11:11 – A Tarot Interpretation

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015

“Search your heart for your purest ideals, and set your life around your noblest vision. In the years to come, when the institutions that you know crumble around you, only your deepest aspirations will carry you through outer change. Think, beloveds, and think clearly. What do you truly want from life? Who do you now live for? Are you beholden to the misdirected vanities of the world, or do you respect your inclinations from a source resonating deep within your self?” ~ Channeled by Alan Cohen

Guardians of Wisdom TarotIn Part 1, I gave a general overview of the 11:11 phenomenon, my experience and my interpretation of its numerological significance (even as it relates to the tarot). In this part, Part 2, I will offer a basic tarot interpretation.  I will offer the exact words written on the cards, without my interpretation, for what certain patterns may represent.

Drawing a few cards from my Guardians of Wisdom Tarot Deck, I asked the following questions:

What does it means when we see 11:11?


  • Confusion: Going in too many directions, resulting in not accomplishing what you set out to do.
  • Revelation: Spirit gives you an abundance of divine energy to explore the world around you.
  • Selfishness: Wanting everything for yourself, without regard to others
  • Affectionate: You are being fulfilled by the caring of those around you.
  • Faith: Taking a chance with your emotions, knowing that all will be well.

What does it mean if you keep seeing 11:11 over and over?


  • Delusion: You have deceived yourself into believing what you want to believe.
  • Lost: The inability to choose a path which will move you forward.
  • Inspiration: Relentlessly driving yourself forward in order to accomplish a goal or task.

What does it mean if you see all sorts of number combinations?


  • Deception: Be careful what you wish for, you might receive it.
  • Delusion: You have deceived yourself into believing what you wanted to believe.

What are we supposed to do when we see these combinations over and over?


  • Confusion: Going in too many directions, resulting in not accomplishing what you set out to do (So, likely it is a message to become more centered and grounded)
  • Struggle: making a repeated effort to attain your goal without the desired effect (So, likely to choose to let go of struggle, drama, and competition or to choose a different path to reach a particular goal).

So, it seems it can mean different things depending upon when we see it, how we see it or whether we see it repeatedly or with other number combinations.

What Does The Appearance of 11:11 Mean For You Personally?

Instead of perceiving the appearance of 11:11 (or other multiples of 1) as a sign of something all good or all bad, we can begin to listen to a deeper message being conveyed.  Sometimes we may be going through a hard time and seeing 11:11 as an indication that we are not alone.  Other times, it may be confirmation that we “got it;” that a project or decision we are working on or thinking about is serving a higher good.  Lastly, it can help us understand our effect upon the world; whether we are aligned with truth, divinely inspired and our ideas benefit the whole or whether we are consumed with the energies of greed, self-deception, corruption of power (or giving our power away), or the over-creation of what can be consumed.

If seeing an 11:11 feels like you are receiving a “yes” from the universe regarding advancing with an idea, project or intention, then follow that intuition.  If you see 11:11 when things are falling apart in your life or during a time where you feel you are repeating a dilemma over and over, you may sense it means something else. It may be offering you comfort that you are supported and loved so that you can let go of the fight.

So follow your gut, particularly if you start frequently seeing other number combinations such as 911 or 411, or are waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the numbers 12:12, 12:34, 2:22 or 3:33 or other combinations on your clock.  Something out there knows it has your attention and so is using it in a more profound way and wants you to “wake up.”  I do not believe that it is a coincidence that this phenomenon is happening during a time which is crucial to Nature that we learn how to treat all life as sacred!

If 11:11 encourages anxiety, obsession, greed or for you to feel you are “meant to be with” someone who is using you sexually and not offering a commitment, then maybe look deeper into this. As a reader, I’ve seen individuals use 11:11 to receive a “sign” that a certain endeavor or relationship is the right path. For example, “I saw 11:11 while thinking about my lover, so the angels ordain this relationship or he is who I’m meant to be with.” Meanwhile, the lover is just using them, not interested, hasn’t contacted them for 6 months, or is letting them know they don’t want a commitment. Another person in the same situation could interpret 11:11 a sign for them to let go, relax, focus on Spirit and trust that they were loved by the angelic realm in a way where it was not required to have to accept something that would unground them or leave them feeling powerless.

In the end, life is all perception and interpretation. We can also understand that we are loved, guided and supported whatever path we choose.