In the first part of this chapter, I discussed how ideally the principles of the Law of Attraction could be used in a more conscious manner after one had fully awakened, rather than before. Otherwise, we would likely end up using what we know of these metaphysical principles to become further lost in the muddy pond of our dreaming, as opposed to realizing our lotus nature within. This does not mean, however, that the Law of Attraction does not have a useful purpose for those wishing to awaken.

With this in mind, I do fully believe that our thoughts create our reality. I believe there is a mirroring process that is going on between our thoughts and what is created in our world. But, I also believe there is more to what signifies ‘thought,’ and more to understanding how such metaphysical premises can be used. My views diverge from those that are more mainstream concerning:

  • the use of the Law of Attraction
  • the need to consider different levels of consciousness
  • recognizing different modalities of thought
  • recognizing that contradictions in intentions occur (for example, when you have two thoughts or intentions opposing one another, and this affects what is manifested)
  • the focus on ‘abundance’ and concepts concerning what abundance is
  • the focus on the future rather than the present moment

When it comes to the use of the Law of Attraction, I believe that if we can identify the underlying thoughts and beliefs concerning what has already manifested, then the same metaphysical principles of this law which we use to move from thought to manifestation can also be used to move from manifestation to thought. In other words, the Law of Attraction can become a valuable tool for interpreting the dream of life and all of its various symbols (i.e. fruits).

Used in this fashion, the Law of Attraction can help us to uncover the thoughts that we do not even know we are thinking, the beliefs that we do not even realize that we believe, and the intentions we are making that conflict with one another. We can delve deeper than examining our superficial thoughts and prayers in order to uncover what we unconsciously and subconsciously want and desire, and why. If we allow it to, our Earth dreaming can tell us some amazing things through its mirroring process and symbols. As I discussed in chapter 2, we can discover a whole new type of language that was always attempting to communicate with us if we were willing to listen and learn.

Once we realize what our true thoughts are, as well as what they are manifesting, we can then learn to separate these thoughts, beliefs, and their manifestations from who we are in spirit. Otherwise, we may find we intellectually know who we are, but there is a part of us that is acting on autopilot, not really knowing the seeds it is sowing or the path it is traveling. This same autopilot process can occur within our nightly dreams.

For those of us who have experienced lucid dreaming, there is an ability to take a detached stance within these types of dreams, because there is simultaneous understanding where the content arises from—thoughts. However, when we are not lucid within our dreams, we may wake and feel as if they seemed to meander aimlessly all over the place. They meandered in this way because our mind, on autopilot, believed what we dreamed was real, and so it reacted to the dream’s various scenarios instead of taking a detached stance.

In the end, if the world owns us and we cannot release that ownership, it will be harder for us to awaken to what exists outside of the dimensions of materiality, and it will be harder for us to awaken to a higher understanding which exists outside of a current level of perception. The unfortunate result, I believe, is present within all of the world’s chaotic symbols, which seem to be attempting to communicate—and very loudly—that what we believe to be a path to creating dreams of happiness and ease could in fact be a path to creating something else.

Keep all of this in mind, as I discuss various ways we can use and apply the Law of Attraction in our world to more clearly know what is beneath the surface of the pond we tend to collectively and unconsciously adhere to.

Using the Law of Attraction to Become More Lucid Within the Dream of Life

I fully believe that learning how to use the Law of Attraction in a reverse manner can become a valuable tool toward helping us discover the subconscious thoughts that lie beneath what we have created within the world of form. In other words, if we can take what has already been manifested and learn to read it backwards for what it means or symbolizes (much like we would if interpreting a dream), we may then more clearly be able to see what thoughts or emotions may have played a part in each symbol’s creation. For example, we may be able to more clearly, and more truthfully, answer the following questions:

  1. What or who do we truly serve?
  2. What are possible lessons or karma?
  3. What is loved or unloved?
  4. What is feared?
  5. What is hidden, concealed, or denied?
  6. How whole are we?
  7. What symbols can be examined for what they truly mean?
  8. How can we better understand our collective level of experiences, and how are they manifested?

1. What or Who Do We Truly Serve?

The Law of Attraction can reveal to us what we give our power to and serve. For example, if we love money, the Law of Attraction will be about money. If we love spirit, the Law of Attraction will be about spirit. If we love ourselves, it will be about self-love. If we love the divine, we will see it and respect it everywhere. What the Law of Attraction means to a person speaks something about that person’s personality.

