnosed Candida Albicans and took the drug called nystatin that he prescribed. He advised me that this condition was due to overuse of antibiotics, which I had taken antibiotics quite frequently for recurrent throat infections most my life, not knowing this could cause me harm.

However, after faithfully taking nystatin for five years, I was referred to a Chronic Fatigue Specialist who told me that I had one of the worst cases of Candida that he had ever seen (showing up in a blood test). “How is this possible?” I asked him. “I’ve been taking nystatin for five years.” He then explained to me that nystatin, while an antifungal, is also another form of antibiotic. If taken too long for Candida, it can actually promote the development of resistant candidiasis.

So, how does all of this relate to conspiracies?

The medical health profession had let me down. Of course, I never thought to do my own research. Who really does that? Most of us tend to submit to the various authorities around us and accept their wisdom or expertise.

I think there was a purpose to what happened to me, and that purpose existed on several levels. From this experience, I learned to stop giving away my power, intuition, and authority. I began to question things and do my own research. I also looked for more purity in my eating habits, living space, and lifestyle. I began noticing the environment and how it is being affected. It took being affected by ‘pollution’ myself to realize what we are doing to the body called earth and to our own physical vehicles. I started asking, “Why do we do this? Are we crazy?”

A friend, who was going through similar struggles, gave me a book titled The Medical Mafia. This was the first conspiracy theory I ever learned about. However, it seems less of a conspiracy and more of a societal issue, where a majority of people are generally looking for:

  • money
  • quick fixes to problems
  • opportunity
  • leisure
  • creativity

So, do I believe, according to various conspiracies, that the World Health Organization conjointly with other powers that be wish make us sick with drugs, vaccinations, lab generated viruses, toxins in our foods and other things—as a way to require us to then need more drugs or treatment which puts money into the WHO’s pocket? To me it is irrelevant whether it is true or not. What is relevant is that if we wish to overcome various external issues, then we have to first overcome them internally.

As I see it, the medicine and pharmaceutical industries are businesses like any other business. Businesses naturally like to make money. Most businesses like to make money by creating demand for their product. Many will create products that lead to more demand for related products, or for replacements if products break down. To me, it makes more sense that what is going on within the medical and pharmaceutical industries (and even WHO) is more of an unconscious, societal issue than a conspiracy.

Most of the Western world seems motivated this way. Even spiritual individuals operate on the same principles. All anyone has to do is look at the mass marketing of books, seminars, healing modalities, or psychic readings. Most of what we create is geared toward generating increased demand, dependency, clientele, and buyers for our product or service. The whole Law of Attraction trend is rooted in realizing this ‘dream.’ The big corporations out there are just acting with the same unconscious motives that most of us are.

Nevertheless, unconsciousness is unconsciousness. Greed is greed. All greed has its roots in a mantra so many of us unconsciously repeat daily, “I don’t have enough, I never have enough, and I need more and more and more.” Not that this is wrong or bad. It simply comes from not knowing who we are, or how to more purposefully and lovingly fill a void within.

As a secondary issue, many people like to do, be, and achieve (including healing personal or health issues) the easiest way possible. In fact, many of us like the idea of getting rich quick and being able to obtain quick fixes for many of our problems. We do not always like to take into account the big picture. So, why should the medical system, or any other entity, be any different? Drugs cannot always be tested for long-term effects over twenty years. So, did doctors prior to the 1990s know that antibiotics had these long-term effects? Maybe this isn’t the right question to ask.

Do I advise others never to use a doctor or mental health professional? Of course not! That would be silly. The question, however, this conspiracy theory did have me asking myself was, “Why am I giving my power away so much?” This is where the core of the problem starts. Probably some of our greatest blocks lie with what we blindly follow—without asking questions—in our lifestyles and in our self-defeating attitudes, as well as in our trouble with seeing ‘as without, so within.’

