I asked for a message for the world. This is what came through.

By their fruits you will know them [the false prophets [1]]. By the greater fruits in the world, you will know if you have served them above serving a more righteous cause.

Of these fruits you will reap what you sow.  You will create for yourselves your own Karma. Which, it is through this Karma you are given the lessons by which you can better learn the Truth and how to serve that Truth with love.

Through your fruits you will be judged. Not because you deserve to be punished, but because in your united efforts you can show how your own judgment has been employed; whether it has served what represents the holy spark within you or whether it serves miscreation, instead. You make whatever bed that you lie in of your own free will choice. If it is a bed of miscreation, then this is only because you have forgotten how to live according to the Holy Spirit and its agenda instead of that of the external world.

Know that through what you chose to serve which is false [eg., of beliefs, lifestyles, norms etc] you create suffering for yourselves.

Open the door. Have faith in yourself that you can withstand the world. If you choose to serve such a  world you will remain lost.  Why choose to remain lost when the Holiest of Holies awaits for your return home?

Begin to know me by my fruits and they [the false prophets] by theirs.  You have the free will to choose.

Which, when you have atoned for what you have served that was false through the decision to serve the Truth instead, you will know.  You will show that you have known me for who I truly am and you for who you truly are. Your efforts and the work of your hands, minds, deeds, and what you serve, will create fruits of lasting peace and love within the world.

~a message

[1] Just to be clear, the false prophets do not imply simply spiritual or psychic prophets but the leaders in our world. Anyone who attempts to tell us how we should or should not live according to what they define as “righteous” or not.  So, it can include lawmakers, media, norms, traditions, religions, new age gurus, or anything else that affects our consciousness.

Waling the Way of the Rainbow Bridge