Have you ever suspected that your house may be haunted? If you hear bumps in the night, it may be more than just a loose floor board. This article takes a look at the most common signs of paranormal activity in your home.

In Love with A Narcissist?If you’ve ever experienced bumps, bangs, and shadows in the night you may have wondered if your house is haunted. Although true hauntings are considered to be rare, many houses do contain residual energy from past inhabitants. However, negative paranormal activity may occur in areas where traumatic events took place. It is also possible that a deceased family member will linger in in their home in an attempt to look after loved ones. In such cases, the activity is only to make their presence known, but not cause fear. Let’s examine the most common signs of ghostly activity.



One of the most common signs of hauntings are noises, such as creaking floor boards, thumps, bangs or knocking sounds. These occurrences are usually attributed to an old house settling. However, noises such as unmistakable footsteps or what sounds like furniture moving across the floor may indicate that there is paranormal activity present.



Voices are an interesting aspect of paranormal experiences, since sometimes they can be heard clearly as in a ghostly voice giving a person a warning while at other times they may simply sound like muffled conversations. Some people have experienced their name being called by a ghostly presence when there is no living person around.


Flickering Lights

It seems that ghosts like playing with lights since they seem to be a common source of activity. In many hauntings, lights turn off and on or flicker wildly. Televisions and other electronic devices are favorite playthings of spirits since TVs will also turn on and off as well as change channels.


Disappearing Items

Everyone experiences moments of putting something down and forgetting where they placed it. But when you know an item was just there and then it’s gone, only to reappear in a different place or in the original spot, it may be a mischievous spirit playing tricks. If items in a locked room suddenly appear outside the room but the door remains locked, you can assume you have a ghostly visitor.



Mentioning doors, ghosts seem to like to open and shut doors quite frequently. They also don’t need keys to open locked doors. They can pass right through them and will slam them loudly when annoyed. The same can be said for windows, which open and close seemingly on their own.


Cold Spots and Chills

A common occurrence in hauntings is sudden temperature change. For instance, one room of the house may feel comfortable, yet you walk in another only to find that it feels 20 degrees colder. The same thing can happen in different spots of the same room. These are commonly referred to as cold spots and are associated with ghostly activity. You may suddenly get the chills for no apparent reason or feel a breeze when there is no door or window open.


Your Nose Knows

Certain aromas may appear out of nowhere. For instance, you may smell the scent of cigar smoke, perfume or something cooking in the kitchen. If you detect a familiar scent associated with a family member or friend, they may be letting you know in a subtle way that they are there looking after you. However, if you detect a sudden foul odor that you find overwhelming, it may signify a negative presence.


Sensing a Presence

If a location is haunted, a person may feel as though they are being watched although no one else is around. Some people may even feel as though they’ve been touched. Young children and pets are adept at sensing spirits. If you feel there is a presence in your home, watch your children and pets for confirmation. Dogs may bark at seemingly nothing and cats will intently gaze off into the distance as if watching something unseen. A young child may watch, laugh at or even talk to an invisible someone.


Shadows and Apparitions

Everyone sees shadows occasionally and we usually chalk it up to eyestrain, fatigue or tricks of the eye. However, even fatigue doesn’t account for seeing full-bodied apparitions walking up a staircase, sitting in a rocking chair or appearing in a window. If you’ve seen apparitions then the chances are that you have a resident ghost living with you.

So, what do you do it you think your house is haunted? There are many paranormal investigators who would gladly come to your home and perform an investigation to see if there is any ghostly activity present. Check online for those located in your area. You can also contact a medium who may be able to sense the presence of spirits. However, be careful and do some research. There are many gifted and authentic psychics, mediums and paranormal investigators, but there are also those dubious characters who would be more than happy to scam you out of your money.

If for any reason you feel apprehension or fear in any room of your home, contact a member of your religious affiliation to have your home blessed. As mentioned previously, true hauntings are rare, so don’t let your imagination get the best of you.