Now, I did not really expect, as I embarked more on a path of empowerment, that I would learn of a multitude of other conspiracies that seemed to further cast a light on the ways in which I was dependent, a follower, disempowered, or afraid. And, while I have heard from many people who seek to remain in unconsciousness, “Don’t look at Illuminati conspiracies, because you will get trapped in a fear-based energy,” what I advise instead is that we look all we want, because until we do, we will be living afraid; afraid to look, afraid to take responsibility, afraid of freedom, and afraid of adapting new ways of thinking and being within the world. Until we look at everything we unconsciously adhere to without question, our lotus nature and the collective consciousness will be locked together inside of a murky pond that we cannot see our way out of.11

Popular Conspiracy Theories & How They Reflect Our Collective Choices

Here are a few of the popular conspiracies that I have learned about to various degrees:

  • illuminati, secret societies, new world order, and banking conspiracies (including subconspiracies, such as media brainwashing, suppression of spiritual knowledge, etc.)
  • World Health Organization and Codex Alimentarius conspiracies
  • issues with GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • problems with power
  • ‘end-of-world’ conspiracies and judgment day

Illuminati, Secret Societies, New World Order & Banking Conspiracies

According to some of the conspiracy theories, there is a secret organization of the most elite, powerful, and influential individuals in the population who are covertly devising ways of controlling, enslaving, and even depopulating the masses. These secret societies have existed for ages. They are reported to circulate through various groups, such as the Free Masons, the Bilderberg Group, the Tri-Lateral commission, and others. These secret societies also supposedly control all the major banks in the United States, including the Federal Reserve. They are even thought to control the election process.

Why is this secret organization called the illuminati?

The word illuminati derives from Latin and means “illuminated ones.” Being illuminated, members of these societies are thought to covet secret spiritual knowledge of metaphysics and other related concepts which they keep actively hidden from the general public. This, of course, is because—so the thinking goes—the masses remain willing slaves of the system, prevented from exploring spiritual truths that would free them. Instead, the masses are kept idle by being subjected to constant brainwashing through advertising, distractions, movies, games, etc. In fact, despite being ‘illuminated,’ these groups are reported to worship Satan and materialism. The public is thus considered ‘sheep’ to be lured into a Satanic agenda.

Interestingly, symbols are supposedly very important to these individuals and groups. So much so, that there are whole documentaries discussing the use of pyramids (displaying the all-seeing eye), pentagons, gargoyles, and even certain hand signals.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the government uses fictitious ‘inside job’ events (e.g., 9/11) in order to stir the masses to support various wars or political agendas. Their reported goal is to create enough of these crises to strip the public of its rights to the point that torture, martial law, microchipping etc., may be instituted on the premise of ‘protecting the masses.’ The ultimate goal is reported to be the implementation of a New World Order agenda. In this agenda, the world is governed by one government (a dictatorship).

Banking conspiracies abound as well. It is predicted that the division between the rich and poor will widen, with the poor working harder and harder as unknowing slaves so that the rich can live comfortably off the poor. How is the unwilling public enslaved? Through the creation of debt and the dependency on banks, credit cards, and other systems which create the very debt which entraps them.

The sub-conspiracies are the attempts of the elite and secret societies to use certain means to control the masses for their larger agendas. Some of these sub-conspiracies include:

  • Brainwashing by the media: The purpose is to control the thoughts and beliefs of the masses, and to encourage conformity rather than individuality.
  • ‘Dumbing down’ of the masses, keeping them distracted through various methods: The aim is to prevent the public from advancing in the understanding of metaphysical principals, and to prevent public awareness of our natural freedom and spiritual identity. According to such theories, if we really knew the truth of who we are, we would no longer allow ourselves to be enslaved by higher forces, governments, and systems of control that favor the elite class. The public is thus ‘dumbed down’ through forms of addiction and distraction. Forms of distraction include entertainment, movies, television, videos games, gadgets, toys, etc.
  • Intentions to lower the health and vitality of the masses by putting toxins in our food and water supply: The purpose, again, is to have more control. Sick people are more dependent.
  • HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program): This conspiracy claims that the government is using HAARP to both emit frequencies that affect the nervous systems of the general public and keep them controllable and suppressed. Alternatively, some individuals believe the government is using HAARP to control the weather and to deliberately cause certain natural disasters for various reasons.
  • Microchip Tracking: The intent is to have everyone carry microchips in the future. These chips will be injected into individuals, as they are currently done with animals. Microchips will allow the government to easily track and monitor people. This will force more compliance and reduce crime. Right now, they are being offered to people as a system of stored data for medical purposes.
  • New World Order: The aim is to create a One World government. In this scheme, the big, bad corporations and financial institutions will reportedly control everything, including all of the monopolies in the world, with the public completely dependent.

