Collective Consciousness – What It Is, How It Shapes Us, How Acknowledging It Will Help Us Heal Our World

When I first started receiving messages from guides about earth and humanity, I didn’t know what the “collective conscious” was. However, this would change, as what was conveyed to me was primarily founded upon the idea of a collective consciousness and how we shape it and it shapes us. In fact, the main thing these guides want humanity to understand is that we have power over what happens externally; that is, we have power to divert the world from the destructive course it has been on. Not that we need to be afraid should we continue down this destructive path. Most of what we would be facing—if we do—is our collective fear of loss, and of not being or having enough. This has been the driving force behind mankind’s greed for more and more and more. This said, we do have power over whether we will spiritually evolve enough—and lovingly unify—to see the disbanding of nuclear and other forms of toxic or corrupt “power systems” and potential threats that can have the most devastating consequences for life on this planet and for the human race.

The Symbolism of the Lotus and the Muddy Pond

What are the “Lotus” and the “Muddy Pond” and what do these powerful Buddhist symbols represent? According to the Lalitavistara: “The spirit of the best of men is spotless, like the new lotus in the muddy water which does not adhere to it.”

The Song of the White Buffalo Calf Woman

“The next phase of the world will see a return to recognizing sacredness. For a long time, sacredness was lost when you would greet a person, a creature or a part of nature. Now the world can enter a new phase where the focus is not merely an attempt to use the natural world and its creatures solely as a means to create something lifeless or transitory to indulge in or worship. In place of this, you can come to greet and revere the natural world–as your companion on your Earth journey–through recognizing the holy spark you share.”

Using the Law of Attraction Backwards?

When the Law of Attraction principles started circulating in the 1990’s, there was less of a movement toward social and ecological consciousness as there is now. So, during this current time frame, we may now find that many individuals are beginning to feel turned off by the former use of the Law of Attraction and its focus on material prosperity and money. After all, many of us may aspire to embrace ways of living that reflect simplicity, eco-sustainability, unity consciousness and less reliance on competition, external institutions and/or ego; which this can appear to turn the Law of Attraction on its head in some ways (how we have tended to view it, that is). Sites are beginning to spring up that offer ways to market more “spiritually” and “ethically,” while ascension itself is being redefined by new leaders who are emerging to offer a fresh and more enlightened approach.