11:11 – An Intuitive’s and Healer’s Perception

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“How long can you search the outer world for fool’s gold? Do you not realize by now that the world is a house of mirror’s with no foundation? Are you not weary of hunting for fulfillment in a land where there is none to be found?” – Chanelled by Alan Cohen

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Working as an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)[1] practitioner and a reader I attract a certain type of client. Accordingly, many can seek healing for spiritual issues, as opposed to physical or emotional issues. What I have found working this way is that mainstream interpretations of certain “new age” phenomenon were not matching what seemed to be revealed within the EFT or intuitive sessions. Being an inquisitive type of person who tends to notice when things aren’t adding up, I started exploring these ideas more fully, not content to simply live with a state of cognitive dissonance. 11:11 is one of these ideas.  And, I also want to be clear that the information I will share, through this blog, isn’t meant to judge anyone or even how 11:11 is being interpreted, but to inform others so they can come to their own conclusions or realize if a certain belief is helping them on a life path or with their spiritual growth or whether a change is in order. It comes from my being a truth seeker and being the type of person who likes to see the bigger picture.

What I generally tend to witness with individuals who approach me with 11:11-related issues, is that there is a general consensus that whenever 11:11 is seen, it means something “good” (in the sense it is something that brings something pleasurable rather than a lesson or difficulty to transcend). Most people I talk to tend to associate 11:11 with attracting abundance, twin flames, or that it is evidence that their angels are giving reassurance they were on the right track. However, in the course of giving a reading or EFT session often something different would come up which made me feel that 11:11 needed to be redefined or looked into a little more deeply.

As an example, Mary Ann (a fictitious person) approached me excited because she was seeing 11:11 a lot and felt it meant good things were coming for them. Seeing the numbers made them feel very hopeful about more than one situation going on. One situation was with a man she felt was a twin flame. There were so many synchronicity happening with this man and she would see 11:11 a lot or his name everywhere. Now this man had only been a short fling and had left Mary Ann over a year earlier, but Mary Ann was convinced that seeing 11:11 and his name repeatedly meant he was coming back. A year went by and he never did come back, and I had to wonder if Mary Ann wasn’t giving her power away to something that was stealing her energy, keeping her in waiting, and blocking her from moving forward with her life, whether it was true or not that at some point this man was going to return to her life in some form. I’ve also seen 11:11 used by individuals justifying remaining in affairs, or who are in casual relationships with men who don’t really respect or intend on offering them a relationship. So, to connect 11:11 to relationships, especially important ones, seemed to (from what I was witnessing) hurt a lot more people than it was helping. And in inquisitive mind, why would a true angel working for the light encourage that? Wouldn’t encouraging non-attachment and helping a person connect with their inner core and ability to be self-empowered be more productive?

As another example, George (another factitious person) was going through financial hardship. When he started seeing 11:11 he was looking for work and he researched online and read that 11:11 was connected with abundance coming and manifestation.  He was also using angel cards which he kept drawing the “abundance” card. The combination of seeing 11:11 with seeing the “abundance” card convinced him he was going to be okay. Which of course he would be and any divine being working for our highest and best good would want us to feel safe. However, he kept getting deeper and deeper into financial trouble and debt as opposed to getting out of it, and he kept spending money, thinking money was coming. Eventually, George would have to declare bankruptcy and had accumulated massive amounts of debt on his credit cards. He was also easily falling for scams, such as ones that came in his spam folder and even the Iraqi Dinar Dollar scam believing his cards and the appearance of 11:11 was urging him to embrace these opportunities.  Perhaps, instead, the “abundance” card was trying to tell him to focus on his financial situation to take care of it. But what about seeing the 11:11? What was going on with that?

Due to these kinds of questions, I went into meditation to ask for an answer. The first question I asked was, “what does mean to see multiples of 1’s, including the number 11:11?” The answer I would hear was “atonement” and “the 11th hour.” Not knowing what the 11th hour was, I looked it up and found that it did seem to connect with a parable in the bible (of the 11th hour workers). For what I learned of this parable, see the article here >> . But basically, the 11th hour is the last hour one has within a day to answer a call to work in God’s vineyard. Which this does have elements of manifestation to it, but there is also the idea of a higher calling as well. Taking into consideration the word “Atonement” (which breaks down to at-one-ment, containing a one), this changes the energy a little bit. This is another word I had to look up on the internet, to make sure I understood it correctly. But it seems it is about coming into wholeness. It can also be seen as coming into oneness with the rest of creation or bringing everything in creation back to wholeness and balance (at it would seem through it becoming out of balance and our having to “at-one” for this).

