Empathic Relationship Reader and Card Designer

Books and spiritual writings have been largely disabled so that they aren’t attached to any political ideology or movement.

Mandy is the creator of numerous oracle decks. This hobby started as a way to create a replacement tool for those having difficulty muscle-testing and grew into something more.

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Mandy is a relationship psychic, card reader, and empath. When giving readings, she specializes in love and relationships. To book an appointment, click the button below.

Bird's Eye View

Personal Reading

Use a three card spread to gain more insight into a situation you are dealing with.

Uncover Your Past Lives Reading

Past Life Reading

Try a past life reading. Read a past life that pertains to a personal issue or relationship.

11:11 Reading

Try a reading based on the phenomenon of 11:11 and number combinations.

It's Kismet

Love Reading

Try the Color of Love or New Love cards to read a current or future love situation.

I get asked so many times questions about how to create an oracle deck, “What tools do I need? What software? Where do I start?” So I finally got around to creating a course with everything I’ve learned being self-taught. Topics covered are:

  • Who is doing your art and what are your options (using your own artistic skill, hiring an artist and where to find one inexpensively, using paid or free stock images, using interactive apps (like MidJourney or WeaveSilk, etc)
  • Inexpensive courses and free resources to learn more about doing your own art or using software
  • What software to use to create your templates (free and paid)
  • How to template your cards (walkthroughs using both Krita (free) and Photoshop
  • Working with Fonts
  • Finding a printer (print-on-demand resources and professional printers)
  • Writing your manual and finding an editor or using software like Grammarly.

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The 11th Hour Tarot

11th Hour Tarot Banner

I was asked by several people if I could develop a tarot based on the 11:11 card from the Healers of the Earth Oracle. I have all the cards drawn and I am coloring them.  You can follow the progress on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.