Said in another way, whatever we wish to manifest pertains to a theme or story we have chosen to define our lives. This pertains to our individual story as well as the part we play in the story of humanity and Earth. Of the various themes and drives that people may pursue within their story of life, some may include:

  • fame and recognition
  • romantic love
  • work
  • wealth
  • healing
  • to feel good enough or perfect enough
  • mental aptitude
  • athletic ability
  • physical attractiveness
  • spiritual growth

While none of these are necessarily good or bad per se, just choices we can make, there are often deeper reasons why particular themes appeal to us, and why we may have corresponding lessons and energies to work through. If we can perceive a level of cause and effect that is moving in two different directions, this can help us better understand these corresponding lessons and energies, as well as why we make the choices we make and whom we make such choices for.

The first direction we can move—to identify how cause and effect is manifesting within our life—is from a particular facet of life that predominately influences our choices to its underlying cause(s). The ‘particular facet of life’ may be an area in which we carry out many of our lessons and challenges concerning what we attract to us. For instance, some of us may seem to predominantly focus on love, while others focus on wealth, spirituality, health or other things. Whatever our focus, there are certain questions we can begin to ask in order to learn more about ourselves, such as:

  • Why is it that some individuals focus on wealth and others on love?
  • Who or what has inspired my particular focus?
  • Was it my parents, our culture, television and movies, a guru or idol I admired, or something else?

Once we think we know the answers, we can then ask ourselves why we allowed these influences to define or affect us. We can begin to question whether the individuals, influences and/or the main focus or mind-set that we felt inspired to make important to us (all of which are facets of the pond), represent the full truth of who we are (as the lotus). We can also begin to ask ourselves if adopting such a focus or mind-set was necessarily a healthy or enlightened thing. We can begin to challenge our allegiance to all the ways we define ourselves by asking questions such as:

  • How do such influences or individuals claim to have the authority to make certain decisions regarding what life choices I should make?
  • What am I hoping to receive, deep down, i.e. is it love, worthiness, self-esteem, or something else?

Remember, this book is primarily about weeding through the pond in order to find our pure lotus nature. So, if we wish to find our lotus nature in all of its purity, we need to break through our illusions as well as the reasons why we cling to them so profoundly, believing they can decide for us who we are meant to be.

The second direction we can move—in order to achieve a greater awareness of cause and effect—is from a particular facet of life that predominately influences our choices toward identifying any greater effects that are manifesting within our world and reality. We might ask ourselves:

  • What are the effects within my greater environment when I tend to focus upon a specific facet of life in a particular way?
  • How is my focus and how I act upon it affecting others?
  • Is my focus something I am stressed out about, something I feel at peace with, or is it a little of both?
  • Is my focus preventing me from having time to enjoy other important things such as home or family?
  • Am I burning myself out pursuing it?
  • Is it pushing people away?

Most importantly, we can ask ourselves, “Am I concurrently manifesting other types of unwanted belief systems as a way to cope or as a defense mechanism?” For, if our focus is love (as an example) and we believe we need to be loved via a partner and yet love is not available, we might begin to adopt secondary beliefs that leave us feeling that we are not attractive enough, good enough, or even that we need to compromise our integrity to be loved, etc.

Once dealing with the more personal level of how our goals and what we focus upon affects our individual relationships and experiences, we can look at the world to see if there is a collective stream of consciousness that focuses on the same goal. We can then follow that energy into what it is manifesting by way of beliefs and symbols. Here, we are allowing the greater world to tell us its dream or story through the fruits that are created within it. Then, we can begin to ask ourselves, “What would be the potential environmental or collective effect if mass numbers of individuals were to pursue, or continue to pursue, a particular goal or methodology?”

For example, with so many people focused on finding external ways to feel abundant through external striving, what fruits are being created in nature? Pondering this, we can then begin to further question:

  • Is it possible that what we are doing to nature is mirroring what we are actually doing to ourselves in many ways?
  • How are we exhausting and harming our own bodies, mind, or spirit trying to achieve the abundance we dream of?
  • Is there a lesson to learn, or a more productive way to fill an inner void?

If we can discover the bigger fruits that are being manifested from any collective stream of consciousness or goal, from these same fruits we can identify what is truly being served. In the end, whatever we find to be our focus or focuses in life, there are two predominant modes of service:

  • to the material world (which includes the competitive drives of the lower self and ego)
  • to Spirit (which includes the recognition of the spiritual and miraculous within living things and the desire for unity consciousness, wholeness and altruism)

What one chooses is not necessarily right or wrong, nor is it an either/or situation. One mode of service simply reflects our attachment to our illusions, while the other reflects the Truth of who we are.

