A Guest In Their Universe

A Guest in Their Universe

Preoccupation with technology, mistreatment of our planet, and a disconnection with simplicity and the ability to live a more natural life are dilemmas that plague our contemporary world and set us on a destructive course. It seems as if there is little promise for humankind if we continue at our present pace. Is there hope? If so, how do we find direction?

S. M. Peterson’s A Guest in Their Universe: An Earth Empath’s Dialogue with Nature and Animals guides readers on a positive, achievable path to reconnecting with our own true spirit and the spirit of all that lives. Peterson’s dynamic narrative leads readers to the understanding and acceptance of a higher value of life through her conversations with the animals that grace her riverside property, as well as an insightful dialogue with Mother Nature herself. Weaving her own experiences into the text, Peterson offers readers a potentially life-changing journey and truly compelling insights. Whether you are a new age follower, a spiritual seeker, or someone who is looking for more meaning in life, A Guest in Their Universe can enrich your life and deepen your understanding of the world around you.

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Note: Just to be clear, I don’t consider myself a “mystic.” Mystic Mandy is just a psychic name I used early on as a psychic that stuck with me. Also, in the introduction of the book, I make clear that I consider it to be more an insightful “story” than a “channeled” book.  Whether Mother Nature can truly be “channeled” I do not know.

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“The book is brilliant! It will change the way you think…and I venture to say it will change how you see things things in this world and perhaps change your lifestyle. Hopefully, you will realize as I did, just how precious life really is…all of it! I really had a hard time to putting this book down. It speaks of truth and quite simply it all makes sense. I really needed that “wake-up call!” In many ways the book was also healing. It lifted a heavy burden that was weighing on my heart with regards to my responsibility for the caring of aging parents. The book helped to release old forms of conditioning therefore my thinking and behaviors.” ~ Deborah Langelier
I really like this. It has a simple, reader friendly and engaging structure; a definite plus in conveying some quite deep principles of Animism – a view of creation very much at one with my own perceptions.”  ~ Krystina K.
“More a message from Mother Earth to humanity, which in my opinion, is a timely message.” M. Barry

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While the book is offered through Amazon and The Light Works Publishing for those who prefer that format, it is also offered for free online.