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Appointments are by phone, Skype, and Skype chat only. For email or in-person readings, please find another psychic through a directory like Bob Olsen’s . No requests to use cam please.

When it comes to appointment times, they are scheduled for Eastern Standard Time. Mandy can call from a Canadian phone number or through Skype depending upon where you live (which can be anywhere internationally) and your phone plan. Some US plans allow calls from Canada without charge but some don’t. Please check your plan.

Phone, Skype, or Skype Chat Session:

15 minute session: $55
30 minute session: $85
1 hour session: $120

Please select a time through clicking the “Book Now” button below and then pay for your appointment using the appropriate PayPal button. If payment isn’t made with scheduling an appointment, it is assumed the person booking isn’t really interested or had a change of heart. For methods of payment and how to use a credit card without needing a PayPal account, see further down the page.

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By making an appointment, you are agreeing to Mandy Peterson’s Terms and Conditions.

Once you’ve set your appointment, you can pay for it using the applicable link below. Canadian amounts are the grey buttons and include GST/HST where applicable. American and international buttons are the yellow-orange ones.




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Booking Outside of the Scheduler

Please, when possible, use the scheduler, as it allows all relevant information to be collected. However, if the scheduler or PayPal buttons are not working correctly, or if you feel uncomfortable using the scheduler, please contact Mandy directly at . Please make sure to include in your email all the below information if you wish to receive an answer.

  1. length of session desired
  2. a few times your available
  3. your phone number or Skype ID
  4. you country, state/province, and time zone (if PayPal buttons aren’t working and you want to be sent an invoice to pay before your session).
  5. If PayPal buttons are working, please send your PayPal payment (see above on this page) with your request.

Providing all the above information and payment helps to filter emails for who is serious or who isn’t. Paying in advance also helps to prevent no-shows (people who set up an appointment and then don’t show up).

Note: For free readings, or if you feel you need to test a reader first, you can call into radio shows of psychics who provide free readings or join facebook or other groups where you can sample a readers work. Mandy only provides a free online divination app where you can use her cards to do your own readings. See

Payment & Appointment Details

PayPal and credit card payments through PayPal are accepted. Mandy will never have your credit card information. See this video for how to pay by credit card through PayPal without making an account

Please Note: Bank transfers, echecks, and sending your credit card information to Mandy are not accepted.

Note: If you have payment issues, you can always contact PayPal or look online for information if you have trouble using the PayPal system.

How Mandy Works:

Mandy is not a “Fortune Teller” nor does she believe fortune telling is reliable. She specializes in reading relationships for emotional and spiritual questions (emotions, intentions, general energy of a situation or relationship, psychological dynamics, most likely action, highest interest, etc.). For details on how Mandy works, see the page here>>

Refund Policy

Full refunds are offered for those who contact for a reading who feel a lack of connection during a call. Usually within the first 5 minutes of a scheduled reading it will be known if it is a right match and if it is desired to proceed. After the call has ended, however, if the person has not expressed dissatisfaction then it is assumed the querent was happy with the call.

Privacy Policy

What is discussed during a session is confidential. Your name and the content of your session will never be passed onto another person. Your session will not be tape recorded. For EFT sessions, records as required by law. Mandy does at times comment on or write about common patterns among those she reads, but never giving out any personal information. The exception to this, is of course any case where a client makes a threat to harm themselves or another. In such cases, your privacy cannot always be guaranteed.

A Few Testimoials

The healing experience with Mandy was really amazingly strange to work that well. Thank you very much for your loving energy!! Jung Sun, Korea

I have known Mandy for over 10 years and in fact I was introduced to her by my sister who referred her because of her psychic ability. I have seen how accurate her predictions have been over the years and in fact I have referred many people to her and they have all expressed how accurate her readings were. I also have used Mandy as a Life Coach and I was very impressed on how focused she was and helpful in identifying the unnecessarily distractions that we all face that keep us from reaching our goals. To me the most important element about Mandy’s services is her real care about people’s well being and she transcends that in all aspects of her services. I strongly recommend her. Taraneh Madar, Montreal

Mandy is the BEST EFT healer I have come across. I always feel the negativity around me has been lifted up after every session with her. She gives me a detailed feedback after sessions which helps me understand and makes me feel I am cared. She is also the authentic and honest healer to guide me and tell me what is not good for me. I have been seeking her healings for last 5 years and will continue to do so without any hesistance!!! :)) Jung Yui, Korea

I have been using Mandy for the past few years to help me work through issues that have put a stronghold on my life. I like Mandy because she doesn’t just offer a reading, she offers assistance/guidance. There were times were I was so low and she was the only soul I reached out to – and she helped. She is amazingly gifted. Add her loving kindness, experience and dedication to help those in need and you have just encountered an angel. Michelle Taylor, USA

Mandy is a very gifted and intuitive healer and reader. She is always spot on, and offers large doses of love, empathy, and light. Her methods are very unique and her own brand, which is also fun to experience. She has assisted me in overcoming many frustrating limiting beliefs, I recommend her highly to anyone in need of healing and guidance! Nathan Martin, USA

Mandy is someone I have been seeing for almost 5 years now. It seems like yesterday that I met her during an extremely trying time in my life. She not only helped me pull myself up by my bootstraps, but over the years she has helped me learn to find myself. Over time Mandy has become a close friend and confidante in addition to a competent psychic and healer. There is just simply no one more caring, loving, kind, smart, and accurate in both her predictions and her healing skills. Lindsay DeVries, Washington

Mandy’s reading was very enlightening. She picked up on me immediately in a no nonsense kind of way and got to the point of what she thought was the important issues for me to be aware of and the things that were blocking my advancement toward my goals. Even as time goes by and I reflect on some of the things she said they are becoming more meaningful. Thank you, Mandy for your thoughts!! MaryAnn, Atlanta

I’m glad I had a session with Mandy. She gave me very helpful information that I was able to use after our session. It was like she was reading my mind. Sometimes we need someone to help us see the forest for the trees and she did just that. Her method of EFT is also very cool. I definitely recommend her services. Ana, Miami