What we manifest in our dream of life can also tell us who we serve. We can serve one of two masters:

  • spirit
  • man4

Why is important to know what we serve? Many of us may live in unconscious bondage to individuals or mankind without even being aware of how or why. When suffering from this type of limitation and bondage, we naturally feel inhibited from using the Law of Attraction in ways that could manifest true miracles and freedom. This is because our service to other men, parents, lovers, governments, and systems acts as an obstacle or block that we place in our paths. Yes, all these blocks seem real, but they are only thought forms. We can choose to recognize how our seeking approval from someone or something outside of ourselves limits us. And, if we come to feel pain through our perceived limitations, we can understand that its purpose is to nudge us to let go and release some of our attachments so that we can find the heart of the lotus where we can live in service to the One and the greater good (as it pertains to all).

The last form of service I wish to note is:

  • to the self or ego
  • to the whole or common good

As many mystics and masters have known, peace can best be cultivated through primarily aiming to serve Spirit and the whole first, because we are part of that whole. Here I am not talking about identifying with the common pond and its self-serving agendas, but a more unified lotus consciousness that extends beyond it.

2. What Are Possible Lessons or Karma?

We can discern what lessons, issues, or karma we are working through, or where we are stuck, by what we attract on both personal and collective levels. I have believed for a long time that the Law of Attraction works with Divine Love as its core for the purpose of having us attract, often repeatedly, what we need to learn and what we need to love until its purpose has been fulfilled. Sometimes, we can see the blocks in our personal lives, but try to ignore them. Other times, we might suffer and have no clue as to why. There are usually clues, however.

Most karma or lessons can be resolved by understanding there is a need for us to detach from something in some way, such as a need for approval, a focus on outcomes, a fear or addiction, a feeling of insecurity or abandonment, etc. Whatever we may need to detach from is usually something that may keep us hooked into finding our worth or identity outside of us, (i.e. in the murky water of the pond). So, if an issue or experience repeats or continues to grow worse, this might be a sign to look at some of the patterns of behavior that we might be trying to cling to. If it is not a pattern of behavior, it could be that we are meant to release our desire for a particular outcome or relationship.

Sometimes, the best way to detach from something we are cycling through is to surrender our will and accept what we would like to have our own way with. Such an act of surrender can often be best achieved through finding a means to become more still and centered. When still and centered, we can then watch our desires and anxieties flow through us and release. Think of it this way: if we can sit within our lotus nature and face anything emotional that comes up, we may find that most problems begin to resolve naturally on their own.

We can also use this same process when contemplating a bigger picture that includes our world. We can begin to look at problems such as war, pollution, environmental destruction, etc., for what seeds are being sown or bearing fruit. In fact, if we can step outside of blame and see service instead, we may begin to learn a lesson about our self, regarding its engagement with the world. We no longer need to wait for the world around us to change, but instead change our relationship to it.

The trick is to take energy away from various illusions that we buy into. We do not want to fight them and make them real, just as we do not want to immerse ourselves in them with blind obedience (another way that makes them real). We cannot be free from a master we continue to blindly serve. However, we can detach our energy to the degree we are able, while still allowing our focus to primarily serve and hold an intention toward Truth.

This is not the same as denial. Denial tells us to continue to serve illusion, because it is real. Denial subliminally asserts that we are helpless to do anything about our illusions, and that we must continue to bind ourselves to them out of fear. Serving truth rather than denial says something like this: “I see what is being created from my thinking, flow of intention, and desires. While I cannot make a choice for the collective consciousness, and I may not feel ready to completely disengage from my lifestyle and the beliefs that support it, I can make a choice to understand what is not real and an illusion. I do not need to rationalize serving anything, any purpose, any person, or any structure that does not serve the world in a loving way.”

3. What Is Loved or Unloved?

Another way to look at the attraction process is to look at the dream of life and everything that we have attracted to us as communication about what or who we love. It can also be used to discover what or who we do not love, including ourselves. How so? If we see the universe as energy, then it makes sense we attract what is on the same vibrational level as we are, even if that vibration comes from emotions or feelings that have been repressed. This is how our dreams at night work as well. For example, if we are confident about finding a new love or feel secure within a relationship that we are committed, we are likely to have romantic dreams that reflect happiness and contentment. Alternatively, if we worry about a relationship or feel miserable because we lack one, our dreams at night may contain symbols which represent our feelings of insecurity.

Sometimes, we may be unaware that we harbor insecurities or other repressed emotions. In this kind of situation, though we may believe we feel confident concerning a love situation (as an example), what we manifest or even dream about may suggest the opposite. In such cases, it is likely that we are only pretending at feeling something. Repressed emotions may lie beneath the surface. So, the Law of Attraction, via what we attract, can help us to see where we feel unloved, insecure, blocked or afraid. We will always draw to us the symbols we need to experience in order to face our fears and feelings in loving ways.

