By Their Fruits You Will Know Them – A Message

I asked for a message for the world. This is what came through. By their fruits you will know them [the false prophets [1]]. By the greater fruits in the world, you will know if you have served them above serving a more righteous cause. Of these fruits you will reap what you sow.  You [...]

Becoming More Collectively Conscious Through Supporting Local Businesses

In my first article of this series for Shesique Magazine, I stated that in order for us to become “collectively conscious” we understand our connection to the bigger picture and the effect our choices have on life around us. This includes being conscious of what our time, effort, and money is going toward supporting.  So [...]

Becoming Collectively Conscious: Understanding the Law of Supply and Demand

In today’s world, many of us may have a hard time believing that our well-intentioned choices can affect a larger picture in a positive way. Likewise, in the same theme, we find it hard to believe that our less well-intentioned choices matter in the greater scheme of things. However, our choices may have more of an effect than we think, such as in the case of changing trends, which occur all the time. The force behind those changing trends is the public, usually starting with one person. We, the public, have the power to change and inspire trends due to a law we can learn about in any economics class: the Law of Supply and Demand.

Teaching Non-violence in a Violent World

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. ~ Romans 12:2 I saw a post today on the importance of teaching non-violence in schools. However, when we [...]

Mother Nature Does Not Differentiate

Lately, I've been confronted a lot with "It's the 1% of rich in the world who are responsible for all the world's problems, environmentally and other ways."  There seems to be a lot of blame and not much responsibility for we, the public, as consumers. We are 99% after all. That gives us a lot [...]

7 Ways to Refocus on Life Energy

In today’s world of rush and business, we can easily become fixated on our work, priorities, and fascination with technology to the point that our relationship with nature and what is living, natural, and pure can become slightly eclipsed. We tend to think of the Law of Attraction as a law that states that we will tend to manifest from where we most place our focus. If this is true, is it possible that the external world is starting to communicate to us, and very loudly, that we need to change our focus for the sake of maintaining balance on a personal, collective, and environmental level?

Spiritual Ethics and Learning To Care

Spiritual ethics can be a difficult topic to discuss. This is because it’s a topic that asks us to examine the world in an honest way in order to take responsibility for the way we live our lives, including the choices we are making. It forces us to face what we wish to sweep under the rug. It asks us to question whether the concepts we espouse truly match the way we choose to live our lives…

Disinformation in the New-Age

Disinformation is nothing new, even in the new age. Due to the fact that many of us hold the ancient masters in high regard, it is natural for us, as new-agers, to want to portray or believe that our ancient teachers would support the new-age movement. After all, we founded this movement, in part, based on the wisdom of their teachings. We’ve done this through taking a little of one masters teachings, a little of another’s, and we’ve packaged it all together as a philosophy that we feel is good to live by. Yes, there are huge differences; but, we circumvent around these differences through rationalizing that we live in different times…

Law of Attraction: Entering A Collective Consciousness

We have been falling into the illusion that we are powerful because we are manifesting “things” and “creations” within a “box.” What does this “box” serve and manifest? Only when you attempt to break free of that “box” will you realize exactly what you are manifesting yourself into.

Remove The Blindfold

A Question and Answer Session With My Guides Me: What do we need to learn collectively during this time? My guides: Examine any concepts that you hold that are out of alignment with Truth. With a split mind it is hard to develop a focus. So, take the next step to repair what has come [...]

The Lucid Dreamer Dreams of Peace & Love

Begin to change your definition of abundance. Begin to take a good look at the world around you. See that what is most threatening to its existence is not a lack of material abundance but a state of over-abundance that has become a sight of pollution within your eyes.

Forward Integration & Backward Integration as it Relates to Earth Healing

What is the difference between having a forward integrated approach to spirituality and having a backward integrated approach? How will turning our focus toward a forward integrated approach help us to manifest more peaceful solutions for some of our world’s greatest issues?

How Does Our Collective Way of Living Keep Us Stuck At A Child-like Level of Functioning?

When thinking about how we live at a personal level, it might be easy for most of us to place ourselves in the “adult” category. However, this article concerns how our collective way of living, being and believing keeps us stuck in the “child-like” category. How so? Because how we function as a collective tends to leave us completely dependent upon external parents without being able to “grow up” and gain independence and true freedom from them.

Radio Frequency: The White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks

“Everything within Nature has a voice,” she stated. “Everything within Creation speaks of its own mystery and calling. It is simply a new language to learn for those who would wish to learn it.”

From Chief Avrol Looking Horse

Humans are self-indulgent slaves to their desires. This is why nature is out of balance. It causes man to sabotage himself. This was posted to my page today (I removed the top part and just kept the message from Chief Avrol. The following is from CHIEF ARVOL LOOKING HORSE: Nov. 8th Tepco will begin moving [...]

Heaven is Where the Heart Is: Finding the True Meaning of Abundance in Our “Enoughness”

We live in an age of overconsumption, over-activity, and over-promotionalism. Sometimes, it appears that almost everyone has something to promote, buy, or sell. Of course, our advancement is complicated by a multitude of spiritual books and gurus who tell us how to thrive and survive in this age–and how to become a product for sale within it–rather than how to transcend it. Thus, we end up subliminally taught that to be unsuccessful in the material world–according to this consciousness of consumerism—means that we are “less than” in some way. We are taught this means that we have “blocks” to clear as if it were a disease….

Have We Not Got Enough?

by Peaceful Warrior. It never ceases to amaze me just how much luxury we all currently have, both material objects and levels of longevity. Well of course that is not the case for the majority actually, though to us in the west it would appear to be the case. The real truth is that almost 80% of the world’s populations have very little of these commodities, and their lives are often cut prematurely short through hunger and disease. Kind of odd wouldn’t you say? That 20% of the people of the world have more than enough and may not even realize their good fortunes. A conundrum indeed, do we need more or do we need less (to share more)?

Nature: The Missing Piece In Our Spirituality?

There are many ideals we hold as true within the new-age movement, which developing an ability to connect more with Nature might help us better put these ideals into practice.  For instance, the more we can learn to connect with Nature, the more we can connect to an energy of ‘wholeness.’…

Redefining Abundance

In the world today there are many concepts being referred to which it is difficult to know what they truly mean or entail. For example; what does it really mean to be ‘love and light?’ Is it only something we think of or intend with our minds? Is it more than this? Is there more understanding we can gain through examination? It is the same with concepts such as Oneness, Higher Frequency, Unity, etc.

The Re-Awakening

By Peaceful Warrior, James Redfield, Eckhart Tolle, Mandy Peterson and many other authors have been writing about these issues for such a large part of the past several decades with the aim of waking people up gradually into a new world. One that has been created by blindness and greed. The reason they have been attempting to wake people is certainly not to manipulate them further. But it does seem clear that these rather small groups of people have done so out of concern for the welfare of the greater number of their human family. Of course no-one likes to be waken in a violent and scary fashion. A cold bucket of water thrown over you might cause you a heart attack, but a slow gentle shaking will do no harm whatsoever.