Despite all that is being portrayed concerning this elite group, in my theory, we—the public—are no better in ways. The majority within the collective consciousness worships materialism. So, blaming a secret society that is just like us—on a more noticeable and organized scale—is simply a form of projection; that is, we are seeing something outside of ourselves as possessing qualities that exist within us at some level. We all are worshipping and serving similar ideals.

Secondly, if there is a plan going on, I see it more as a game of wake up and see what we the public are creating. For example, is HAARP a conspiracy to hurt humans, or are humans just set up to want to manifest and experiment in ways that are increasingly more dangerous? It makes more sense to me that other things are contributing to disasters like solar flares, climate change, waste wells, fracking, and oil spills.

Thirdly, in my mind, the feeling that certain factions have power over us is just another form of illusion in more than one way. If we all unite with an intention of peace and love in order to have a say together, our governments would have to change to conform to us. This is because we shape the consciousness and even our institutions and economy via a law of supply and demand. Without demand, there can be no supply. If the dollar truly controls everything and makes us vulnerable to being played by lower energies, it makes sense that abstinence and living a more simple and awakened life, free of video games, technologies, debts, credit cards, loans, etc., and by curtailing our dependency and the money we give to various conglomerates and corporations, will solve many of these problems.

A truth I do see is that the masses work day and night like slaves to a system, but end up in debt and have to work even more to get out of it. But is this anyone’s fault, except our own lack of consciousness?

Lastly, I have an intuitive feeling that unless mankind gets quick control over his issues with ‘power’ (including energy sources), we could have a whole slew of issues to deal with as karma and consequence of giving our ‘power’ away. Even those in control will likely not have any power anymore, metaphorically and physically.

The real test for whether mankind can come to a realization of unity consciousness and care for the whole, rather than just the self, is if the collective can band together during these crucial times to see certain forms of power dismantled or to see new interdependent and off-grid (see glossary) communities arise. One example would be to collectively band together to replace our use of nuclear power and natural gas with alternative sources.

As I see it, even if there is an ominous agenda, at the rate we are going with our collective and consumeristic natures, we will manifest our own fall in some way, be it through disasters or other means. Such a fall could cause industries, banks, and other facets of our dependencies to start to collapse on their own. Part of our energy and spiritual intention is already calling out for these types of ‘shifts’ or changes to transpire. The problem is many of us are afraid of change, so we—according to our current path and collective mind-set—will likely have them brought upon us through some external means rather than willingly making the changes from within.

World Health Organization & Codex Alimentarius Conspiracies

Codex Alimentarius allows the World Health Organization (WHO) more control over food standards, guidelines, and codes of practice.

So where is the conspiracy?

The argument states that WHO’s plan was to slowly ban more and more natural supplements, foods, and ways of farming. The goal is to chip away at the public’s ability to choose what they can buy and use for their own health or diet. As the theory goes, this would make the public more dependent upon WHO and various affiliated corporations, which would financially profit. For example, various industries stand to profit if we are forced to use the pesticides, drugs, and other products that certain multinational corporations and governments can sell, monopolize, and control.

A more ominous agenda is proposed to be going on, as well. This agenda is to make the population deliberately sick for the purpose of control, profit, or depopulation. The opponents of Codex offer up tons of research how all the toxins in our food, the pesticides, fluoride, and other chemicals are harmful to our health. While I do agree that we are being overexposed to toxins, it is likely because society has the mind-set that our love for excess has to be sustained, which means taking short cuts and being less natural (emotionally, metaphorically, and physically).

