The truth is that ‘The Secret’ did bring forth a lot of new information on our power to manifest. However, we are getting stuck on the personal level. Why? Because we still believe that collectively we have little power to change. This is an untruth, of course, but our inability to see this as our prime motivator in everything we want to create, keeps us creating within a box rather than outside of it. We cannot create anything outside of this box if we cannot first take responsibility for what we created from within it. Responsibility is the key -S. Peterson, Law of Attraction: Awakening to a Collective Consciousness

So, what is going on with the Law of Attraction?

Men who had not fully awakened became teachers of metaphysical concepts. They taught such concepts from a state of not fully knowing their lotus Self. Because they did not fully know their lotus Self, they were unable to teach others how to fill an inner void with anything other than aspects of the muddy pond. If they had first understood that such a void can only be filled with self-love and Self-understanding, things would be very different. While my intention is not to fault them for what they did not understand, they taught metaphysical concepts from a perspective that involved listening to what their egos told them was the way for such concepts to be used: to advance in the world of form, in order to try to fill an inner void through external means.When people started hearing, teaching, and promoting some of these concepts of attraction and manifestation, they were twisted the same way some of our healing modalities were. Thus, such metaphysical concepts came to be primarily used to serve a dysfunctional world. Why did this happen? Understandably, it happened because of the philosophical split, because of the ego, and because of our need to serve our base wants, needs, fears, and various desires.

As many of us within the new-age community began to heed these concepts taught by men who were lost, we became lost ourselves. Not that we were not lost before. It is a predominant human condition for man to be lost and seeking social, physical, and other forms of survival in ways that seem to separate him from who he truly is.

It is also easier for most of us to grasp concepts if we can relate them to our current needs, lifestyles, ways of living, and desires. This is easier than listening to the masters, monks, and mystics who have achieved awakening and enlightenment, but who did so by making certain sacrifices of the flesh. So, the idea that we can become enlightened without having to make any sacrifices was, naturally, a welcome idea; even though it kept us enslaved and addicted—though I trust that even our enslavement and addictions do, within a bigger picture, have a purpose as part of a divine plan.

Used as a toy for our egoic whims, the metaphysical concepts beneath the Law of Attraction support and enhance our preoccupation with materialism, consumerism and our flesh natures. They encourage us to further enter into duality, instead of coming out of it; to focus within the mind, instead of the heart; to control, manipulate, and focus on outcomes, as opposed to trusting, accepting and cherishing present moment. They can also be used to keep us in bondage to certain manifestations and corrupt institutions that have been collectively created. (By using the term ‘corrupt,’ I mean unconscious or unenlightened). Using the Law of Attraction to enhance and support these creations, even if indirectly or unconsciously, ends up limiting us in our very use of the Law of Attraction, because we then feel we have to manifest inside of a metaphorical box, i.e. we can only manifest in ways in which we cooperate with and adhere to all of society’s wayward definitions, systems, governments, customs, and dictates.

If we can begin to deprogram ourselves concerning everything that we have been taught, we can return to the wisdom of our greatest masters of the past and present who have tried to teach us a better way. Unfortunately, sometimes this wisdom becomes lost or sidelined.

Does all of this mean that we should never use the Law of Attraction to manifest into the world of form? Of course not! Jesus manifested material miracles all the time! My whole point is that a state of mind I like to call miracle-mindedness can blossom when we step outside the box and begin to manifest from being centered within our Lotus nature, rather than from being lost within a muddied reflection upon a pond.2 There is currently a backward process that is occurring in our naive approach toward manifesting miracles, which makes our path very different from the one that Jesus took. His path stemmed from true love and a feeling of wholeness, while our approach comes from feeling incomplete, lacking, and in need of filling a void within.

To be clear, while I do believe in miraculous manifestation3, I believe that our obsessing upon future manifestation prevents us from possessing the miracle-mindedness that is required to manifest in the ways of Jesus. This is because our obsession with the material, as well as a need for control, blocks our ability to witness the abundance and miracle within the present moment. Missing this true miracle, we can never see it as present but only as happiness and contentment that is attained at a future time or place, since our present is not good enough or miraculous enough in itself.

Furthermore, because the majority of us are not lucid within our dream of life to manifest directly from thought to form in the way Jesus was known to, most of our current manifestation programs have to be focused on creating in-between steps and realities. For example, our manifesting money, worth, successes, or other things is an in-between step we use toward manifesting something else; whether this ‘something else’ is of material gain or is a feeling of security, happiness or ease. We think “if I had more money I could buy more of this or have more of that.”

