The Re-Awakening

By Peaceful Warrior, James Redfield, Eckhart Tolle, Mandy Peterson and many other authors have been writing about these issues for such a large part of the past several decades with the aim of waking people up gradually into a new world. One that has been created by blindness and greed. The reason they have been attempting to wake people is certainly not to manipulate them further. But it does seem clear that these rather small groups of people have done so out of concern for the welfare of the greater number of their human family. Of course no-one likes to be waken in a violent and scary fashion. A cold bucket of water thrown over you might cause you a heart attack, but a slow gentle shaking will do no harm whatsoever.

Nature Is The Missing Step In Spirituality – Grow Something – Refocus on Life Energy

How is Nature the missing step in spirituality? By focusing on "lifelessness" too much, how are we not recognizing life anymore. What would naturally manifest in Nature from such a focus--via Law of Attraction? How are we inaccurately defining abundance as predominantly what has no life in it, and how is this consciousness manifesting? How [...]

Duality Versus Isness

By Peaceful Warrior. To the untrained eye, it may appear that there are always pluses and minuses. Good or evil, love and hate, war and peace, cold and heat, or light and darkness. Up, down, left, right, inside and outside, forwards and backwards. But you may be surprised to know that by a process we call relativity we can arrive at many other points of conclusion and or debate. Duality would have us believe that both exist side by side and that there is only one thing or the other, with it’s opposite at the point of us determining our viewpoint….

Karmic Unweaving

There has been a lot of attention given to the Law of Attraction concerning how we can control our thinking in order to manifest a “positive” outcome. However, this approach has kept our understanding of the Law of Attraction rather limited. Our minds become solely focused on controlling our thoughts and using our will to affect something in the future. This also keeps our minds hyper-focused on a state of wanting, rather than on appreciating how blessed we are with what we already have….

The Garden of Life

Seed your thoughts in a garden that treasures life and your harvest will be abundant in what has life. Seed your thoughts in a garden that treasures only what is lifeless, and your harvest will be abundant in what is devoid of life. However, when not appreciated anymore, either harvest can become a garden, not [...]

EFT World Healing: “I Am Enough”

This series of EFT articles is based on healing aspects of ourselves that can, in turn, help us heal the world at this time. What I have been noticing is that our healing systems are geared toward keeping us feeling in a state of competition, focusing on outcomes, never having enough, never being enough, never doing enough, etc. It seems as if there is a void we are trying to fill from outside of ourselves, and the collective consciousness is conditioning us to feel like we are not enough. So, I wanted to focus on an article on using EFT to treat the first aspect I have noticed: our feeling of “not-enoughness.”

What is EFT?

EFT is a form of Thought Field Therapy that can be done on its own or as a complement with other therapies.