Where the conspiracy does start to seem believable is when we get ourselves more and more involved in situations that make us more and more dependent upon outside sources, instead of ourselves. The more we become trapped like little children who cannot fend for ourselves while feeling dependent upon authorities, parents, and companies to take care of all our needs, the more complicated our lives become when we grow up and suddenly wish to have freedom, and thus rebel.
What is my advice? It is time to go back to a more natural, simplistic, less needy, and less dependent lifestyle. Maybe it is time to let go of needing so many toys and distractions, and to mature, become more responsible, stronger, independent, and assertive. Maybe it is time to nonviolently stop allowing parental powers around us (or the muddy pond) tell us what is good for us and how to be.

The way out of most conspiracies is to get back in touch with nature, follow the ways of the natives, and become more self-sufficient wherever we can.


I had never heard of GMOs until recently, but they are worth knowing about. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. The supposed problem with GMOs is, again, that multinational corporations are in control. Many of these supposed conspiracies have the same agendas: to corner the market and create a dependency.

If I understand the conspiracy correctly, the fear is that these genetically modified seeds (being more resistant to insects or repellants because they have been genetically modified) may cross contaminate non-GMO crops that are planted in the vicinity. Once non-GMO crops become contaminated, they may not flourish. The farmer may then feel pressure to buy and use GMO seeds, if he wishes to have crops that thrive.

GMOs are patent protected by a company called Monsanto. Monsanto allegedly requires farmers to sign agreements that they will not save seeds after each harvest or sell seeds to other farmers. This creates dependency, as the farmers then have to go back each year to buy more seeds from Monsanto. And, of course, Monsanto pockets the money.12

Another major concern is whether these GMO foods are healthy or safe to consume. As a third concern, it is argued that insects might evolve to become more pesticide-resistant, and thus become a danger to our environment.13

Is it really a conspiracy? Or, do we simply reap what we sow of certain unconscious thoughts, lifestyles, and ‘seeds’? As I have already mentioned while discussing other conspiracies, as I see it, it is a societal problem and not a conspiracy. Various individuals or companies are trying to come up with solutions that address the need to find new ways to farm that are capable of feeding the ever-increasing population. Like most quick fixes, such a venture has its side effects and becomes affected by the fear-based greed of the corporations involved. (This greed and attitude of excess without accountability lies within us all.)

Again, I do not discuss conspiracies to encourage an ‘us-against-them’ mentality, but to help readers see what is happening on a deeper level. Only when we see the truth within ourselves can we take responsibility for the roles we all play. My whole reason for writing about these topics is so that the reader can see how there is no real blame, only choices that can be made with new understanding. We mirror those we seek to blame as long as we are dreaming of being a lotus that seeks itself within the external, muddy pond. Within this pond, supply always reflects demand. Supply folds under, if demand does not exist. If we attack others who we view as causing these problems, then we are attacking what we have supported, nourished and maintained.

A Problem with Power

I find this issue to be incredibly full of symbolism. Power is a vital symbol. We either own our own power or we give it away. We are either independent and self-sufficient or dependent like little children. Isn’t it interesting that all the forms of power that leave us dependent on industries and entities outside of ourselves are somewhat toxic, polluting, and both harmful to ourselves and to life on our planet? Maybe this is trying to tell us something.

Notice how sources of power that are less toxic are ones that offer man the opportunity to be more self-sufficient, independent and off-grid (self-supplied and not connected to public energy grids, e.g. solar power). I personally believe this is not an accident. Our world mirrors and communicates who we are individually and on a collective level. As long as we are reliant on power (symbolically or literally) outside of ourselves, we will likely have to pay for it, become dependent upon it, and give away our resources and energy. This creates dis-ease and chaos. Being dependent on an external source of physical power symbolizes an inability to know how to use power within ourselves appropriately.

So what are some of the sources of power, i.e., energy, that are a big concern right now?

  • natural gas created through a hydraulic fracturing process
  • nuclear power and radioactive waste
  • petroleum
  • waste wells

Natural Gas and Fracking: If you want to understand the conspiracies surrounding fracking, watch a documentary titled Gas Land by Josh Fox (2010). The problem with natural gas concerns its hydraulic fracturing process, which involves injecting water and chemicals deep into the ground in order to release natural gas within the earth. According to sources, approximately one to eight million gallons of water, and up to six hundred chemicals, are used to complete a job.