What is not always taught concerning Law of Attraction is that polarities can manifest if there exists polarity within the self. One has to consider what energy or emotion is dominant within the energy field; since the Law of Attraction does not simply manifest from what is in our conscious thoughts, but from what is unconscious as well. For instance, if we think of what we do not love, we may notice an inner tension that arises from resistance, or from trying to suppress or push something that we deem unlovable away. Sometimes, it is a person. Other times, it may be an emotion.

Whatever the case, it is usually a part of ourselves or a memory we do not wish to love or face.
Because the Universe seeks to teach us its great love, often the same kinds of energies we resist loving may end up thrown in our path for us to face. This is Love’s method for helping us to overcome blocks to acceptance. This is likely the process that is occurring when we attract via polarities. So, if you find yourself attracting through polarities (e.g. asking for wealth but manifesting financial stress or loss) ask yourself if you are asserting too much control over what you wish to manifest. A lack of love and acceptance toward a present situation may be triggering a reaction in your energy field. You may find that you feel too strongly driven to achieve one side of a polarity through moving away from an opposite polarity (e.g., away from poverty to wealth).

Using this example of wealth, if the energetic focus or feeling of repulsion for what cannot be loved (e.g. poverty) is stronger than our faith in attracting what we want (knowing that it is something we deserve), then despite focusing so much on achieving financial ease and thinking the ‘right’ thoughts in order to attract it, what we manifest may be financial stress or loss. We cannot lie to our own energy field. It knows us too well and carries all of the triggers and repressed emotions that we may try to deny or hide.

In order to correct this pattern of attracting in polarities, we can work toward allowing our energy to be moved by love rather than fear. Not through mentally forcing ourselves to love what our energy resists, but through releasing duality. If we begin to allow ourselves to accept any outcome without labeling it as good or bad, we may find we experience more relaxation. When more relaxed, we are more trusting and less worried. We have fewer emotions we need to repress because we judge them less as good or bad. If out of faith we can learn to surrender our will, allowing the will of the Holy Spirit within us to replace the will of our ego, then likely things will tend to go more smoothly for us. I imagine that more of our needs could be met in a way that is natural and flowing.

In general, I believe people will experience less stress when they learn to see the Law of Attraction as a Law of Love and Internal Abundance rather than a Law of What Can Be Manifested Externally and In The Future. Seen in a new way, people could come to use this law to become more loving and gentle with themselves. They could realize that love is a present moment experience; the only true moment we can find happiness. Finding happiness in the future is merely a waiting game.

I also believe that should we attract what we do not want, we do not need to see this as some form of punishment. I believe that it is our own love for ourselves, and our Creator’s love for us, that wants us to understand that whatever illusions we create, we can still love and accept ourselves just as we are. We can know that our worth is found within our lotus Spirit. We do not need to give or deny love to ourselves based upon what the pond tells us is worthy or not.

4. What Is Feared?

Along the same theme, fear has a way of wanting to say, “Hi there, this is fear here, will you please look at me, tend to me, or listen!” Because of this, I believe that it is not always a good idea to follow teachings that encourage us to push away or deny our fears in order to pretend that they are not real or do not exist. Truth is, while many of us within the new age community believe that fear does not truly exist (it is only illusion), at some level, our consciousness feels it does, and may not believe what our minds have to say on the topic. Fighting fear does not necessarily change how our consciousness regards it either. This does not mean we have to indulge the fear, however. It is about finding our way back to wholeness. So, even though it may cause us pain to face what we fear, sometimes we will attract what we consciously (or unconsciously) fear or run away from as Spirit’s way of helping us find a way to be whole again.

If you can remember your dreams, you may have recalled a few where you were running away or trying to hide from something. It was hard to get away, was it not? That is, until you faced what you were running from. This is how the Law of Attraction works. Our mind manifests realities in the same manner our mind creates our dreams at night. However, if we happened to be having a nightmare and were able to become lucid, this could help us to recognize an opportunity to address what we are running away from, or to ask a potential antagonist/dream character why it is bothering us (when lucid dreaming, one can actually ask characters questions and the character will often answer back).

I also tell clients to think of their fears as little children who are still afraid of the boogeyman in the closet. If we tell the child that they must not think about the boogeyman because it will make it real, this does not really help much. This will only make the child feel the boogeyman is not only real, but if dwelled upon something bad could happen. On the other hand, if we simply tell the child there is no boogeyman, not only will the child still feel afraid, but also unheard and invalidated. The best approach is to explain that the boogeyman does not exist, but we understand the child feels as if it does. We may even wish to lead the child by the hand to the closet in order to look inside together—“See, no boogeyman!” The more we can love and reassure the child that we care and are there for them no matter what happens, the safer the child will feel. This holds true even if we are not dealing with a real child, but an inner child that is a part of us.

