Trademarks™ of a Separation Consciousness

Oneness is a state of being a part of everything. In the spiritual dimension, it is recognized that we are all equal to one another and part of the same source. We demonstrate how well we understand this spiritual truth when we can begin to align it with our physical existence and create a bridge.

Law of Attraction Backwards: Begining to Question Why We Want Things

We are entering a phase where, as lightworkers, we are not meant to just think the loving thoughts in our head. We are meant to become the loving “rainbow warriors” (since this phrase is used within the new age) who are learning to bridge what we know of heaven with the Earth plane.

Forward Integration & Backward Integration as it Relates to Earth Healing

What is the difference between having a forward integrated approach to spirituality and having a backward integrated approach? How will turning our focus toward a forward integrated approach help us to manifest more peaceful solutions for some of our world’s greatest issues?

Finding the Lotus in the Muddy Pond

If we were to see the lotus as representing our purity of self and the muddy pond as representing the thought forms that clouds us from accessing that purity, then one great way to weed through the mud would be to employ some form of meditation. While breathing exercises and blank-mind meditation have much to offer, the below offers a guided meditation for those who feel more comfortable using visualization as a tool…