Law of Attraction: Entering A Collective Consciousness

We have been falling into the illusion that we are powerful because we are manifesting “things” and “creations” within a “box.” What does this “box” serve and manifest? Only when you attempt to break free of that “box” will you realize exactly what you are manifesting yourself into.

Remove The Blindfold

A Question and Answer Session With My Guides Me: What do we need to learn collectively during this time? My guides: Examine any concepts that you hold that are out of alignment with Truth. With a split mind it is hard to develop a focus. So, take the next step to repair what has come [...]

The Lucid Dreamer Dreams of Peace & Love

Begin to change your definition of abundance. Begin to take a good look at the world around you. See that what is most threatening to its existence is not a lack of material abundance but a state of over-abundance that has become a sight of pollution within your eyes.