Sometimes, it is not necessarily our surface fears that become subject to the Law of Attraction’s manifestation process. Through observation, I have found what we usually attract are experiences that will bring up the emotions that we are afraid to feel—because they are deemed painful or wrong. Most of us, after all, are hypochondriacs when it comes to experiencing certain emotions. Even our need to have or to avoid certain conflicts or experiences is usually driven by our need to either have or avoid certain emotions.

Unfortunately, how the Law of Attraction is currently taught and practiced can encourage us to become even more frightened of our emotions and susceptible to developing fears we never had before. Some of these fears may include fear of fear, fear of our thoughts, fear of outcomes, fear of what we may manifest, fear of the future, and fear of not having enough. These fears naturally bring with them a feeling of need for control.

When the Law of Attraction is used in such a fear-driven way, the primary focus becomes one of avoidance (of negatives); which this can make the unconscious focus on the ‘negative’ even stronger. Then, because so much emotion becomes repressed in an effort to be ‘positive,’ feelings of frustration, chronic low level anxiety and anger begin to fill up the energy field. These emotional energies then leak out into the environment in various ways, drawing to the frustrated individual the very realities that they attempt to run away from.

This is why I love Eckhart Tolle, because he talks about the pain body. When the pain body is continually ignored, it appears to become even more sensitive and more easily triggered. We then may find ourselves frightened of experiencing these triggers. Unfortunately, many of us are encouraged to keep living in fear of our feelings—which they can then end up even further suppressed, disassociated and relegated to the realm of floating around in our energy field waiting to be recognized and brought back home and healed. This can even result in psychosomatic symptoms, disease or various other ‘eruptions’ as repressed thoughts or emotions attempt to say ‘hi.’ Collectively, diseases and eruptions may begin to manifest as well, even affecting Mother Earth, for the collective has a pain body as well.

Whether our suffering is personal or collective in nature, if we can learn to delve beneath all that we have been conditioned to suppress, including our fears, we can then have an outlet for our pain body to begin to communicate with us. I’m sure what we would ultimately find is that most of our fears, when taken apart, break down to patterns of feelings that we fear would be too painful to fully allow ourselves to feel them. If we, at the same time, learn to connect with our lotus within, which is eternally whole, the pain body naturally begins to drop because the focus is upon the lotus and our innate wholeness rather than the turbulence of the pond. This is not the same as denial. If one denies their pain body and tries to manipulate or suppress it, it makes it real. Allowing the pain body to be what it is, while allowing oneself to consciously feel it, helps one to live life more like a lucid dreamer who can sleep sometimes and dream, but who is awake enough to know the dream does not define him.

A final important point to note: just because we may resolve a surface issue that is connected to a fear within us, does not necessarily mean we cure the fear. For example, people who worry about money all the time may do many things to manifest money and may succeed at amassing a fortune. However, they may still worry about money all the time—whatever abundance they manifest—if their worry concerned something deeper that was left unhealed. I have seen the same dilemma in clients who were very afraid of not finding love. Yet, when they found love, they still experienced anxiety, because then they were afraid of losing it. So, if you live your life waiting for the other shoe to drop, whether it is with money, love, health or other areas of life, it may be time to simply relax and start allowing yourself to be happy with what you have in the present moment without making what you do not have a duality.

5. What Is Hidden, Concealed, or Denied?

I believe that the most important insight that we can gain from the metaphysical principles of the Law of Attraction pertains to what is hidden, concealed and needs to be brought to our awareness. Our life is always trying to communicate with us on some level. It does not simply use the thoughts that we may think or hear in our minds as a form of communication, but symbols, feelings, and energies. When we cannot understand, hear, or listen, then sometimes life might start yelling at us, but in a loving way. Life is calling us to attention with a loud, “Hey, wake up! You are unconscious of this over here!”

For example, many people believe that the mass numbers of individuals who fear the end of the world will somehow cause it to happen through what they are thinking or feeling on a superficial level. However, their fear may not necessarily be arising from a form of faulty thinking that needs to be corrected. It may be originating from something they ‘pick up,’ ‘feel,’ or intuit from paying attention to the language of symbols and energies that are beginning to voice themselves within the world. After all, the fear is coming from someplace. Something is telling a vast majority of people, “Hey, wake up, pay attention!”

