There are 440 nuclear power plants operating across 30 countries around the world today. There are an additional 250 so-called “research reactors” in existence, making a total of roughly 700 nuclear reactors to be dealt with. (Mike Adams,, September 13 2011)[1]

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, is anybody listening? How are we as a collective behaving uncaring concerning the threats that we as humans bring about to ourselves and our planet through our complacency? How can we more readily come to see that a failure to act is a failure to love; a failure to learn a more loving path, both out of love for ourselves and every other living person, child, plant or creature?

And the nuclear threat is just one example of a threat that human technology and lifestyle poses for the planet. A threat that many angels and other loving beings hope that humans will begin to wake up enough in order to  answer an 11th hour call. So, what really is this call? What is it asking of us? To demonstrate, I am going to offer a visualization.

For the purpose of this visualization, I want you to forget everything you’ve previously been taught, or told yourself, about love.  I want you to take a break from thinking thoughts of love with your mind in order to begin thinking with your heart, eyes, and other senses. Yes, the mind is important, but it is often ruled by the ego and ego is not what this call for love is about.


Angel statueFirst of all I want you to either physically go outside, or use your inner sight to visualize being out in Nature.

Take a moment to center yourself within your heart and then I want you to survey everything that is around you.  What do you see? Do you see trees? Do you see animals? Do you see children playing in the streets? Do you see rivers or streams?  Do you see snowy landscapes, grassy fields, farmlands, or beaches? Well good!  This is your inheritance which you will pass down to your children. This is your abundance and treasure.  This has been left to us via the Universe, ET creator gods, Great Spirit or whoever/whatever else you perceive left it to us; entrusting it to our care.  Are you really prepared to let all this beauty, biology, chemistry, holiness and miracle of life go to waste?

Asking yourself this question isn’t “negative” either, like you have been taught. The world likes to get twisted up in concepts of duality: positive and negative, success and failure, when it may not be about labeling polarities but examining what “is.” After all, we can (if we choose to) take what is “negative” and turn it into a positive.  Can we not? We cannot do this, however, if we refuse to accept what “is.”

The observation of righteousness is not the judgement of the ego. Do not be afraid to realize a wolf for what it is; this is not negative judgement, but right seeing. It is better that you see correctly, than be prey to foolishness. Error is often born of lack of confidence to make a stand for Truth. The Master Himself drove the money mongers from the temple, and in so doing set an example for you to emulate. ~ Channeled by Alan Cohen

With this in mind, I ask you (for a moment) to set aside your thoughts that ET beings, ascension or death will save us from any ultimate reality that is unfolding for nature, the world or our environment.  I want you to set aside any idle beliefs that “Earth will continue to go on, regardless of what happens,” because this kind of statement has nothing to do with learning to love through recognizing what is holy, sacred, miraculous and beautiful within all that is living and what you are a part of.

We are talking about love after all, are we not? Is not love the recognition of this holiness and beauty? And if you give all the natural abundance that carries life within it and is so generous to us a slap in the face by caring nothing for the whole and thinking that the only point of love is the self,then maybe we all need a new definition.

Now go back to looking at all the “nature-al” abundance around you. And I want you to let your eyes scan everything that is alive and beautiful. Whatever your eyes fall upon, I want you to affirm “this living {…} deserves love,” “this living {…} deserves my love.  Not tomorrow, but today.”

If you wish, you can make a song of it, make a dance of it or make a prayer of it.  Then, you can make that prayer your walk of life.  Use your mind and thoughts, yes, but then remember to use your life and heart as well.

Then, begin to allow your mind to come up with creative ways that living things can be loved, cared for and protected. Examine your actions throughout the day for what you buy, sell, focus on, support (even unconsciously or subliminally), pay taxes to (including sales tax), etc., and how this affects the bigger picture of what you want to send your loving energy and intent. When we have conflicted intentions, one towards love and another to continue in ways of living and buying that have an unloving effect, the loving intention becomes neutralized.

Try to see this last part of the visualization as not entailing focusing on “negatives” or “positives,” but rather what “is.” This part of the visualization is important to recognizing where love is lacking in order to answer a call for love.  And there is no judgment here. We may have simply not recognized the call before or known how to answer it.

What If Life is a Kind of Game? 

What if life is a game of waking up to what we are manifesting; that is, waking up to what is not the vibration of love, in order to come to know what is the vibration of love through viewing the fruits of our misperceptions?  In being about love, life is also about what my spiritual guide terms “service.”  Will it be to the self or the whole, to man or God, or to the material or the spiritual?  Finding the truth of our service will help us find a middle ground between various dualities rather than feeding the need to split ourselves between two intentions and two forms of service.  We can come to appreciate this middle ground, and a life of humility and simplicity, as it relates to love if we can begin to see how the effects of our choices affect our playground. These effects are not necessarily right or wrong, simply we can begin to ask ourselves “Am I willing to learn love or am I not?

