Some day the earth will weep, she will beg for her life, she will cry with tears of blood. You will make a choice, if you help her or if you let her die, and when she dies, you too will die. -John Hollow Horn, Oglala Lakota

Our energy is constantly forming symbolic pathways in a variety of ways. For this chapter, I will limit my focus to the following four symbols:

  • man-made environmental destruction
  • natural disasters
  • lack of personal and global peace
  • illuminati conspiracies (as they relate to earth feng shui)

The reason I will focus upon these four main symbols is because they appear to create a lot of anger, fear, and/or helplessness within our collective mind-sets. Then, because we do not know how to look at these issues appropriately, we do not know how to diffuse our emotions without resorting to either blame or denial. The first act of enlightenment, however, is to realize these four symbols have sprouted from a level of collective choice that has been made—because we have free will.

Man-Made Environmental Destruction

Love is something that is healing; it is not self-destructive. This does not make self-destruction wrong, because self-destruction can be used as a valuable tool to learn both how to love and why love is absent.

While our earthbound love is liable to be far from perfect, at least we can choose to become awakened to the ways we are unloving and self-destructive. Why? We are all One, after all, and what affects one, affects the whole. The way we affect the world, as well as how the world affects us, is a dialog. This dialog can be understood, or it can be ignored.

There are a multitude of ways that our spending, selling, thinking, producing, and lifestyle patterns promote environmental degradation and self-destruction. We cannot blame higher powers in the world for the part we play in creating demand. After all, the demand we create tells these higher powers that certain ways of living—as well as certain means—are wanted and convenient, rather than rejected. It is we, ourselves, who make these choices every day. We do this largely out of convenience, as well as out of unconsciousness and habit. We do not think of the long term.

For example, for many of us who may want to buy a new car, our first inclination may be to buy a gas-powered vehicle rather than an electric-powered one, because electric power is less convenient than gas. We don’t band together to dismantle nuclear power, natural gas, or petroleum in favor of solar and wind because it is too much of an inconvenience. Even those of us who can afford to get off the earth-toxic energy grid, rarely do, out of convenience. We buy packaged products instead of natural ones, because packaged products are more convenient. We need all the latest gadgets and trinkets, because they support our love of leisure and convenience. Then, the convenient way to deal with environmental issues that arise is to blame something external for not coming up with an alternative that is convenient enough. In the end, the majority of us (within the developed world) have become spoiled to the point that we would rather harm come to an entire collective than give up our personal and transitory conveniences. (By saying humans are ‘spoiled,’ I merely mean to impart that it is our ability to know ourselves as Love that has been spoiled by the polluted pond that our minds and thoughts got lost in.) Then we preach about ‘love’ and ‘unity consciousness’ and it makes no sense, because we are loving others and the earth while not seeing how we treat them with hate—out of convenience—at the same time.

Think of it this way: everything we buy supports a company that is aligned with a certain energy or ethics. When we don’t analyze the choices we make or why we make them, we end up giving a lot of our time, drive, and money to energies that do not necessarily reflect peace, love, or the things we wish to foster in our world. However, as long as our energy is in service to these entities, our own ethics will become aligned with them, too.

This is why it is stated, “As without, so within.” We are what we eat, sell, buy, produce, etc. And all of this stems from our conscious and unconscious thoughts. In the end, we are what we think. Because of this, we cannot blame what is outside of us, via corporations, systems, or entities, if they carry the same thoughts. Yes, by supporting them in whatever small way, we reveal that we are on their thought level. Any lack of love that is observed in these entities or energies, must then be observed within the egoic self.

To affirm every day, but only within the mental realm, that we do not want our energy to be aligned with an entity that is corrupt or destructive, is not the same thing as living a life that emulates the peace and love that we are in Spirit. One form of thought is superficial. The other form of thought comes from deeply knowing who we are, what we serve, and the ideals we truly wish to manifest in the dream of life.

In truth, the majority of us get by ‘thinking’ one way, while emulating a different way of ‘being,’ because we feel a void. We do not know how to fill this void. We have become empty, we feel empty, and we want approval and relief from the stress that we have created in our world. The same escapes we use which might not promote health in our personal lives, likewise might not promote health in our greater environment or world. So, we can begin to ask ourselves questions such as:

  • Why and in what way did we need to make ourselves unhealthy?
  • What addictions have taken over our lives?
  • What is emotionally going on within?’
  • What kind of void are we trying to fill?
  • How can we better fill that void?”