If we were to consider our own physical body, it would not make sense for us to have a gaping wound and refuse to treat it. Biologically, fear would step in with its wake-up call that something needs to be attended to biologically, emotionally, or with our thoughts. Possibly, an inner voice would tell us “Death and pain is a possibility.” So, if there is a lesson to be learned and we ignore or deny it, this does not mean the lesson disappears. This is all that is happening when it comes to mass numbers of people starting to wonder if prophecies are unfolding or if the world will really end. A little voice is beginning to say, “Wake up!”

The truth is that many of us on Earth are in denial of our collective/planetary lessons and karma. We pay no thought to why we are creating what we are creating collectively. If part of our lesson involved learning how to unite more in love through action so that too much damage to nature does not need to happen, it does not make sense that life would necessarily let us off the hook when it comes to learning this lesson just because we told ourselves it should be another way. In fact, the more we try to bypass what could help us to find a more loving path, the more the universe, via our collective thinking resulting in various actions, will continue to generate symptoms, symbols, energies and warnings. This is because the universe has its own innate warning system that can tell us when there is something we are missing or where we have strayed from the path of the lotus and fallen too completely into a pond of mud.

Using the example of the fear of the end of the world, if we look at a disease process upon Earth in the same way we look at a disease process of the body, we may find within both a similar language of symptoms and warnings (e.g. exhaustion, depletion, pollution, toxicity, etc.). When it comes to fears of the end of the world, there is a two-fold process that may be going on. As a first part of this process, it makes perfect sense that a sort of panic is beginning to arise: because our dream reality is manifesting a very real element of danger; our actions toward planet Earth are resulting in a bit of a nightmare. We can, if we wish to, continue to ignore the symptoms and messages that something within our collective thinking needs to be brought to awareness. Through what we choose to ignore, we may end up manifesting what we fear anyway, through an attitude of denial. After all, the minute we say to ourselves, “Do not think about this,” is the minute what we are trying not to think about becomes a calling card which calls into our experience what we attempt to deny or withhold our love. After all, the laws of the universe love to reveal what is covered and being denied for the purpose of teaching us unconditional love and wholeness.

The second part of the two-fold process is the realization that it is not always true that we manifest simply what we think in our minds. We manifest from:

  • actions (which arise from our thoughts)
  • unconsciousness and/or what we would attempt to repress or deny (which arises from our thoughts)
  • emotions (which arise from our thoughts)
  • our state of energy (which also arise from our thoughts) 5

For instance, we might perceive that a person with an illness was not taking care of themself. They might be polluting their body, being self-destructive, and burning out. As a healer, I want to know why they are doing that to themself, and what thoughts underlie such self-mistreatment. I would want them to understand that they have a choice. Once understanding the ways that they mistreat themselves and why, then more life-supportive thoughts and intentions would have the potential to be sustained and realized.

Tying this back to how the state of our environment is beginning to trigger fear within individuals, it is obvious that action is a key factor in what is created in our environment. Inaction is a second key factor in why the problems keep compounding. But, instead of asking what thoughts or intentions lay beneath why we actively destroy or ‘threaten’ our environment or refuse to take action toward a more love-abundant path, we seek to blame something superficial instead.

To me, it is bizarre to blame the state of our environment on the widespread fear that it is generating, or to deny that fears are valid. It would be more to our benefit if we could see that mankind is blatantly behaving in ways which reveal a discernible cause and effect process, and to ask why we feel we need to do this.

In the end, it is better neither to overindulge in nor to avoid anything in life. We are merely called to listen. If fear or other emotions are talking a lot, we can ask them what they have to say. Sometimes part of what we fear is not knowing a solution and feeling helpless. But, if we can listen to our fears and attend to the helplessness we feel—and the reasons why—then our fears will no longer need to recreate various situations which send out red flashing warning lights.

Those red flashing lights are only showing us where the dream of life is becoming a nightmare and calling us to become more lucid and awake. When we realize the nightmare is an illusion, we stop needing to serve it too much; not in a way we keep mindlessly behaving in the same manner which brought the nightmare to life, but through using the nightmare to find our way back to a more loving dream about our lotus self. How do we do this? We do it through awakening to and letting go of the thoughts beneath the lifestyles that created the nightmare in the first place (i.e. over-striving, anxiety, need for control, excess materialism, lack of love, defeatism, blame, etc.). Such thoughts are only facets of a muddy pond we falsely believed we needed to adhere to.

6. How Whole Are We?

Wholeness and love go hand in hand. What we do not love, we will try to set apart from ourselves, thinking, “this is bad, wrong, evil, failure, etc.” However, the part of us that was split off is never truly gone. It floats around in our energy field. So, it makes sense that we can sometimes manifest situations or people into our life as a way for our higher soul to say, “Hey, you have a part of yourself not integrated and loved over here, you’re not seeing it, so I’m going to send you various relationships or experiences so that you can better see what you split off from yourself emotionally and bring it back home.”