Start to view the world through the eyes of truth and let that truth (without any blinders on) lead you to respond with love. If what you see brings up emotions, listen to these emotions with unconditional love and let them guide you toward a path of change.  When love is used as a verb, it moves, it acts, it balances, it listens, it learns.

It also helps us if we can begin to see how we have defined certain concepts and whether these definitions need to be re-examined. Part of what keeps us from letting go of what might not more lovingly serve a bigger picture is our attitudes of success, failure, competition, and abundance.  Some of these ideas keep us from adapting more peaceful and less competitive lifestyles.  As my guide has stated:

Reflect more deeply upon any Western World philosophies that subliminally teach you to believe that a life of humility and simplicity cannot yield its own abundance.  Be discriminate concerning philosophies that leave you feeling that if you do not compete within the world in order to have money, possessions or recognition, that somehow you have not used your gifts and abilities in a productive way.  People tend to fear what they do not understand, and because of this they become afraid of simplicity because they have subconsciously learned to equate it with being less than in some way. ~ Asuko as channeled by Mandy

Many of us have been conditioned not to look at the bigger picture, not to question how we live our lives and not to examine the philosophies we accept as truth.  To see the bigger picture in a realistic light would mean that we have to see both the “positives” and the “negatives” concerning the reality being created.  We want to avoid looking at anything we could deem as “negative.” We are told “If we think about the negative, it can manifest.” We are told focusing on negatives is focusing on fear rather than love. I see it as the other way around, however. To me it appears that remaining in denial keeps us locked in fear; preventing us from taking loving action (not that fear is the opposite of love or wrong, it is just an emotion). Love ends up being seen as something to be superficially carried out in thought only rather than through deeds and actions. The problems of the world that stem from a lack of love are consequently never fully addressed or mended. As my guide suggests;

Begin to take a good look at the world around you. See how what is most threatening to its existence is not a lack of material things but an over-abundance of man-made commodities which the production of, and then disposal of, has become a sight of pollution within your eyes. This pollution is then interpreted in a way that leaves many of you consciously or unconsciously defining Nature as your enemy and a deliverer of punishment through creating something which you do not understand you asked for. Do you not ask to burn petroleum and to be able to live with the effects? Do you not ask to be able to manufacture to excess and to cope with the environmental upsets it creates? Many of you have not understood that perceived plagues within nature came by the work of your own minds, hands and requesting. Then, many of you envision or expect that prophecies of divine retribution or salvation through an external act of God will be realized. ~ Asuko as channeled by Mandy

Closing Thoughts

In the end I believe that if can allow ourselves to be brave enough to respond to this call for love, we will be able to begin a process toward awakening to the effects of the “seeds” that we are planting, and to what we are “sowing” or “reaping”. We can awaken to what we have been conditioned to remain ignorant of.  Again, our prior inability to take responsibility does not make us wrong, only unaware. This is an age of awakening after all, and we cannot answer a call to use our love toward healing a disease and its cause if we keep its cause hidden from our consciousness; whether such a disease is in our bodies or occurring with our environment and Nature.  We can realize that love is a choice or a walk of life and not just a thought!

Most of all, believe that nature is essentially loving!  It emanates the pure essence of love.  If we can tap into this essence and learn to treat it as sacred and a part of what we are, we can change the world! We, the people, have more power than we know! We do not have to serve split intentions, wanting to emulate peace and love while feeling we have to go along with a world and lifestyle that is unpeaceful and unloving.  The more we affirm that there are alternative ways to live, the more we can manifest and create them. Manifestation begins with setting an intention, visualizing what we truly want to create and having faith.  Remember the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors:

There would come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the tribes would form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit. The “Warriors of the Rainbow” would spread these messages and teach all peoples of the Earth or “Elohi”. They would teach them how to live the “Way of the Great Spirit”. They would tell them of how the world today has turned away from the Great Spirit and that is why our Earth is “Sick”. The “Warriors of the Rainbow” would show the peoples that this “Ancient Being” (the Great Spirit), is full of love and understanding, and teach them how to make the Earth or “Elohi” beautiful again. (Taken from

What I feel is true in my deepest heart is that we cannot know the purity of our hearts without understanding why we mistreat or pollute the earth and allow her to be vulnerable to environmental threats; when there is always an element of choice in these matters. When we truly know love, nuclear power plants, weapons and disasters will not exist. The vibration of love would not support or maintain them (directly or indirectly through the daily consumer choices we make each day).

[1] See full article at However a nuclear expert contradicts this information and says it would depend on the wave shape of the flare and states that the greater danger is someone launching a nuclear weapon into space

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