We could instead focus on manifesting within us the feeling that we are really seeking to achieve; such as a sense of security, happiness or ease that is independent of needing us to manifest money, worth, success or other things. What I have noticed is that focusing upon simply manifesting the in-between steps seems to end up ‘attracting’ an addiction to this process; and instead of manifesting from a yin state of being, we attempt to manifest from a yang state of striving and over-thinking. The pitfall to this kind of manifestation program is that our cup never becomes quite full enough; once having manifested what was wanted, it is still not enough, and there is a need to manifest something more.

The Law of Attraction & “A Course in Miracles”

A Course in Miracles is one reference that discussed the metaphysical principles of attraction even before the term the Law of Attraction came about. Many other teachers, including Buddha, also taught us that the world is a reflection of our thoughts. However, few of these teachers—including the author of A Course in Miracles—taught us to use our thoughts in a program of worldly manifestation, thought control, emotional suppression, or the like. In fact, A Course in Miracles is primarily a book that teaches us how to learn to separate what is illusion from what is the Truth of who we are. Most of the exercises are affirmations to be applied toward recognizing how nothing we experience within life is anything but illusion; and for this reason, all can be forgiven.

There was nothing that I remember reading in A Course in Miracles that suggested we should actively focus on material manifestation and worldly striving. In fact, I believe if we all could truly learn the lessons from this course, our desire to strive or partake of what the world considers normal would become muted.

The course even discusses what it calls the ‘special relationship.’ It states in Chapter 16, VII 3:7-8:

In the special relationship you are allowing your destruction to be. That this is insane is obvious. But what is less obvious is that the present is useless to you while you pursue the ego’s goal as its ally.

The course tries to impress upon the student (the reader) that the effort to become special is futile, because specialness cannot truly exist. Why? It is because attempting to be special takes us into duality and away from any awareness of who we are in Truth. Yet, through various new age concepts such as twin-flames, ideal romantic love, and abundance, as well as through our use of the Law of Attraction, most of what we are trying to achieve is a feeling of specialness, advancement, or of being or having enough. The course states in Chapter 16, VI, 12:1:

The Holy Spirit asks only this little help of you: Whenever your thoughts wander to a special relationship which still attracts you, enter with Him into a holy instant, and there let Him release you. He needs only your willingness to share His perspective to give it to you completely.

Even in my work as a healer, I used Emotional Freedom Technique to help others toward Law of Attraction goals and individual pursuits of striving. I found myself going along with my clients in their agendas to make various things important and worth defining within their lives. Sometimes, I felt very confused and unsettled about it all. On numerous occasions I started to question both the healing and psychic work that I did. As I stated in Chapter 1, something just felt ‘off.’ Yet, I did not know how to do my job in a way that could get around this, at least not without risking offending people.

Through my work, I noticed how many of us are seriously addicted to outcomes. I could empathically feel the stress and even an angry, frustrated, and compulsive energy emanating from individuals who tried to use thoughts, healings, or readings to manipulate outcomes. It was not that these individuals were necessarily aggressive personalities. It was just that there were deeper fears underlying their need for control. Underneath this need for control, there usually lingered a subtle sense of helplessness, as well as a feeling of not being good enough for themselves or someone they loved. Some of them were doing affirmations every night, seeing multiple healers, attending seminars, taking courses, reading many books, getting attunements, meditating, doing yoga, among other things. Some were spending inordinate amounts of money, hoping that if they invested so much of their energy into all of these scattered pursuits, it would bring the material abundance, love, business success, or other feelings of completeness that they sought.

Sometimes, the goal was to have someone who did not love them begin to care. Other times, it was to heal their thoughts so that their businesses were not in debt or collapsing. More than a few wanted to overcome exhaustion, so they could go back to working hard in order to complete a test, assignment, or deadline. Many of them told me that recharging and taking care of themselves was ‘not an option.’ There was no allowance or time for it within their working professions, schools, etc. So, trying to help individuals with these kinds of agendas, I started to wonder, was I really helping them at all? Or, was I offering a quick fix so that many of them could go back to conforming to something that left them trapped and depleted in some form?

Often, deep-rooted issues became clear, and yet the client did not want to focus upon them. Some even possessed a fear of healing these areas of their life. To heal them would make them lazy, unloved, underachievers, etc. So, why should they want to heal something in a way that took them out of the world, instead of continuing to conform to its demands, systems of social approval, and norms?

