About Mandy

MYSTIC MANDY (aka Mandy Peterson) is a psychic visionary, empath and EFT Practitioner. In September of 2012 she was featured in Bellesprit Magazine. The article is titled Mandy Peterson – A Voice For Mother Earth.

Mandy Peterson A Voice for Mother EarthMandy is also the author of the book I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond: Achieving Peace Through Non-Conformity, and a regular columnist for Bellesprit Magazine and Om Times. In past, she hosted her own psychic radio show on CBS Sky Radio called “Voice of Empowerment.”  Her Videos on her YouTube Channel have attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers.  An artist and graphic designer, Mandy also created the EFT Divination & Chakra Deck (also knows as the Path to Emotional Freedom Deck), to replace or complement EFT muscle testing. She also designs the covers for Bellesprit and Shesique Magazine (whom she does occasional volunteer work for these magazines).

Intuitive & Healing Services

As an empathic healer and reader, Mandy works 1-to-1 with clients, using her natural psychic and empathic abilities, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and healing cards. She advises others regarding how to regain balance, clarity and empowerment when they were troubled with:

  • Relationship problems
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Empathic ‘sponging’ or psychic attack issues
  • Energy imbalances
  • Pain Issues (physical, emotional, etc.)
  • Addictions (love addictions, psychic addictions, compulsions, OCD, etc.)
  • Lack of groundedness (in general or in a situation)

Mandy uses a unique approach to healing she calls “Karmic Unweaving.” Using an intuitive process that is similar to dream interpretation, she advises others on how to work backwards regarding what they are currently manifesting in their life–in a way that can assist with recognizing and understanding the deeper thoughts and patterns that may have taken root.

For those interested in EFT, Mandy uses a unique “Tap-Free” method, so that clients do not have to know all the points or have to tap themselves.  However, she provides an abundance of information for those who do wish to learn EFT, muscle testing or other healing techniques.

Mandy is an unconventional intuitive and healer focused on personal empowerment. She is vigilant about not allowing her clients to primarily focus on outcomes (which creates anxiety and an addiction to them). Instead, she helps others to open the door to see the answers and truth they already have within them. Her passion is to enable others to re-examine their conscious, unconscious and collective beliefs, so they can finally break free from the box of conformity to find peace, abundance, and balance.