Visions of November 9, 2013

In the first vision I was shown the souls of a multitude of natives, rising from the earth, ready for action and to take back the Americas. They were climbing over obstacles and hills, charging forward. They had war paint on their face and wore there hair in a strange fashion. There were red, white and blue feathers tied in their hair.

July 10 Prediction Updates

Rebuilding the same foundation is a waste of money and energy. Change is hard, but its time to embrace it. What needs to happen is that we begin to rebuild with new forms of construction, eco-mindedness, mobility or with simplicity in mind. It would be of more benefit to have concerts to raise money enough to begin this new foundation then to rebuild the old one….

2013 Predictions and Updates

They warn me something affects water, as in contaminates it, like oil spill or nuclear accident or toxic issue. Something with a polluting effect. It brings a lot of concern. I had said on my own radio show that the ‘big event’ that I saw happening in February was a meteor or something coming from the sky. In the chat room, I was informed there was an asteroid DA2013 that was going to pass by earth at a close. I told others that if it doesn’t hit then it still causes some sort of disaster, cause my guides seemed to feel it was going to have an environmental impact. This February a meteor did hit in Russia (overseas)…

2012 Predictions & Updates

The other words I keep hearing for 2012 are water, flood, sea, storm. For the areas, I get somewhere around the gulf of Mexico/USA. I also keep hearing the names of islands such as Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, that whole area as one of concern. Possibly one in Europe as well. My guides show the months of late August and September as months to especially watch, though 2013 – 2015 seem more concerning years.

My Predictions for the Coming Years

I have never before really wanted to say anything, nor put myself out there in certain “predictive” ways, because I’ve never really been someone to predict world events before. Reading in this manner makes me uncomfortable. I also don’t believe in outcomes being written in stone. So, in speaking about changes potentially coming or which are needed to be made, I had to think about how to present all this. I do believe information intuited can be used as a warning. We are not all fated to events, but in many ways have choice.