It is hard for most of us to admit that we actually like our problems. We do not want to give up our stress or anxiety. We judge, we want to be better than, have more, be more, want more, etc., because all these define us the moment we enter our illusions and depart from a Truth beyond our forms. The next thing we know, we are comparing ourselves to our fellow brothers and sisters to see who is fatter, thinner, better, more special, going to steal our ideas, buy what we have to sell, etc. We label everything as our own, even though, spiritually, we talk about Oneness and achieving unity consciousness, knowing that, in truth, we own nothing. Our world becomes one of ladders, and we all stand in various places upon them. Life becomes a race to some illusionary finish line that is always somewhere in the future, rather than learning to appreciate the present moment. Then, we wonder why we cannot bring more peace into the world.

In the end, I feel there are certain themes in the Law of Attraction that A Course in Miracles recognizes, but which we have been prevented from learning at a deeper level because of our need to split ourselves. Again, I am not saying we should never use our thoughts to have or to manifest materially. As I mentioned earlier, Christ used his thoughts and will to manifest miracles all the time. However, he had a complete connection to the divine first. During his travels, he had an awakening. Before becoming a teacher, he had walked the desert to face and overcome the temptations of the ‘devil,’ of his flesh, and of his ego. He learned prayer and meditation. As a result, Jesus returned to Jerusalem a different kind of man.

One thing that I do love about A Course in Miracles is that it instructs its readers not to use force. We can allow information to filter in without rationalizing it. For example, we do not need to say, “There is truth in this, but I have to obey the world.” We can instead keep recognizing the part that we play, until the awakening process shifts us into more wholeness and completion, helping us to transform or release various wants and needs that keep us adhering to the muddy pond.

I imagine that for different people this will be a different process involving different timing appropriate to each individual’s level of readiness. Sometimes, we will be afraid, but we do not need to run away from what we fear, nor suppress or deny it. Other times, as we feel ready, we can choose to continue to face our fears until we do not need them anymore.

When you have learned how to decide with God, all decisions become as easy and as right as breathing. There is no effort, and you will be led as gently as if you were being carried down a quiet path in summer.-ACIM, Chapter 14, 6:1

Equating What Is Lifeless with What Is Full of Life

Abundance has become largely defined as something to be primarily attained outside of ourselves and in the future through creating lifeless things. Then, we wonder why we collectively manifest the destruction of life and nature, when the truth is it’s because our energy seems to prefer this lifeless energy state. We also block our ability to fully come into our lotus nature when we primarily see abundance as something to be acquired outside of ourselves (i.e. in the pond) through the accumulation of money, affluence, and possessions. This is because, as would be expected, we begin to perceive our state of external abundance as the measure for how abundant we are within.

Likewise, having money and material abundance becomes erroneously equated with ‘having energy.’ Which, I find it so interesting that we have rationalized equating lifeless commodities with ‘energy’ (indicative of ‘chi’), when an abundance of life around us seems to not be worthy enough to equate with anything at all; we even lack the desire to protect it.

Also, if it were true that money was equated with energy, then it would mean that many of the mystics who have walked upon our Earth, and who needed little and lived simply (some manifesting amazing miracles), had little inner abundance or energy. It would also mean that those of us who become rich or famous somehow have more.

Here is what I prefer to believe: Simple people have gifts to give that must come from within them rather than from without. Complicated people may see gift giving in terms of requiring the surrender of ownership of something physical to another person. Yes, the more physical abundance a person has, the more he or she possesses in order to give physically to others and to the world. But also, the more physical abundance a person has, the more others may expect that person to materially give or lend.

The truth is that monks and mystics are very different from the majority of us, primarily because they have let go of the world and its addictions. The rich and famous are not so different from the rest of us, because we all have similar addictions to possessions, a need for approval, coping mechanisms, escapes, and more.

[2] In my definition, there is true and false forms of miracle-mindedness. True miracle-mindedness comes from being centered in the lotus, manifesting from true awareness of who we are and our true needs in Spirit. False miracle-mindedness arises from the ego that is lost in the pond. Such an ego is attempting to solely use thought to manifest a miracle while in denial of what its true thoughts are or what is being created by them.

[3] Miracle manifestation, for me, is what Jesus and a mystic named Sri Sathya Sai Baba were reported to be capable of. For example, Jesus turned wine into water, walked on water, healed others and performed other types of miracles where he was able manifest from nothingness into form. Sai Baba was reported to be able to materialize small objects and holy ash.

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Mandy Peterson is a psychic visionary, empath, channel and EFT Practitioner. She is the author of the book “I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond,” and a regular columnist for the metaphysical magazine, Bellesprit. As an empathic healer and reader, Mandy works 1-to-1 with clients, helping them to achieve clarity, peace and balance. For more information, see the “About” page.