Are You About to be Dumped?

Have you ever had the uncomfortable feeling that your partner is about to call it quits on your relationship?

Break-ups can seem like they come out of the blue, but there are often warning signs that something is wrong. Does your partner show any of these signs that your relationship may be fading?


Dropping Hints

Many people can’t help but let hints slip out when they are considering ending a relationship. Does your partner make comments about how the two of you aren’t right for each other or say you’ll never be able to work out your problems? When you get into fights, does your partner threaten to leave? If your partner has no hope for your relationship, it is probably ending.


Decreased Intimacy

People who are in love typical can’t keep their hands off each other, especially if you haven’t been together for more than a few years. A lack of physical affection will often accompany the decline of a romantic relationship. If the passion in your romance has cooled significantly, or if you partner no longer touches you, it indicates a potential problem.


Picking Fights

Does it sometimes seem that your partner is intentionally pushing your buttons or trying to cause conflict between the two of you? When people want out of a relationship, they may begin to employ sabotage strategies. Your partner could be doing this consciously in an attempt to force you to initiate the breakup, or it could be a subconscious reaction to a stressful situation.


A Vague Future

Making plans for the future is a hallmark of a long-term relationship. When one person suddenly becomes evasive about making plans or no longer wants to daydream about shared goals, a split may be on the horizon. You should not be the only one in your relationship planning for a future together.



Cheating, whether it’s emotional or physical, means serious trouble for a couple. Your cheating partner may be craving attention that you are unable to give, or the cheating may be relationship suicide.

Either way, cheating is almost always a death blow to a romantic partnership, and a cheating partner apparently has little interest in keeping the relationship stable.

The end of a relationship can be devastating, but it’s easier when you know that the break-up is coming. If your partner is showing any of these signs of wanting to end your relationship, prepare yourself. You may want to be the one to end things on your terms.