Have We Not Got Enough?

by Peaceful Warrior. It never ceases to amaze me just how much luxury we all currently have, both material objects and levels of longevity. Well of course that is not the case for the majority actually, though to us in the west it would appear to be the case. The real truth is that almost 80% of the world’s populations have very little of these commodities, and their lives are often cut prematurely short through hunger and disease. Kind of odd wouldn’t you say? That 20% of the people of the world have more than enough and may not even realize their good fortunes. A conundrum indeed, do we need more or do we need less (to share more)?

Using EFT to Tap Through Blocks to Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

A few years ago I experimented with using EFT on a list of individuals whom I would send remote healing too on a weekly basis. Some of the individuals on the list were depressed and had what is termed “Massive Psychological Reversal (PR).” This is a condition where a person is chronically blocked. Most times, individuals with Massive PR will feel blocked when it comes to healing until they can address an underlying issue of lack of self-love and/or self-acceptance…

EFT for Food Cravings and Food Addictions

Food cravings can be a complicated topic. It depends why you are having a craving and what it is related to. If wanting to lose weight, it might simply be a willpower issue. If having candida, food allergies or an addiction to sugar, wheat, chocolate or etc., you might experience intense cravings as part of withdrawing from particular foods. You can even replace the word ‘cravings’ with ‘addiction’ if it feels like you are addicted to a food. Or, you can replace the word ‘cravings’ with ‘withdrawal symptoms’ if you feel you experience withdrawal symptoms….

Nature: The Missing Piece In Our Spirituality?

There are many ideals we hold as true within the new-age movement, which developing an ability to connect more with Nature might help us better put these ideals into practice.  For instance, the more we can learn to connect with Nature, the more we can connect to an energy of ‘wholeness.’…

Redefining Abundance

In the world today there are many concepts being referred to which it is difficult to know what they truly mean or entail. For example; what does it really mean to be ‘love and light?’ Is it only something we think of or intend with our minds? Is it more than this? Is there more understanding we can gain through examination? It is the same with concepts such as Oneness, Higher Frequency, Unity, etc.

The Colors of Abundance

Abundance can mean different things to different people. While www.thefreedictionary.com defines abundance as “a great and plentiful amount,” “fullness to overflowing,” and “affluence; wealth,” each of these definitions is open to interpretation as well. What is wealth to one person may be valueless to another, and vice versa. So, if we could categorize each kind of abundance by connecting it to a color, what would that color be, and what would make each category different? What would each color type say about the individual who is attracted to it?


By Peaceful Warrior. When I was just a kid, I believed that my parents didn’t notice me at all. I craved their attention, but felt bereft of any real and personal interest in me as a child and a member of the family. I knew there was something wrong in all of this. My feelings, my emotions and intuition said that I should expect more. I tried various tactics in the end to get the attentions of my siblings and parents, even if the outcome was the wrong kind of attention…

The Re-Awakening

By Peaceful Warrior, James Redfield, Eckhart Tolle, Mandy Peterson and many other authors have been writing about these issues for such a large part of the past several decades with the aim of waking people up gradually into a new world. One that has been created by blindness and greed. The reason they have been attempting to wake people is certainly not to manipulate them further. But it does seem clear that these rather small groups of people have done so out of concern for the welfare of the greater number of their human family. Of course no-one likes to be waken in a violent and scary fashion. A cold bucket of water thrown over you might cause you a heart attack, but a slow gentle shaking will do no harm whatsoever.

Duality Versus Isness

By Peaceful Warrior. To the untrained eye, it may appear that there are always pluses and minuses. Good or evil, love and hate, war and peace, cold and heat, or light and darkness. Up, down, left, right, inside and outside, forwards and backwards. But you may be surprised to know that by a process we call relativity we can arrive at many other points of conclusion and or debate. Duality would have us believe that both exist side by side and that there is only one thing or the other, with it’s opposite at the point of us determining our viewpoint….