As I explored more through meditation and allowed impressions to arise, it seemed the appearance of 11:11 (and other 1 or 11 combinations) may be a signal to pay attention to what we are manifesting; not simply in a personal sense but in a collective sense as well. Possibly, this is why with particularly 11:11, the 11 is mirrored and creating a bigger picture of a 2+2 = 4 energy; 2 representing unity/cooperation and 4 representing power, authority, grounding and the physical world. [In numerology to reduce a number, one would add the digits of 11 (1+1) to reduce down to the number 2. 11:11 then becomes 2:2. You could then add 2+2 to reduce down to the number 4.]

If you also think of how people will wake up from sleep to see it on their clock (or other number combinations), there could be a “wake-up” call type of energy to 11:11. Which defining it as “positive” or “negative” could be unproductive. Perhaps, it is simply about coming into our own wholeness and being able to see what is out of balance and again the idea of service, since in the parable of the 11th hour workers, “Many are called, few are chosen” Matthew 20:16.

In fact, a lot of the intuitive impressions that I have been receiving since 2011, have been about beginning a process toward transcending our personal dreams, ideals and goals (which are numerologically connected to the 1 energy) in order to realize how we are collectively connected to one another as well as responsible toward each other and the whole (which relates everything back to the 11 energy of Justice, Accountability and Karma, discussed in Part 1). So, with 11:11, is our service meant to be to the “one” as in the “individual” or the “self” or is our service to the “one” as in the “whole” and understanding our inter-relatedness and inter-dependency on others.

Interestingly if you break the world Atonement down, you have the words “At One-ment.” Not really sure what this word means I looked it up at thefreedictionary.com:

1. Amends or reparation made for an injury or wrong; expiation.
2. Reconciliation or an instance of reconciliation between God and humans.

So, it makes sense that during this 11th hour call, when we are reaching the last moment to make a decision that we decide to make amends or reparations for how we have used our minds and thoughts to create deeds and manifestations that impacted the whole of creation. Which even the Book of Revelation (which 11:11 has been connected by new agers to rapture and the 144,000 who are sealed) there is this type of theme. It is only viewed as negative if we view what is being offered in the light of consequences (manifestation effects) if we collectively (and individually as part of a collective) choose not to at-one. The potential for at-one-ment, is itself a positive thing.

Other insights that I received pointed to pay attention to yin and yang energy in a way where we can begin to see how various external energies are mirroring internal ones. For example, the energy on the planet is currently very yang and overly focused on the 1 energy, which is also an “I” energy. We are very preoccupied with our own little worlds and what is “me” and “mine” rather than focusing on a bigger picture.

Perhaps, the unwillingness to change/challenge this pattern (an possibly frightened to do so), many may see 11:11 as a green light rather than a yellow one when it comes to going ahead with certain projects or making a “wish” to receive material abundance. As with the examples of George and Mary Ann, doing so caused them to give their power away and look their sense of wholeness or ability to keep their life in balance. Perhaps, in some cases, seeing this number may be meant at times to be interpreted as a yellow light; urging us to think more about what we wish to manifest and how it affects the bigger picture if everyone is wishing for and manifesting the same thing. And, with this, I immediately hear the words “Be careful what you wish for, you might receive it.”

Another impression that came was that the focus on too much attachment to 11:11 as providing an “outcome” that was “positive” opened the door to seeing 11:11 more frequently due to the desire to. In the principles of manifestation, if you put out there you will see 11;11 more often, you might start doing so. Then there needs to be a guideline to use for how to separate to tell when 11:11 prompts are coming from a higher place (or angels) or if they arising from ego or another place (psychologically or otherwise). Such as the quite normal phenomenon of seeing an exes name everywhere after a break up or women seeing baby’s everywhere after finding out they have become pregnant. But, as for having the guideline to present here, it will have to wait for another meditation and to write it in another article.

As a last note, it meditation, the realization also arose that while the 1 energy can represent new projects, success or creation, seeing many 1’s can indicate that the weight of embarking upon too many projects is resulting in our becoming scattered or overwhelmed; leading to the burn out of both Nature (due to our seeking to produce so much), and of our minds and bodies. Which, in my work, I have seen the case of people seeing 11:11 when they feel stressed, burned out, or weighted down by too many projects.

In Part 3 I decided to ask my Guardians of Wisdom Tarot Deck for insight into the 11:11 and will give a reading (using the exact words written on the cards, without my interpretation) for what certain patterns may represent.

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[1] Emotional Freedom Technique (a.k.a. EFT) is a form of alternative healing that makes use of set-up statements combined with physically tapping on acupressure points in order to have a therapeutic effect.