As part of this chapter, I include a story I wrote titled The White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Rainbow Bridge. This story takes us through all of the steps, using them to bring ourselves and Mother Earth into harmony:

Within my mind’s eye, as if in a dream, I saw the White Buffalo Calf Woman approaching me. She knows she needs no introduction. Without a word, she takes my left hand within her right palm and begins to lead me toward a beautiful and vast plane. It feels so calm there; a place unaffected by the ways, the means, or the hands of men. Upon the horizon, the Lakota Prophetess traced with her finger an arch from right to left and a huge rainbow in all of its glory and color appeared.

Her finger re-tracing the movements of the arch, the White Buffalo Calf Woman asked me to notice how it starts at the level of the Earth plane. It then rises into the Heavens before descending back down to the Earth plane again. “So full of hope,” she said. Another word that she spoke was “destiny.” As she and I looked upon the rainbow together, she spoke, “This rainbow is your destiny. It is part of who you are, because you are a part of everything.”

As she drew me closer to the rainbow, it seemed to tower so awesomely above me. However, the lady calf woman was not awed. She simply knew. She spoke lovingly, “Notice how a rainbow takes advantage of all of Earth’s elements to tell a story. The light of a fiery sun casts itself onto droplets of moisture within the Earth’s atmosphere, splitting light into colors which then form a brilliant arch. This arch forms a bridge between Heaven and Earth, connecting all. You may also notice how wherever a rainbow appears, regardless of whether or not a storm passed through, the story of each rainbow is always the same. Each contains all the same colors reflected in the same way.”

She continued, “Your life on Earth, dear child, contains all the colors that life can attest. You, and all upon the Earth, hold all the colors that Pure White Light can possess. Such colors are displayed as split but joined together. Intangible, but clearly visible, such a rainbow reveals its beauty, unmistakably and everywhere.”
Within my mind’s eye and still as if in a dream, the White Buffalo Calf Woman then led me to the base of the Rainbow, which became tangible in her presence. As I took a closer look, there were many people from many walks of life standing upon the rainbow at different intervals.

“Walk it,” she would ask me, in almost the form of a demand. She knew that I would not resist. She walked with me, hand in hand. As I climbed the rainbow, I saw hands around me everywhere begin to join: men, women and children from every culture, religion, race or creed that could be imagined. Many natives joined this empowered chain as well.

Once gathered at the top of the rainbow, the beautiful White Buffalo Calf Woman in a voice so clear and calm called upon us, “Dear Children of Great Spirit and of the Earth, look down upon a world below. You have come so far.” She continued, “For many of you that have reached the top of the rainbow, it is made known to you that it does not matter what color you are, what religion you follow, or what manifestations you have made of your life. What matters is that you are joined in One purpose: to walk your Earth journey as equals, while creating awareness of who you are as children of the Divine One.”

As she turned to face us, she asked, “Look upon the Earth more clearly, dear ones. May you all stand upon this bridge between Heaven and Earth and gain a higher perspective looking down… a higher perspective of all your collective fruits. See the path you paint upon your Loving Earth with all the colors of your conscious and unconscious prayers and energy. Look upon your creations with loving and unbiased awareness. From the top of the rainbow, you understand your true perfection. Only from this viewpoint, having risen above form while standing in the truth of who you are, it is possible to look down for how to intend, think, pray and live in new ways which recognize the Earth as a being who is joined with you on your amazing journey to know One and All. This is how to have your bridge to heaven, return itself to Earth again and touch ground. Only through bridging back to Earth from heaven may you learn how in all ways She, your Earth, is capable of representing and acting as a mirror for the purity of your truest form, if you should allow. She is the shadow of who you are. What you do unto her, you do upon yourself, because She and you are One. If you let Her speak to you from this heightened position, She can teach you how to have your collective Earth life represent the vibration of the Pure White Light that all Her rainbows stem from.”

She continued, “Look at Nature to see what has been created there. Where do you observe a tree growing healthy fruit, and where can be found polluting weeds that without boundaries threaten what tries to flower all around? Of whatever you observe, and without tagging anything as ‘positive’ or ‘negative,’ only ‘what is,’ ask yourself what underlying thoughts, desires, beliefs, or seeds has it been sown from? Do not discount the effect of conventions, everyday habits and lifestyles, for these are seeds in action. Like weeds they may begin to propagate and sow until the original seed is hard to find or to take accountability for.”

