Understanding the Levels of Manifestation, Consciousness & Thought

Using EFT to Clear the Energy Field and Chakras

Learn how to use EFT to perform energy work, using the tapping script provided to help clear your energy field and chakras….

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Nature: The Missing Piece in our Spirituality?

The Colors of Abundance

Abundance can mean different things to different people.  While the dictionary defines abundance as “a great and plentiful amount,” “fullness to overflowing,” and “affluence; wealth,”…

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Mandy writes on the topics of the law of attraction, spirituality, and the environment.

Mandy is the author of various oracle decks for use with EFT or healing work, or for giving love or other types of readings.

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Mandy is a psychic visionary, earth intuitive, empath and EFT Practitioner. When giving readings, she specializes in relationship readings. To book an appointment, click the button below.

Bird's Eye View

Personal Reading

Use a three card spread to gain more insight into a situation you are dealing with.

Uncover Your Past Lives Reading

Past Life Reading

Try a past life reading. Read a past life that pertains to a personal issue or relationship.

11:11 Reading

Try a reading based on the phenomenon of 11:11 and number combinations.

It's Kismet

Love Reading

Try the Color of Love or New Love cards to read a current or future love situation.

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