The Law of Attraction and the Ego

When people started teaching and promoting concepts of attraction and manifestation, they got twisted in order to accommodate our present lifestyles. They, thus, came to be primarily used to serve a dysfunctional world. This happened because of a need to serve our ego and its desires.


By Peaceful Warrior. When I was just a kid, I believed that my parents didn’t notice me at all. I craved their attention, but felt bereft of any real and personal interest in me as a child and a member of the family. I knew there was something wrong in all of this. My feelings, my emotions and intuition said that I should expect more. I tried various tactics in the end to get the attentions of my siblings and parents, even if the outcome was the wrong kind of attention…

Standing in the Waters of Fukushima

When asking a question on Facebook regarding what I should write about for Bellesprit Magazine this month, a good friend of mine offered me an intriguing response. She told me to “channel” the White Buffalo Calf Woman regarding a post she had published on Facebook a few days earlier. This post showed a map of how the radiation from Fukushima was spreading to the North. So, I sat outside for a bit with a pen and paper to connect with the White Buffalo Calf Woman and to see what story would flow through. While these have been called “channelings” they are actually fictional stories. To begin each story, I close my eyes and imagine the White Buffalo Calf Woman approaching me. I, then, allow a dialogue to begin to unfold….

Walking the Way of the Rainbow Bridge

A fictional story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Rainbow Bridge.  The Lady Calf Woman teaches us how to climb the rainbow and to bridge Heaven back down to Earth again through helping us to be responsible for what we manifest on the Earth plane. Taken from the article "The White Buffalo Calf [...]

Use EFT to Clear Cords & Energies

Use this tapping script to tap through the various blocks to releasing psychic attachments, cords, and other energies.