If anything were truly bad, evil, or negative about energy, bringing it home would not be the right thing to do. However, these negative energies are only projections in the same way that positive energies are. Many of the things we perceive as bad or negative energies, even spirits, are either split-off parts of ourselves or are beings who are attracted to them.

If we shut down any feeling of anger whenever we feel it, telling ourselves, “Anger is a bad emotion, I should not feel it,” it doesn’t necessarily make our anger go away. In fact, when not dealt with, such states can return. This is not a ‘negative’ process, and we do not need to make it such. It is the split-off part of our self, finding a way to say, “Hey, I am still here, waiting for you to love me and bring me home.”

Think of it as an inner child who is bothering us with behavior we feel uncomfortable with, so we send the child to their room. We just want some quiet space, and do not know how to deal with their energy. However, the inner child is a part of us. It does not always know why it makes us uncomfortable, or why it acts a certain way. If we leave the child in their room too long, he or she may eventually start crying for us to let them out again.

The only thing wrong with the inner child is that it has developed learned responses to cope with feeling threatened or afraid. He or she is asking to be let out of the room again and to be unconditionally loved and accepted. We do not have to be afraid to listen. It is safe to fully embrace our inner child with love and to allow it to communicate what is underneath its ‘negative’ behavior.

7. What Symbols Can Be Examined For What They Mean?

Life is a truly amazing dream. I recommend that anyone who wishes to understand its subtle and symbolic language learn about dream interpretation, feng shui, totems, and even Louise Hay’s interpretations on what illness or physical complaints stand for. As I mentioned in chapter 1, the bible calls these symbols fruits. In Matthew 7:16-20, NIV, it states:

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

Fruits are the effects that result from a cause. They are seeds that have been sown, and through their sowing they have grown a life and reality of their own. In our dreams, they are the symbolic content, emotions, and situations that arise and are drawn into the dream from the mind of the dreamer. In the dream of life (our everyday living), it works the same way, with the exception that the fruits have a less fantastical quality.

When it comes to our ‘real’ lives, we’ve become accustomed to the daily symbols and fruits that we encounter. They are considered mundane and everyday facets of living, so we never think to observe them for their deeper meaning. However, for those who are interested in finding deeper meaning, they may wish to use a sleeping dream dictionary to read the symbolism that is attached to the colors we love, the clothes we wear, the vehicle we drive, the diseases we suffer, and more. We can even read our homes via feng-shui, the positioning of stars, the lines on our hands, the animals that cross our path, or even the events in the greater world, which may include natural disasters, floods, pollution, etc. (less with the intent to control these realities but to understand the thoughts that created them).

We are innately meant to be whole. We are meant to be free. The metaphysical workings of the universe and its laws are here to help us achieve this through aligning ourselves with Spirit. We can learn to listen to the underlying messages being communicated to us through the events, emotions and experiences we attract to us. For, our desire for wholeness and Self-knowledge is always trying to speak to us on various levels until we establish a pure connection with Self and less need to learn from all of the various symbols in the world anymore.

On another note, while many of us are opening up to intuitive abilities, we are still primarily using these abilities to ‘intuit’ how to meet all our external needs and desires, and how to worry about all of the outcomes. We could choose, instead, to hone that listening skill and use it to go within ourselves instead. From a detached place, we can observe the deeper thoughts that lie beneath our superficial wants, desires, needs, fears, and thinking. The more we become aware of our thoughts, the more we can learn to release them and bring peace into our individual and collective worlds.

8. How Can We Better Understand Our Collective Level of Experience and How It Manifests

While I discuss the concept of collective consciousness in its own chapter, in this one I will simply impart the following: if we take the time to step outside the world, and see its symbols in all of its amazing, beautiful, and dynamic tapestry, what story does it tell?

Releasing the Fear of Outcomes

Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed. -Swami Vivekananda

In this book, I do admit that I am mainly addressing the parts of the pond that are unhealthy, and which block us from understanding our lotus nature as separate. However, we are always encouraged to focus, wherever we can, upon all the beauty and love that does exist, and which is ever present within people, nature, and our world. I do not mean to imply that we should fear those collective manifestations that seem chaotic. I merely believe we should observe the dysfunction and let it be, until we do not feel we need it anymore. Observation has an effect of changing our mind on its own. We neither have to force an internal change nor avoid any external outcome. Forcing an internal or external change only gets us back into the whole trap that we are trying to be free of.