Pointing toward a part of Earth that had been harmed by the ways of mankind, she spoke, “Here, located among the weeds, may you find the root of collective prayers and thought forms which have sown imbalance and chaos into a world so much seeking to know PEACE and LOVE.” Pointing towards a part of nature living more vibrantly, she conveyed, “Located within all that is beautiful, balanced and unpolluted, dwell the seeds of Nature’s abundantly healthy and thriving fruits. From these you may learn how to think and pray in more united and more fertile ways.” She added, “You can then break any mental conditioning in which you have falsely learned to mistake those seeds that bear unfriendly and polluting fruits as those seeds that ALL THAT IS should pursue and adore. WE, of ALL THAT IS, wish you to understand CHOICE; one in which you may choose to sow and create what benefits the good of all, since all are One, including One with Earth.”

She continued, “Test all your thoughts for their Truth in Spirit, for they all need to be tested. Test all your wants and prayers for their greater effects, for all have effects. Test what or who you most follow, believe, serve or buy into for ‘how come?’ See how the light and all your colors touch everything and a bigger picture of your world. Know that all of mankind and Mother Earth Herself are joined as One. Within your minds, your hearts, and within what you create with your hands, you create it all. Know, however, that whatever you manifest can never affect who you are in Spirit. It can only offer a reflection of how you see yourself through offering a story for you to tell.”

Then, in all of our left hands appeared a paintbrush. In all of our right hands appeared a palette of all the colors of the rainbow. Then, the Lakota prophetess petitioned us once again, “When you look down upon the Earth below, you may see that in your conjoined efforts you have painted a portrait of the son of man beginning to see himself as Son of Creator, yet still painting a portrait of a Self that is primarily a son of man. Such a son is a son of industry, a son of bondage to all you would conform and falsely rely. You are not a creature of self-destruction, and you do have a choice of whether you wish to paint a life that collectively unfolds these ways.”

She continued, “Dear ones, be mindful of the divisions that you manifest that keep you separated from Peace and from your fellow man. In truth, you are all joined and One in Spirit with the Creator of All That Is.”

Beauty, wisdom and strength radiating from her being, she wanted to inform, “Make a choice to paint this truth upon the Earth you see. Paint this truth into your experience and reality. For, it is time to use what you know of your Self in a more embodied way. Look down from the top of this rainbow upon Nature to ask Her more clearly how. Your material world is alive with mirrors. It is alive with the portraits you choose to paint, the colors you use, and the story each portrait tells.”

“Ask yourselves what is going on within you internally that makes you treat yourselves or Earth in ways that makes either polluted or unworthy. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, and your Mother Earth are ever worthy. However, through mankind’s treating life unkindly, he has not seen the colors of what you truly are and what ALL divinely IS.”

As she continued talking, she asked those who stood with her to look down upon the Earth in new ways with conjoined foresight and conscious intention. “Free yourself,” she said, “For you are here to learn a new freedom regarding whom you are and why you came to Earth. Earth is a story about yourself, first not knowing who you are, and then knowing Truth. You are not a product to buy or sell. You own nothing and are owned by nothing. When you define yourself through who you are within the world, you create suffering. When you define yourself through a new prayer you re-create Truth. If you cannot pray for PEACE in your world, why pray at all?”

As I was wondering what the potential would be if no one prayed at all, she seemed to read my mind and had one thing to say, “You always have a choice of whether you will chose to learn a lesson within a lifetime. Through not choosing, one can never fail. You merely have another opportunity to learn, and a cycle repeats again.”

With this last statement, the vision shifted, and White Buffalo Calf Woman showed a glimpse of a potential future. In the vision were many people dressed in white robes, living in shared communities, learning together, at peace with one another and the world.

These communities seemed to be one’s that respected our Earth Mother, brothers, sisters, elders and children. They did not operate on money, but upon sharing and trade. Lifestyles were simpler and gentler. Power was ecologically responsible and people lovingly shared responsibilities in tending the land. These communities were one’s that lived the rainbow bridge, seeking to bridge Earth to Heaven, while knowing how to bridge Heaven back to Earth again.

In Conclusion

To conclude this chapter and this book, I offer one meditation in the form of a mantra. It is a simple one:

“I am the lotus, not the muddy pond.”

[22] The White Buffalo Calf Woman is part of the Lakota tradition. She is associated with the peace pipe and teaching the Lakota people a new way to pray. She would leave the tribe but promise to return again. She said when she returned there would be a sign: the birth of a white buffalo. See


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