Karmic Unweaving

There has been a lot of attention given to the Law of Attraction concerning how we can control our thinking in order to manifest a “positive” outcome. However, this approach has kept our understanding of the Law of Attraction rather limited. Our minds become solely focused on controlling our thoughts and using our will to affect something in the future. This also keeps our minds hyper-focused on a state of wanting, rather than on appreciating how blessed we are with what we already have….

In What Direction Are You Integerated: Forward or Backward?

In January of 2012, I began to receive a direct and to the point message from a guide who connected themselves with Archangel Ariel (the archetypal angel associated with manifestation and nature). It was a message concerning how a time of “Judgment” is coming and that a “choice” would be made for us, if we could not make one for ourselves. This time of judgement is primarily about our having to accept accountability for what our thoughts and the “work of our hands” are manifesting…

A Call for Love: Will you Answer?

For the purpose of this visualization, I want you to forget everything you’ve previously been taught, or told yourself, about love. I want you to take a break from thinking thoughts of love with your mind in order to begin thinking with your heart, eyes, and other senses. Yes, the mind is important, but it is often ruled by the ego and ego is not what this call for love is about….

Collective Consciousness – What It Is, How It Shapes Us, How Acknowledging It Will Help Us Heal Our World

When I first started receiving messages from guides about earth and humanity, I didn’t know what the “collective conscious” was. However, this would change, as what was conveyed to me was primarily founded upon the idea of a collective consciousness and how we shape it and it shapes us. In fact, the main thing these guides want humanity to understand is that we have power over what happens externally; that is, we have power to divert the world from the destructive course it has been on. Not that we need to be afraid should we continue down this destructive path. Most of what we would be facing—if we do—is our collective fear of loss, and of not being or having enough. This has been the driving force behind mankind’s greed for more and more and more. This said, we do have power over whether we will spiritually evolve enough—and lovingly unify—to see the disbanding of nuclear and other forms of toxic or corrupt “power systems” and potential threats that can have the most devastating consequences for life on this planet and for the human race.

The Symbolism of the Lotus and the Muddy Pond

What are the “Lotus” and the “Muddy Pond” and what do these powerful Buddhist symbols represent? According to the Lalitavistara: “The spirit of the best of men is spotless, like the new lotus in the muddy water which does not adhere to it.”

The Song of the White Buffalo Calf Woman

“The next phase of the world will see a return to recognizing sacredness. For a long time, sacredness was lost when you would greet a person, a creature or a part of nature. Now the world can enter a new phase where the focus is not merely an attempt to use the natural world and its creatures solely as a means to create something lifeless or transitory to indulge in or worship. In place of this, you can come to greet and revere the natural world–as your companion on your Earth journey–through recognizing the holy spark you share.”

Using the Law of Attraction Backwards?

When the Law of Attraction principles started circulating in the 1990’s, there was less of a movement toward social and ecological consciousness as there is now. So, during this current time frame, we may now find that many individuals are beginning to feel turned off by the former use of the Law of Attraction and its focus on material prosperity and money. After all, many of us may aspire to embrace ways of living that reflect simplicity, eco-sustainability, unity consciousness and less reliance on competition, external institutions and/or ego; which this can appear to turn the Law of Attraction on its head in some ways (how we have tended to view it, that is). Sites are beginning to spring up that offer ways to market more “spiritually” and “ethically,” while ascension itself is being redefined by new leaders who are emerging to offer a fresh and more enlightened approach.

Citrine – Crystal Guidance for Our Changing Times

Last month, my crystal channeling for Himalayan Ice Quartz warned of an unexpected disaster coming and that the Statue of Liberty would not be herself. Jesus would be holding her torch of freedom. This month, the stone of Citrine channels a message of strength and healing.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman & The Rainbow Bridge

See the path you paint upon your Loving Earth with all the colors of your conscious and unconscious prayers and energy. Look upon all of it now and with loving and unbiased awareness….