The best way we can fill an inner void is to know and feel that we are a part of a ‘whole.’ We will not learn how to love ourselves, or how to join in unity consciousness, any other way. Think of it this way;

“Can Love learn to love and know itself through what destroys it?”

How amazing would it be if we could learn to see the awesome weaving in our life tapestries? They are not to be judged, but seen in the inspiring light in which they were constructed. Learn to see the colloquial in everything. As I said in chapter 2, when I want to figure out the meaning of a symbol, I put the words It feels like… or I feel like… before the symbol. To apply it to a dream that the collective is dreaming (of our collective experience), one would change it to It feels like the collective… For example, regarding how our food supply is becoming less natural and full of chemicals, one could interpret, “It feels like the collective has lost the ability to nourish itself naturally. The emotional nourishment it receives in life, what is supposed to feed us (our dreams, etc.), has, in general, become artificial or even toxic.” Possibly through the collective creating this symbol upon the world, it indicates the majority of us, who are part of that collective, are losing our ability to be natural (emotionally and physically). After all, we worship and cherish lifeless abundance over the abundance of life. Some of us are finding our way back, however (e.g., the part of the collective that seeks to go back to organic gardening).

Looking at the earth, it speaks to us so profoundly, using the same remarkable language that our dreams do. We can even begin to notice the little things, such as how are we all speaking a subliminal language that says, “I am ‘dying’ to be successful and abundant [or to avoid loss or failure].” This may seem like a startling statement to make; however, if we look at how we live, we really are willing to risk the health of our body and our planet to get the success or abundance we are looking for. Start asking why. And, begin to ask of anything, “Is this really fostering peace and love? Does this reflect the Love that I really know myself and All to be?”

Also pay attention to the wording used in affirmations. Most psychics or healers who use muscle testing or other forms of divination know that wording is very important, because words can have a double meaning. For example, when asking for abundance, what are we truly asking for, or bringing onto the planet? Abundance can mean an abundance of anything. An overabundance of insulin in the bloodstream can mean the presence of diabetes. Material overabundance in the world may bring unhealthy excesses, pollution and waste. We can also experience an overabundance of disasters or other signs of imbalance. Also, if the reason you are asking for abundance comes from a consciousness of not-enoughness or fear of loss, then know this polarity can be triggered and manifested as well (i.e. loss and depletion can result). Everything works in balance.

As a healer, I am careful with the use of terms, such as bringing in more energy or higher vibration. We can bring in over-abundant energy situations onto ourselves and the planet, which may not necessarily bring in the balance we are truly hoping for. As I will discuss in the next segment, yin should always be in balance with yang. For energy that is too overabundant or too yang can be ungrounding and chaotic, or cause hyperactivity, anxiety, sleeplessness, restlessness, obsession, etc.

A better tool is to ask for the outcome we hope to achieve by wanting something. Then, we can employ affirmations toward its experience. Ask yourself, “What do I truly hope to achieve on a core level from having more money, more energy, and more abundance? Am I hoping to be happier? Do I want to be more at peace? Am I looking to increase my self-worth? Am I hoping to feel recognized and loved?” If so, form your affirmations around these core things.

In order to come more fully into unity consciousness, it is good to ask that whatever we wish for be received in a way that benefits the good of all. This way, we can bring in our love energy fully, allowing the universe to bring in what we truly need and are. We do not need to manifest in a way that contradicts a loving intention to the whole. It is only our egos, the muddy pond, and the illusions of the world that tell us that this is our best or only course.

Some of this will overlap with the next symbol, natural disasters.

Natural Disasters

In the West, there is too much hurry because of a certain Christian concept that there is only one life and that with death you are gone and will not be able to come back again. That has created a very crazy idea in people’s minds. So everybody is in speed, running fast. Nobody is worried about where you are going; just go faster, that’s all. So nobody is enjoying anything, because how can you enjoy at such a speed? The whole of life has become a hit-and-run affair. -Osho

There is so much symbolism being displayed in nature. I didn’t really understand this completely, until a day where deadly tornadoes took many lives in Alabama in 2011. I took a nap that day and had a dream. In the dream, I was in a house and looking out the window into nature. Suddenly, the wind became very fierce and strong. Feeling a bit frightened and talking out loud, but to myself, I began asking what was going on and why there was so much wind. Suddenly, an angel in white appeared. He had only one thing to say before disappearing again. He said, “The world has become too yang, too focused on conquest and producing.”

When I woke up, I went online to look up what yin and yang represented. As it turned out, yin is represented by water. It is a passive, peaceful, flowing, and receptive energy. Yang is represented by sun and fire. It is the energy of action, conquest, and strength.