The movie Gas Land also visits the nearby residents of a fracking operation, and, of course, horrors are revealed. For example, the water is so polluted that it can be lit on fire, straight from the tap; the land has become so toxic it is affecting the health and lives of livestock; and people are suffering various degrees of health problems. Fracking has also been argued to be a precipitator of earth quakes.14 It has also been argued to cause climate change.15

Nuclear Power and Radioactive Waste: If you live in the United States, there are over 100 nuclear power plants, most situated in central to eastern states. In the world there are many hundred more. Some conspiracies are concerned about the increase in natural disasters and solar flares, and whether this creates the potential for a nuclear holocaust at some point in the future. How so? When the power grid fails, nuclear power plants have to operate on generators. However, if disasters are severe enough, there can be trouble getting fuel to the generators in order to prevent a meltdown.

Another concern was brought forward in a movie called Into Eternity by Michael Madsen (2010), which its purpose was to expose what many of us may not know, and may not wish to know, about nuclear power and waste (whether it is 100 percent truth, I cannot be sure).

While the major earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 revealed the actual danger and vulnerability of nuclear power plants to natural disasters, there is another danger concerning the highly radioactive nuclear waste that is created every day. According to the movie Into Eternity, nuclear waste remains “radioactive and radiotoxic” for at least one hundred thousand years.16 This is troubling since it cannot be sent out into space or kept in interim storage plants forever. Thus, according to the movie, the world’s first permanent storage facility is being created in Finland, called Onkalo, which means hiding place.

Waste will be stored in a system of tunnels dug out of solid rock. Again, because nuclear waste can remain radioactive for centuries and have long half-life periods, the facility must remain undisturbed for many years.

As for what can be done about this, I do fully believe that this is a crucial time in which we can learn lessons of love and unity consciousness through banding together for the whole rather than just focusing on ourselves (while denying the fruits created via the work of our own hands and thoughts). After all, as long as our energy is tied to certain sources of power, we are aligned with it. This becomes a free will choice which locks us into serving a toxic pond rather than allowing ourselves to become a lotus that can live more purely and naturally. When we have achieved purity, you will see it expressed through nature.17 Remember, as without, so within.

Petroleum: Petroleum is another example of a societal issue. Despite a catastrophic oil spill we have remained largely unchanged in our support of and use of this type of fuel. The reason why can be found within the bible, Revelations 9:20, NIV:

The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood–idols that cannot see or hear or walk.

Everyone complains about the inconvenience of eco-friendly cars and lifestyles. Our superficial comforts and worship of what is lifeless (and what we make an idol out of) takes precedence to caring about the common good. We will not move to other models that are less toxic unless these models prove superior in speed—and ease of use—to petroleum models. We will not give up our need for ‘speed’ and our fast paced lifestyles to surrender to something kinder and gentler to life, ourselves, and other living beings and things. Speed and comfort come first, of course.

Speed is competitive, after all, and we are unwilling to let this go from our nature. This is the truth that conspiracy theorists do not wish to see. If we are being preyed upon because of these values, the problem still lies within us, and is not simply something that is external. In the end, it comes down to what we collectively choose to value. It is within our own control whether we can branch off from a collective and choose a better and kinder way to live that promotes self-love and projects loving intentions into our world.

The other concern is that fossil fuel burning causes climate change. While some scientists attempt to argue this is not true, other scientists argue the opposite. I think we all can agree that the 2010 oil spill was a real disaster which the effects were devastating on many levels.

Waste Injection Wells: Without another solution, wells are being created that go very deep down under the earth’s crust to hold hazardous waste. With petroleum drilling, underground disturbances can be created when salt water is injected into the wells after the oil has been extracted. Wells have been associated with problems such as groundwater contamination, earthquakes, and contaminated soils near the wellheads.18

End-of-World Conspiracies & Judgment Day

There are so many end-of-world conspiracies that I cannot list them all. People seem very afraid of the end of the world, and some fall back on the Book of Revelations or various prophecies from Nostradamus, Hopi, Mayan, etc.

