Healing Power of Trees

I didn’t really know books on trees were out there–a lot of them–until I saw “The Healing Code of Nature” listed on Amazon while looking up another topic. After adding this book to my kindle library, two other books stood out to me (though I added many others to my wish list) and I am so happy that I got each one. Each discusses a different aspect of finding healing through trees. I admit that I can add a lot of books to my kindle and read the first chapter and no longer feel interested, but I read all three of these through to the end.

The first book I read was the Healing Code of Nature by Clemens G. Arvay and Victoria Goodrich Graham. This book took a more science-based approach, listing research that has been done that has shown that being in a forest or around trees can strengthen our immunity among other things. It was a little more of a dry read than the other two books, but I’m glad I read it because who knew that experiments had been done to measure how interacting with trees could affect the results of a blood test?? I had known that sitting near a river was healing due to the negative ions released but it is nice to know that trees can have a healing impact as well.

The second book I read was the Path of Druidry by Penny Billington. I admit I knew nothing about Druidry before reading the book. I had used runes as my first method of divination without really knowing anything about their history and nature-based approach to life. The author takes a very responsible and practical approach and defines what Druidry is and what it is capable of offering, providing meditations and a lot of interesting information on myths and more. I will have to read this book a second time to absorb more, but I like the authors informative but no-nonsense style.

The third book I loved the most. It was titled “The Healing Power of Trees: Spiritual Journeys Through the Celtic Tree Calendar” by Sharlyn Hidalgo. The author discussed the astrological calendar in terms of trees. In this book, each astrological phase is connected to a different tree (taken from the Ogham method of divination). The story she wove about each tree, connecting it to totems, symbols, and other energies, and then providing a meditation really helped me to remember each tree and what it symbolized without feeling I had to memorize too much. There was a really nice feeling to these descriptions and exercises that helped me to see trees, vines, and ivy in a protective and sacred way. It is easy to go outdoors and miss how beautiful and awe-inspiring all the natural energy and life is that surrounds us, and this book helps a reader get in touch with that type of energy.

I highly recommend all three books and reading them has inspired me to look forward to reading more on the subjects of Forest Bathing, Druidry, the Ogham, Celtic Mythology, and other Nature Related Topics.