Radio Frequency: The White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks

“Everything within Nature has a voice,” she stated. “Everything within Creation speaks of its own mystery and calling. It is simply a new language to learn for those who would wish to learn it.”

Visions of November 9, 2013

In the first vision I was shown the souls of a multitude of natives, rising from the earth, ready for action and to take back the Americas. They were climbing over obstacles and hills, charging forward. They had war paint on their face and wore there hair in a strange fashion. There were red, white and blue feathers tied in their hair.

From Chief Avrol Looking Horse

Humans are self-indulgent slaves to their desires. This is why nature is out of balance. It causes man to sabotage himself. This was posted to my page today (I removed the top part and just kept the message from Chief Avrol. The following is from CHIEF ARVOL LOOKING HORSE: Nov. 8th Tepco will begin moving [...]

The Winds of Change Are in the Air

Can you feel it? The winds of change are approaching. My guides say “prepare.” For, a new world cannot operate upon the old foundation anymore. It must collapse. Though, we cause the collapse to happen through the work of our mind, hands, intentions and actions.