At the same time I was looking up yin and yang on the computer, the headlines on Google were revealing that tornadoes had ripped through the United States and taken more than three hundred lives. Because the angel in my dream made a connection between yang energy, strong winds, and man being “too focused on conquest and producing.” I also began to wonder if there was a connection. As I took a good look at the world, I did start to notice that we really are pretty yang. Not only were we becoming more ‘yang’ in our activities, but the energy that Nature was manifesting seemed to be becoming more yang as well.

This had me asking myself, “Why is earth subject to more intense solar flares (according to speculation), increased ferocity of storms, volcanoes that are showing signs of erupting, and increase in tsunami warnings, floods, rioting, and other events? Is it ascension (as some new agers connect these events with mankind preparing for ascension)? Are we becoming too yang, volatile and ungrounded? Or, is it both?”

Alternatively, is it just coincidence that yang events are happening at a time when we are predominantly yang creatures? I started believing that possibly there is a man-made element that underlies ‘natural’ disasters. Perhaps all really is One and we affect Nature, and she, in turn, affects us.

Even if the rest of the world is mirroring chaos and too much yang energy, we can learn to bring ourselves into balance. We can learn to receive in ways that do not require force, conquering, and excessive need for control or striving. We can learn to trust ourselves, trust in life, and that we will be provided for. We can also learn to develop habits of moderation instead of excess. This can be accomplished through appreciating how to be more within the present moment. We can then watch how our loving and balanced energy affects our greater world.

Lack of Personal and Global Peace

Earth feng shui may also be used to help us make sense of, and to see, the ways in which we contribute to the lack of peace in our own lives and within the collective world. While, again, there will be some overlapping with what has been mentioned before, if we think of everything in terms of seeds, of what is sown, and how sprouts can grow abundant, we will understand how even the tiniest seeds can begin to sprout and then flourish from the most unconscious levels of our experience.

We can look at our emotional world on a personal and collective level, and ask ourselves what we truly want, and if we truly want to know peace. Then, we may see all the divisions we create, and other ways of thinking or living that seem to stand in the way of peace.

By paying attention to the way our own energy interacts with the world and what it imparts, we can separate the emotional conditions that have become unnatural from those that represent the purity of our most natural form. We can then have the free will to choose the energies in the world that we want to further support and foster. For, behind every war, whether internal or external, or whether at a personal or collective level, there is a need for duality, drama, control, domination, ownership, or competition. Whatever thoughts we may sow, our seeds become part of the garden of life. We can contribute to the kind of flowers that grow, whether they are thorny weeds or awesome blooms. The vibrant choice is within us, to learn to distinguish which flower we truly are, and to manifest that ideal into the garden of form.

There is truth that manifestation strengthens with conjoined intentions, so whatever we conform to, we are conjoining with. We then become part of the spreading of seeds to our children. Once we truly understand this, there is an awesome potential that we can be part of creating and choosing for ourselves and our planet.

Illuminati Conspiracies

Earth feng shui is the nonviolent and non-revolutionary solution to illuminati conspiracies. Without using earth feng shui to overcome some of our issues with governments and leadership, what is overthrown would merely be replaced with something that mirrors some of the same problems and energies as before. This is because whatever is inserted that is new would be inserted into old structures, lifestyles, and forms. This leaves no guarantee that an external revolution would even solve the problems that were sought to be resolved.

For example, if we do not change some of our lifestyles, material addictions, and dependencies, we will still end up relying on the same corporations that influence the government today. Alternatively, others will take their place and rise in influence and power. Then—because the issue of greed is entrenched within society at such a deep level—old, familiar issues may take hold once again. For, how many of us can be truly trusted with power? How many of us cave to popular opinion? How many know the love, peace, and enoughness that we truly are? Until an underlying issue of not-enoughness is treated at a core level, abuses will always exist at authoritative levels, because the problem lies within the majority who feel this way.

One has to know where the real problems lie before they can be treated. Part of the problem lies in how many of us give power away, conform to the world or to others, and idolize the powerful (while seeking the same prestige, status, and wealth). As I implied in chapter 6, there is some hypocrisy that is going on because the masses are unable to see that the rich and powerful are operating on the same principles and lifestyles as the rest of us are. We, the public, also provide all they need in order to take advantage. Do they not thrive off our money when we buy into consumerism as a lifestyle and way of living? So, it makes sense that only when we change our own reflection upon the world, will the world begin to reflect something else.