There is a lot of fear of what is manifested within the whole Law of Attraction movement. However, from my own experiences in life, I learned that this fear is not necessary. It is safe to think our thoughts. We do not need to become so afraid of what they may potentially manifest. It is likewise safe to feel our fears, or to create whatever manifestations our mind, thoughts and feelings can dream up. I do not believe that we need to use the metaphysical principles of the Law of Attraction to trap ourselves further into various dualities, structures, disempowerment, control, and fear.

Looking back at my first experience with the Law of Attraction—or at least the fear-based way that it is practiced, it took place while receiving counseling from a Christian counselor. As part of her counseling, instead of helping me through my fears and to face them, she tried to impress on me how important it is not to have fear, for it would ‘attract’ the devil. According to this counselor, this devil was the cause of all fear.

At the same time, this Christian counselor advised me not to even think of the devil because, “If you think about the devil, he will appear.” As a precautionary measure, she advised me to protect myself by repeating the name of Christ. It was her belief this thought ritual made negative entities and fear disappear.

This Christian counselor’s belief system, as well as how she expressed it, is actually very similar to how people promote the Law of Attraction. And, this type of thinking, whether encouraged by Christians or new-agers, is simply another form of emotional suppression and denial. It is another cork we can employ to try to plug up an internal volcano of emotions that may be brewing within. However, these emotions (parts of an inner child within us) are waiting for us to lovingly, safely and with awareness release them from their prison.

It is not surprising that my exploration with conventional Christianity came to a halt as I would attempt to find a form of devotion to God that would not result in fear or mental distress. In this same time period, a friend referred me to the Reiki Master who I mentioned in chapter 2. And, while I deeply loved this Reiki Master and appreciated all that I learned from her, one particular day when lying on her Reiki table I would be advised; “Do not think about anything negative or fearful, or you will manifest it.” So, in the same fashion as the Christian counselor, this Law of Attraction enthusiast sought to impress upon me that certain outcomes were to be considered undesirable. Which, in order to avoid such outcomes, I needed to assert control over my thoughts and fears.

My body instantly reacted to this teaching, in the same way it had reacted when I received similar advice from the Christian counselor. That is, I immediately cringed and my whole body tensed up. It was as if the very premise of what was being taught made me feel helpless and afraid of life. Here was a second person telling me to perform thought control to avoid feeling my own feelings. What made things worse was that much of my fear felt like a biological reaction; one which seemed unresponsive to thought control or rationalizations.

During my ride home from this Reiki practitioner’s office, I found myself hyper-vigilant and focused on trying to change my thoughts. Then, suddenly, I heard the first clairaudient message that I ever took note of. “This is not the way,” it said. As I followed the voice, it gently and lovingly guided me to allow my thoughts, whatever they were, and to let go of the fear of outcomes. Outcomes were of no consequence. The only thing that mattered was learning to love myself, independent of them.
When I reached home, I turned on my computer and began writing. There was so much insight that was coming through. I ended up writing a five-page article on how judging an outcome as right or wrong was a form of duality; how we are meant to transcend this perception of duality by knowing that whatever we manifest, positive or negative, it is all illusion and all the same.

It was also impressed upon me that what we attract to ourselves, be it ‘positives’ or ‘negatives,’ was primarily about love. That is, we attract what most needs our understanding and love, including our emotions and the rejected parts of ourselves. So, in the event we attract or manifest a perceived ‘negative’ reality for ourselves, it is really a call for our love: to offer love where it is needed or to see where it has been absent. Once we can unconditionally love what has been denied our love, then we have less of a need to attract fear-based creations into our dream of life.

After writing the article, I forgot about it for many years. One could say I fell back into the muddy pond of the collective consciousness again. I would not really hear that voice, in the same manner, until many years later. Now, after having received the same wisdom at a time when people are beginning to challenge their adherence to certain facets of society and belief, I do not feel that urge to fall back into the pond.

I’m convinced that the greatest manifestations come through love. Instead of seeing positive and negative outcomes, we can instead try to see ‘this is where love is present’ and ‘this is where there exists a call for love.’ In the end, it is just a dream of finding our way back to what we are: Love. On another level, we are already there.

While I have discussed the Law of Attraction and how we can use it to uncover deeper thoughts and feelings, I have not discussed the various streams of thought and consciousness that form our perceptions of the world, nor the levels they can occur on. This will be the subject of the next chapter.

[4]By using the term ‘man,’ I am mainly referring to the primal human part of who we are and our ego-based needs, desires and goals.

[5] By using the term ‘state of energy’ I am referring to what we are energetically ‘vibrating’ i.e. what emotional or other trapped energies are in our energy field. This may include psychic debris that is floating around in the energy field, such as emotions we have picked up from others or the collective consciousness, emotions we have disassociated from, etc..

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