Breathwork for Increased Well-Being

The way you breathe affects your emotions and vitality since it sends signals to your autonomic nervous system–a component of the peripheral nervous system that regulates automatic body functions such as blood flow and your heartbeat. Breathing exercises can balance and relax you, leaving you calm and centered. They can also provide an energy boost when you are weary and enliven your mind…

Using EFT to Tap Through Blocks to Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

A few years ago I experimented with using EFT on a list of individuals whom I would send remote healing too on a weekly basis. Some of the individuals on the list were depressed and had what is termed “Massive Psychological Reversal (PR).” This is a condition where a person is chronically blocked. Most times, individuals with Massive PR will feel blocked when it comes to healing until they can address an underlying issue of lack of self-love and/or self-acceptance…

EFT for Food Cravings and Food Addictions

Food cravings can be a complicated topic. It depends why you are having a craving and what it is related to. If wanting to lose weight, it might simply be a willpower issue. If having candida, food allergies or an addiction to sugar, wheat, chocolate or etc., you might experience intense cravings as part of withdrawing from particular foods. You can even replace the word ‘cravings’ with ‘addiction’ if it feels like you are addicted to a food. Or, you can replace the word ‘cravings’ with ‘withdrawal symptoms’ if you feel you experience withdrawal symptoms….

EFT World Healing: “I Am Enough”

This series of EFT articles is based on healing aspects of ourselves that can, in turn, help us heal the world at this time. What I have been noticing is that our healing systems are geared toward keeping us feeling in a state of competition, focusing on outcomes, never having enough, never being enough, never doing enough, etc. It seems as if there is a void we are trying to fill from outside of ourselves, and the collective consciousness is conditioning us to feel like we are not enough. So, I wanted to focus on an article on using EFT to treat the first aspect I have noticed: our feeling of “not-enoughness.”

What is EFT?

EFT is a form of Thought Field Therapy that can be done on its own or as a complement with other therapies. It is used in an increasing number of practices now by doctors, naturopaths and energy workers. It can be performed in person or over the phone long-distance. This simple therapeutic tool involves using certain tapping and acupressure techniques to correct energetic imbalances within the meridian system that can result in a slow ability to recover, unhealthy habits and negative thinking patterns, sabotaging beliefs, addictions, physical problems/symptoms and more….

Make Your Own EFT Muscle Testing Deck

This article is intended for those who are familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). For those who are not familiar, and who would like to try, EFT is simple to learn and you can find a wealth of information on the internet as well as demonstration videos (simply do a search on for “EFT [...]

Muscle Testing – Yes/No – Finger Method

Muscle testing is a way to use the body as a tool to connect with it’s innate wisdom to obtain “yes” and “no” answers to questions related to healing. My first time trying it, I found it less complicated and quicker to use then a pendulum. Though pendulums are better with charts for other forms of testing. If not comfortable with muscle testing or other “energy methods,” I have developed a divination deck that clients can use in place of these techniques. See here for how to make your own deck >>. See here for a deck that you can purchase>>.

Sensing the Energy Field and Its Blocks

The main basic states of imbalance that a person may suffer from include blocked chakras; leaks, tears, and holes; negative cords & attachments; energy depletion; disturbances in the energy flow; and overactive and underactive chakras. Five techniques that one can use to detect issues in the energy field include muscle testing (aka applied kinesiology), pendulum, physical sensing using the hands (called “passing-of-hands”), sensing the condition of the aura and chakras through the reception of psychic information and guidance, and viewing the aura.

Standing Muscle Testing And Neurological Disorganization Correction

It is not always easy to accurately muscle test oneself if one has an attachment to the outcome. If you feel your ego will get in the way you can try using other forms of divination to get a yes or no response. If progress using EFT or other Energy Medicine Techniques is slow or you feel inhibited from accurate muscle testing, you may also wish to try some Energy Medicine correction exercises and try again. A condition called “switching” (polarity switching) can affect muscle testing as can a condition called “neurological disorganization”. This occurs when there is too much energy in your system making you feel overcharged, ADD or scattered…

Using EFT to Clear the Energy Field and Chakras

EFT is very easy to use upon the energy field, chakras or any feelings of resistance or blockage in the body. Often, with some clients who do not tend to feel much progress using EFT on regular issues, sometimes using it on the energy field can give them the shift they needed to happen. I even use it within a session while tapping regular issues.

What is Psychological Reversal?

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t get over a certain habit or issue? Or why some people heal and others have all the potential, resources and abilities but don’t? They might go to doctors and try numerous therapies never getting anywhere. It used to be thought that it was all about willpower or resolve. Or that the person did not really want to really get better, wasn’t trying hard enough or was just lazy. However, psychological reversal implies that the problem actually exists at the level of the energy flow or “polarity” within the bodies energy meridian system.