What is the solution?

There are a few out there who are leading the cause by educating others, or practicing new ways of living, such as by:

  • efforts toward self-sufficiency
  • getting off the energy grid
  • joining together to create intentional and eco-communities
  • relying less on banks, credit cards, insurance and loans
  • abstaining from buying from certain companies
  • writing MP’s, making petitions or other forms of joined efforts which bring people together toward a loving and proactive rather than a reactive cause

Such individuals are using earth feng shui. They have decided how they want their energy to flow, and what they want it to contribute toward manifesting. They are removing their energetic consent from problems they see in the world and replacing that consent with real, lasting and loving alternatives and solutions. This is, after all, the basis of how the law of attraction works; through energetic consent and intention. If we can deliver our energy, efforts and voice into the world in a way that says, “I want to see more peace and fewer wars, more healing and less degradation, more freedom and less oppression, and more love and less corruption in the world,” these intentions can then begin to manifest.

When applying earth feng shui to these realities that I have mentioned, the intention is to seek to create a bridge between what we know of Heaven (Spirit) and how we live on Earth (Material). The first step is to be able to see the world and our energy patterns clearly and without blame; seeing the part we play within the problems of the world and our share of the responsibility in their creation or maintenance. Simply observe where external love is lacking, because this indicates where internal love is lacking as well.

When it comes to action, this is best reserved for when one’s observations have become complete. We can allow it to come from a natural place of readiness and means. As I said in the first chapter, it is about coming to a place of not needing what we want and need anymore. We will participate in the self-undoing of the world, until we decide we do not need to do this anymore. Until then, I find simplicity offers a perfect middle way.

The Way of the Lotus Is the Way of Simplicity

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. -Mathew 5:5, NIV

Making our lives simpler is the easiest way to bridge the spiritual world with the material world. Simplicity also allows a readiness for wisdom to filter in and be integrated in its own time and way. It is a perfect middle step. Not only this, but simplicity has a wonderful ability to solve problems. Our needs become less, our wants are less, and with less focus on outcomes, there is less need for control. Ultimately, there is less to fear and more to love and feel grateful for. With an attitude toward gratitude rather than being stuck in never feeling enough, the miracle of life can be more treasured in the present moment, without looking for something better to come at a future time or place.

On a personal level, if we are willing to live simply, we could enjoy fewer dependencies, less addictions, fewer worries that someone will steal from us, and less concerns that there will be no one to buy what we have to sell, as well as less need to stress over or to engage in litigation (e.g. over copyrights or trademarks). We would need less seminars, courses, attunements, and healing techniques to teach us how to manifest, or to help us find balance; for simplicity cultivates balance in and of itself. We would listen less to the media, hear fewer commercials and advertisements, and feel less of a need to have the world define us through various movies and programming.

Through simplicity, we feel less of a need to actively serve and contribute to what causes other living beings and ourselves unconscious harm. Simplicity also offers us the opportunity to own more of our own power, as opposed to giving it away to outside entities and institutions. We benefit by paying less tax, having less debt controlled by banks, buying less from corporations that abuse the planet, as well as needing fewer gadgets and distractions. With a simple life, less of our money and taxes go to supporting governmental aims, practices, or wars that we may not agree with.

If you think about it, if we were to become conjoined in our desires and efforts to live more simply, various and controlling structures would naturally collapse on their own, allowing us to become more empowered and cooperative. In order to survive, these same structures would have to find new ways to accommodate the masses, based upon more simplistic and ethical principles—rather than greed. Because of the principles of supply and demand, if there is less demand, there are less votes and less support for certain products, political platforms, etc. Advertisers would have to begin to cater to different needs and make more sustainable and earth friendly products if they wish for us to buy them.

Being simple, we also do not need to wait for anything or anyone external to save us. Especially during a time of increasing disasters, simplicity offers us more potential for self-reliance and self-sustenance should natural disasters and earth shifts be manifested with greater force. An increasing number of intentional communities could form, focused on cooperation, barter, sharing, and off-grid forms of nonpolluting energy sources.

In all of these ways, simplicity represents a path to peace. However, to achieve peace, some inner fears may need to be faced.

Unfortunately, many people today unconsciously associate simple living with death, lack, poverty, self-denial or unpopularity. Many of us may not even know how to live without depending upon a variety of systems, institutions, and material conveniences. This is unfamiliar territory. We are used to being parented by outside forces telling us who to be and what to do.