When it comes to the Book of Revelations, it reads as if it is primarily about our materialism, our idolatry and worship of things, the destruction of our environment, and the need to repent. It is described as an age of deception and false prophecy, greed, self-prostitution and arrogance. As disasters begin to happen—largely caused by the work of man’s hands—mankind is depicted as not really being much concerned.

To be clear, I do not view repentance as most Christians do. For me, it is about devotion, service and action. If you truly see God as Creator, you will cherish his creation. Thus, true repentance is the act of cherishing God in ways that honor the miracle of life, as opposed to living in ways that destroy his creation with the “work of our hands.” Again, the Book of Revelations is very environmental in nature. Those who harm the earth come to reap what they sow.

Here is what I took from the Book of Revelations, New International Version (which I’m not implying that I’m studied in the bible): The False Prophet, who is focused on survival and dependent on form, preaches the word of God in a way that supports the Beast. This ‘Beast’ has everyone working day and night in his worship, for the Beast represents our service to our flesh natures. As a result of man’s worship, the “smoke of [his] torment rises for ever and ever” (not to mention pollution), because there is no rest day or night for he (the workaholic?) that worships the Beast and its image.

From what I further interpreted, the False Prophet and Beast are so convincing that almost everyone is deceived. The Fiery Dragon speaks of empowerment, dominion, success, and conquering. It is a yang symbol, and part of the Trinity of the anti-Christ. Why? Because it favors our finding ourselves in the world, while trying to own and conquer it, rather than finding our place within the Kingdom of Heaven of God, Self, Christ (and remember, God’s Holy Spirit dwells within us, not outside). Much of what passes for empowerment these days is illusion. It traps us into thinking we are powerful, while we are still enslaved to everything outside of ourselves, including governments, corporations, lifestyles, objects, ideas of ownership, etc.

While I can’t say for sure if the world will end or if it will not, or if certain chosen ones will be saved or if they will not, I do believe that there are lessons that can be learned about what and who we serve, paying attention to the fruits being seeded and sown.

As for judgment day, the Law of Attraction is a concept that discusses accountability for what we manifest. In my mind, it only makes sense that a ‘day of Judgment’ merely opens us up to the realization that accountability extends beyond our individual level of experiences and includes what we have manifested collectively within our world.

…and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. -Revelations 20: 13-15, KJV

Even today, I saw a post on Facebook with a similar message. It speaks of an Anishnabe prophecy:19

They will come to a fork in the road. One road will lead to Materialism and Destruction…..for almost all living creatures….The other road will lead to a Spiritual Way upon which the Native People will be standing…This path will lead to the lighting of the 8th fire, a period of eternal peace, harmony and a ‘New Earth’ where the destruction of the past will be healed.

So, what can we do about these various conspiracy theories? The answer lies in understanding the concepts of forward and backward integration, as well as the book of Galatians in the Bible. The book of Galatians surprisingly speaks on these very issues of obedience to conventions and man-made rules, laws, and forms.

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[11] To be clearer, I am including this chapter because I have not yet come across a documentary that offers a middle ground between blame and revolution versus denial and defeatism. Thus, my main intention is to discuss conspiracies, not so that they will be believed in or feared, but so that we can see the collective streams of consciousness that created all of our issues with power, abusing power, or the giving away of power at various levels. If we can see the big picture, we might be able to grasp that there is that middle ground between ignorance and revolution.

[12] See http://www.pubpat.org/monsanto-seed-patents.htm

[13] See http://grist.org/food/gmo-resistant-insects-add-insult-to-drought-injury/

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[16] See “nuclear facts at http://www.intoeternitythemovie.com

[17] Some spiritualists believe our future used to hold nuclear disaster (according to prophecies), but that we have evolved to the point that we have altered that outcome. I would say that the marker for whether evolution has occurred will be when mankind has evolved past certain threats, i.e. when there are no more nuclear power plants or weapons on the planet anymore.

[18] According to A Shot In The Dark: Underground Injection of Hazardous Waste (a Greenpeace report by J. Thompson, 1990).

[18] This prophecy is located online at http://the8thfire.org/8thfire/index.htm

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