What does the Healers of the Earth Oracle Have to Say about Climate Change?

The first card I draw from the Healers of the Earth Oracle is the “Fungi Funeral” card. This card points to humanity moving away from a consciousness of self-indulgence to replace it with moderation. Many people are embracing more environmental lifestyles or are becoming simpler so this is a process that is already in motion. It is a card of releasing addictions and temptations…

The Winds of Change Are in the Air

Can you feel it? The winds of change are approaching. My guides say “prepare.” For, a new world cannot operate upon the old foundation anymore. It must collapse. Though, we cause the collapse to happen through the work of our mind, hands, intentions and actions.

Nirvana Quartz – Crystal Guidance for Our Changing Times

For the month of October, the stone that was shown to me was Nirvana Quartz. Nirvana Quartz is a stone found high in Himalayan mountain ranges of Northern India. The spirit within Nirvana Quartz may be invoked for the purpose of helping us to open up to the future, to trust, and to overcome and learn from hardships. This helps us to transform, grow, and evolve into our highest potential. Himalayan Quartz is reportedly an excellent meditation tool, helping individuals create more inner stillness and greater alignment between the brain and the heart.

Citrine – Crystal Guidance for Our Changing Times

Last month, my crystal channeling for Himalayan Ice Quartz warned of an unexpected disaster coming and that the Statue of Liberty would not be herself. Jesus would be holding her torch of freedom. This month, the stone of Citrine channels a message of strength and healing.