If we can shift our attitude, however, we can begin to see how people can live happier, freer, and blessed with what they have, rather than from what they can attain. We could begin to see those who consciously live more simple lives as ultimately abundant, rather than deficient. After all, such individuals are fortunate to be able to live less affected by their surroundings. Their way of life is natural, independent, and pure. They often live in more harmony with nature and its creatures, partaking of its innate abundance and fully experiencing the miracle of life.

Conscious, simplistic living also offers freedom from many forms of bondage, which would allow us to enjoy life in a way it is not otherwise possible to be enjoyed. Additionally, because we become free of competition and strife, we might be friendlier to one another, less jealous, and less insecure. Who needs to engage in war or strife if there is nothing to compete over or to protect oneself from?

To be sure, simplicity is not about extremism and denial. Many of us living in the modern world are currently living an extreme life of overindulgence. We do not need to live lives that are the polar opposite of that extreme, i.e. complete abstinence. Think in terms of balance, instead.

In the end, simplicity allows one to be in the world, but not of it, and to counter the world’s many vices with an attitude of moderation, rather than judgment. It is simplicity and stillness that allow us to detach from our full immersion in a dysfunctional world, and to become more conscious of the seeds we are sowing and the fruits that result.

What better way is there to become the lotus that lives upon a muddy pond, while not adhering to its mud and slime?

The Path of the Lotus Is a Path of Purity

Purity ties in with simplicity and innocence, because purity seeks to be its most natural and unaffected self at its core. So, when we examine how our energy is either affecting or being affected by the collective consciousness or world, we begin to make choices that reflect our innate innocence, purity, truth, and freedom from pollution/toxins.

It is about finding a deeper calling that cannot be forced; it has to be called. The same way monks feel called to join a monastery, we can find our own calling to live simpler, less distracted and less toxic lifestyles.

As a good friend of mine has said repeatedly, the message her guides give her is that Nature gave us everything as it was meant to be, in perfect purity. It is moving away from and tampering with this purity that has caused most of our problems for us. In the same fashion, we have not accepted ourselves in our own purity and nature, and have sought outside ourselves to somehow perfect what did not need perfecting. In both instances, we are now experiencing a return to becoming more natural and feeling what we are and have is enough.

Filling the Void Within

We may want to purify ourselves and make our lives simpler and more abundantly joyful, but we may find that our addictions and attachments get in the way. Such attachments usually indicate that there is a void within that we are attempting to fill from outside of us. So, how can we fill this void another way?

While typing this question, I actually clairaudiently hear two words, service and worship. As I keep listening, words flow in, concerning how many of us do not feel included, whole, loved, and connected to Spirit in some way. Connecting our service and worship to the benefit of the whole (rather than merely to the self), and to the innate beauty and miracle within all living things, may help us to bring in a feeling of unity, love, purpose, or connection that we are seeking. Through worship and reverence, we can find a new appreciation for abundance which allows us to go beyond our current definitions. We find out what true abundance is. This type of worship is examined in the reverence that the Seraphim Angels have toward the Creator.

And they were calling to one another: ‘Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.’ -Isaiah 6:3, NIV

That same glory is in you, it is in me, it is in nature and all living things and beings. The more praise and gratitude we feel when connecting our life energy to the life energy of all other living things, the more we may begin to feel our cup is full rather than empty. We also begin to feel a sense of unitedness with others. For me, I know that when I attain a feeling of unity consciousness, it helps me find a inner feeling of joy, reverence, and ecstasy. It helps me to feel less separate and more part of a whole.

If this resonates with you, try filling the void within with an appreciation for nature and the innate abundance in everything. The tools used to access this type of feeling and appreciation may be different for everyone and may include meditation, prayer, mantras, dance, song, chanting, or ho’oponopono. Worship may include any type of expression that helps you feel the give-and-take of energy between living things, the planet, and yourself.

By whatever way we choose to connect with Spirit in our journey inward, we can likely uncover what we truly need, as well as what will fulfill us on a deeper level. Perhaps we can connect with a still and gentle place within us that reminds us that we already have all we need to feel complete. With this said, I also hear the word mantra. Creating our own personal mantras might also help us feel safe, internally fulfilled, and loved within the world.

Chapter 11 – Part 1

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Mandy Peterson is a psychic visionary, empath, channel and EFT Practitioner. She is the author of the book “I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond,” and a regular columnist for the metaphysical magazine, Bellesprit. As an empathic healer and reader, Mandy works 1-to-1 with clients, helping them to achieve clarity, peace and balance. For more information, see the “About” page.