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Shift Your Focus to Life Energy

by Mandy Peterson

Fotolia_34414619_XS.jpgIn today’s world of rush and business, we can easily become fixated on our work, priorities, and fascination with technology to the point that our relationship with nature and what is living, natural, and pure can become slightly eclipsed. We tend to think of the Law of Attraction as a law that states that we will tend to manifest from where we most place our focus. If this is true, is it possible that the external world is starting to communicate to us, and very loudly, that we need to change our focus for the sake of maintaining balance on a personal, collective, and environmental level? If so, what are some ways we can begin to turn our focus around?

7 Tips to Refocus On Life Energy

Life Energy Tip #1 – Increase your intake of live and organic foods

When we are in a rush or low in energy, it can be easy to grab something to eat that is quick, pre-packaged, or artificial. However, there are lots of quick and easy convenient foods that are natural and full of living energy. For example, fresh organic fruits can be grabbed when in a hurry, vegetables can be prepared ahead of time, or nuts and seeds can be sprouted. When you eat a more natural diet, you not only support your body to be full of vitality, but you are decreasing the demand for mass produced, processed, and packaged foods. In fact, if more of us can learn to see the value in buying less from polluting, greed-based corporations (in favor of local organic farmers), the more we send a message that creates a new kind of demand: i.e. that farmers will be rewarded for food production techniques that are organic, non-polluting and free of pesticides, GMOs, excess packaging, chemicals, dyes, and other vitality-depleting impurities.

Life Energy Tip #2 – Spend more time in nature or with pets

It is so easy to spend our days working indoors and then go home and plop ourselves on our couch to relax through engaging in various forms of inanimate technology. Not that technology is bad or wrong, but our use of it can be balanced with our reminding ourselves to appreciate our connection to nature and animals. Things that you can do to restore the balance and renew appreciation for life energy are to exercise outdoors when or where you can, take a walk every day, play with a pet, make sure to notice the beauty of nature every now and then, or organize a weekend hike or trip to the beach or other natural, revitalizing activity.

Life Energy Tip #3 – Grow something

A great way to refocus on life energy is to tend to plants or living things and watch them grow. Even those who have a black thumb can start small by bringing a few houseplants into the home. Those who feel more adventurous can store seeds, start a garden or greenhouse, or learn to grow simple food crops indoors.

Life Energy Tip #4 – Understand that there is a Law of Balance

Sometimes less is truly more. Finding the beautiful and miraculous within the mundane and simple can be a wonderful way to revitalize and refocus on what truly matters. It also helps us to redefine our concepts of abundance and prosperity through making sure that it focuses on what has life energy. The downside to our viewing abundance/treasure as primarily money and non-living things is that we must fail to protect life if we wish to amass it. Life, environmentally and collectively, may then mirror that it has lost its value for many of us and thus begin to disappear.

We can turn this trend around through changing how we behave as consumers through being more responsible as to who we buy from and what we buy. This helps us to focus on enhancing rather than depleting vital life energy for ourselves and the environment. We can also rethink the Law of Abundance through understanding that there is also a Law of Balance. The Law of Balance exhibits that wherever we use our energy or resources to produce excess, there will naturally follow some level of depletion through burnout of our own bodies or nature’s resources. So, being able to keep our lives in balance can end up being the most truly abundant way to live!

Life Energy Tip #5 – Make changes in your use of energy or fuel

While going fully off the energy grid to use more natural and life-sustaining forms of power may not be practical or possible for everyone, there are little things we can do to become more natural and focused on what preserves life. Walking or biking can offer a natural form of transportation. Using less gas, busing, or committing ourselves to using more eco-friendly vehicles also gives companies incentive to think in more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways in order to make a profit. Reducing exposure to EMF (electromagnetic frequency) emitting devices during the day can also help those individuals who can feel sensitive or easily depleted by such exposures.

Life Energy Tip #6 – Protect water and trees

Water and trees are precious resources can be negatively affected or polluted by human efforts and activities. The first step in protecting them is to begin to see them as precious. The second step is to find ways to protect water and trees through our homes and how we use these resources. For example, we can learn to use less water, buy less packaged goods, use less plastics, buy recycled where we can, or be careful of what chemicals and toilet papers we flush down our drains, toilets, etc. We can also aim to buy from suppliers of goods and services that are more ecologically responsible concerning these resources.

Life Energy Tip #7 – Honor your natural emotions and cycles

Many of us are conditioned by our spiritual beliefs or how we are raised to suppress our natural emotions. Many of us can end up living in our heads, over-think things rather than living from our hearts. If you have dreams at night where you are running away from something in fear or you are battling negative forces, then you could being in a war with yourself or your emotions; possibly trying to suppress too much. This kind of fight or flight can drain vital life force energy.

A better approach to suppression is to employ mindfulness. Mindfulness honors what we are feeling in the present moment rather than trying to run away from or suppress it. It is always best to honor all our natural emotions and cycles such as sleep, eating, and resting. In this way, we are not burning out during the day and trying to grin-and-bear with what was never meant to be natural.

Another thing you can do is to watch for tendencies toward self-medicating as a way to cope. Many of the ways we may try to self-medicate ourselves concerning the stress we feel and are taught to deny can get us trapped in a vicious cycle of running away. It also leaves us increasingly relying on what is unnatural in order to cope or having a need to self-medicate to take the edge off through overeating, addictions, recreational drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety medication.

When we make these small changes in our lives, we may find that we are more balanced and helping the world to be more balanced at the same time.

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