5 Tips for Getting Over a Romantic Obsession

A romantic obsession is an unrealistic attachment to someone who is not interested in you. If the other person has ended the relationship and you cannot accept that, your pursuit then becomes problematic

5 Warning Signs You Are Dating A Control Freak

Both men and women are capable of falling for control freaks. You start off liking their authoritative ways, only to realize they like controlling everything around them (including you!). If you suspect you might be dating someone with control issues, read on to discover 5 sure signs.

Are You Compatible? 4 Signs You Might Not Be

Compatibility is an important part of a romantic relationship. Physical attraction and good conversation are important, but you have to look at your lifestyle and plans you have for your future too. If you are at opposite ends of the spectrum, you might not have enough in common to have a successful long-term relationship.

6 Signs That A Woman Doesn’t Value Herself

A woman who doesn’t value herself might not see her worth and how much she offers the world and others. She may not see that what she has to offer is equal in measure to what others have to offer. Due to this, she may exhibit behavior that allows others to treat her poorly. Here are six common signs that a woman has a low sense of self-worth.

Is There Still a Chance for You and an Ex? Will Anything Bring Him or Her Back?

Breaking up is one of the most difficult things that can happen in your love life. It’s unsettling, and at other times it can be confusing. You don’t understand where did you go wrong and you may be trying to find ways to make your ex-notice you again. However, you might just be pushing him or her away with the things that you’re doing.

How to Have a Civilized Divorce

When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that they were “consciously uncoupling” but remained good friends, it was greeted with much sniggering and ridicule. Yet, however irritating the phrase may have been, such a calm, even affectionate, divorce is possible. Of course, there are frequently good reasons for anger and hatred; abuse, neglect, and infidelity leave scars that last for years. But marriage breakdowns often degenerate into bitterness quite unnecessarily.

9 Signs Your House May Be Haunted

Have you ever suspected that your house may be haunted? If you hear bumps in the night, it may be more than just a loose floor board. This article takes a look at the most common signs of paranormal activity in your home.

How to Stop Needing People’s Approval (But Still Gain Their Respect)

Most people want others to like them and strive to have this goal realized. Those who become people-pleasers have low self-esteem and don’t recognize better ways to achieve their aim of attracting others admiration and respect. This article explains why people-pleasing doesn’t work and suggests ways to boost confidence and gain security and respect.

9 Subtle Signs Of Abuse That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Abuse in a relationship should never be tolerated. However, you might be surprised by what constitutes an abusive relationship. You might think of abuse as physical, but hitting, slapping, and threats of harm are not the only kinds of maltreatment. Here are some subtle signs of abuse that should not be ignored.

A History of the Inquisition: A Book Review

Since reading books on Early Christianity and gnosticism, it made me curious to learn more about the inquisition. The best book I've read of many is A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages by Henry Charles Lea. It is very long but extremely fascinating. There is this myth that people who were midwives [...]

Revelations, The Gnostic Gospels, and The Gnostic Paul: Book Review

I love anything history related and since reading Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, & Politics in the Book of Revelations, Elaine Pagels has become one of my favorite authors. Revelations is very well written, and while it doesn't specifically discuss the Book of Revelations of the New Testament, it discusses a lot of what happened the three [...]

How Sensitive People Can Use Empathy Without Getting Overwhelmed

Kind people are often proud to be empathic. They believe empathy is evidence of their sensitivity to the needs of others, and they’re not wrong. Stepping into another’s shoes can drain your energy when practiced without self-care, though. If you can use your insightful nature judiciously, it is more likely everyone will benefit. This is because you will no longer soak up others’ stress and you’ll have the clarity to help them.

The Healing Power of Trees – Book Review

I didn’t really know books on trees were out there–a lot of them–until I saw something on Amazon while looking up another topic. But these three stood out to me (though I added many others to my wish list) and I am so happy that I got them. Each discusses a different aspect of finding healing through trees.

Reading for the Week of September 3, 2018

A Time For Releasing Ourselves from the Webs We’ve Become Enmeshed in and to See the Bigger Picture. For today’s reading, I used the Healers of the Earth Oracle with the Deck of a Thousand Spreads and another deck I made for myself to help me tune in more deeply with issues. Asking what the focus of the reading [...]

I Dreamed Of My Ex. Does This Mean S/he Is Thinking Of Me?

Before analyzing a dream it is important to understand how dreaming works. For example, often times, if one can look up the images, actions, and symbols in dream dictionaries and reread the dream symbolically, one can realize that the dream pertained to something that is going on within the dreamers emotional life….