Reading for January, 2021

For the month of January, asking what we are to make a focus, I draw the Collective Physical. This indicates that there may be something we need to see regarding the collective physical level of experience or something that is affecting us at this level…

2021 Puzzle Reading

I thought I would pull a puzzle I completed a while ago to do a reading on 2021. I laid the cards out using the Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle and the cards that came with the puzzle. Here were the results,

By Their Fruits You Will Know Them – A Message

I asked for a message for the world. This is what came through. By their fruits you will know them [the false prophets [1]]. By the greater fruits in the world, you will know if you have served them above serving a more righteous cause. Of these fruits you will reap what you sow.  You [...]

What does the Healers of the Earth Oracle Have to Say about Climate Change?

The first card I draw from the Healers of the Earth Oracle is the “Fungi Funeral” card. This card points to humanity moving away from a consciousness of self-indulgence to replace it with moderation. Many people are embracing more environmental lifestyles or are becoming simpler so this is a process that is already in motion. It is a card of releasing addictions and temptations…

Remove The Blindfold

A Question and Answer Session With My Guides Me: What do we need to learn collectively during this time? My guides: Examine any concepts that you hold that are out of alignment with Truth. With a split mind it is hard to develop a focus. So, take the next step to repair what has come [...]

Visions of November 9, 2013

In the first vision I was shown the souls of a multitude of natives, rising from the earth, ready for action and to take back the Americas. They were climbing over obstacles and hills, charging forward. They had war paint on their face and wore there hair in a strange fashion. There were red, white and blue feathers tied in their hair.

The Winds of Change Are in the Air

Can you feel it? The winds of change are approaching. My guides say “prepare.” For, a new world cannot operate upon the old foundation anymore. It must collapse. Though, we cause the collapse to happen through the work of our mind, hands, intentions and actions.

Knowledge Versus Wisdom: A Message

“While humanity is abundant in knowledge, it is lacking wisdom. Wisdom, after all, is the ability to use knowledge wisely; which you will know when true wisdom has been applied from its fruits. Until humanity can perceive the fruits of its miscreative thoughts and behaviors, it will continue to miscreate[i] and produce unloving fruits. This problem of miscreation occurs when individuals possess knowledge, but do not yet fully understand it inside their hearts. They only know it within their brains….”

In What Direction Are You Integerated: Forward or Backward?

In January of 2012, I began to receive a direct and to the point message from a guide who connected themselves with Archangel Ariel (the archetypal angel associated with manifestation and nature). It was a message concerning how a time of “Judgment” is coming and that a “choice” would be made for us, if we could not make one for ourselves. This time of judgement is primarily about our having to accept accountability for what our thoughts and the “work of our hands” are manifesting…

Nirvana Quartz – Crystal Guidance for Our Changing Times

For the month of October, the stone that was shown to me was Nirvana Quartz. Nirvana Quartz is a stone found high in Himalayan mountain ranges of Northern India. The spirit within Nirvana Quartz may be invoked for the purpose of helping us to open up to the future, to trust, and to overcome and learn from hardships. This helps us to transform, grow, and evolve into our highest potential. Himalayan Quartz is reportedly an excellent meditation tool, helping individuals create more inner stillness and greater alignment between the brain and the heart.