“Tap Free” EFT

Posted by on Oct 2, 2010

“Tap-Free EFT” is a form of EFT which involves no physical tapping. It incorporates energy work methods and can be used for energy work type clearings.

For a few years now many clients have approached me about offering a course. I haven’t till now found a way to offer everything through a course format but it is a really simple process that doesn’t really require a course and I will just outline the below how I perform it:

1. Learn EFT. There is SOOO much information out there for free, but if you want a certification in EFT, you might want to try a site called www.eftuniverse.com.

2. You may want to have a background in Reiki or have been attuned as a Reiki Master. You might even find that performing EFT with the Reiki–using the EFT to clear “blocks”–helps strengthen the flow of Reiki. I find this to be of a benefit in cases where a client is not open to receiving healing (in such cases I ma not feel a flow of energy through my hands). Therefore, clearing a few blocks with EFT can sometimes get the Reiki flowing.  The client usually can feel this as well.

Using the Reiki with EFT, I personally use less symbols as visualization and the EFT affirmations, but use whatever intuitively feels right for you.

3. If you wish to use EFT on energy work issues, you may want to educate yourself on chakras and the energy system.The  Chios Energy Field Healing course is wonderful in that it  walks you through processes of sensing the energy field (passing of hands, seeing it with the eyes, seeing it in the minds eye). It also teaches you all about the chakras and energy field and how to detect blockages and how to clear them. Things like chakra blocks, imbalances, energetic defects and energy states like energy depletion, leaks and tears in the aura and many more different disturbances to look for. Once you know these disturbances, you can use muscle testing to detect them or the intuitive methods and then employ EFT and visualization techniques to bring balance.

This course is affordable, but if you do not wish to take it, you can always download their manuals for free (these are as of 2013 not available for free but there is a book that can be found on amazon>>). I didn’t really feel anything from an attunement personally, so either the person who attuned me, possibly did not attune me correctly, or the attunement process is just generally weak. I gave up teaching this course for that reason.

4. The next step is you may want to learn how to detect “blocks” or “psychological reversals“. You may wish to learn about muscle testing or use your own intuition as to what is blocking the client from freeing themselves of an issue or habit. You may wish to learn about all the main blocks first so that you can know how to work with them and how to “tap” them through with the client. For a list of the main blocks and what is “psychological reversal” you can learn here>> . You can also, if you wish, make your own or buy a muscle testing deck, if you find muscle testing or intuiting blocks to be difficult.

How to put it all together:

How I conducted my first session: I originally was channelling Reiki into a pillow on my lap (which was treated as a surrogate for the clients body). I asked for permission to use EFT as I worked with her energy.  I didn’t really wish to explain EFT to her or where all the points were, so attempted to tap on her as if she was standing in front of me–imagining her body. The client started asking me what I was doing, because she could feel something on the left side of her face, so I knew that she was sensing the tapping. After several clients where I did the same thing I noticed a pattern that people were noticing dramatic results, unless when I used Reiki on its own.

It was an intuitive process for me. I was willing to try something in a different way. So, don’t be afraid to let yourself be similarly guided. If you already know EFT and have been doing it, all you really do is start taking the physical tapping out and getting a Reiki channel flowing.


I do use visualization in my work. I sometimes will do the visualization for myself or ask the client to visualize something so that it can bring up something in their energy field to be cleared. This can be positive or negative visualization. Even having a client visualize the goal already completed, they can experience some tension come up in the body. If you are empathic you will sometimes feel this and be able to know where to take the energy. You can also ask the client where they feel anything in their body bringing a memory up or visualizing an outcome. Then you clear with the Reiki and your own visualization those places in the body while doing the tapping of an affirmation and clearing blocks.

For example; A client wants to attract love into their life. You can ask them to visualize the outcome of having a partner and feeling the love reciprocated. Ask them if this is easy to do or if they experience any resistance come up in the body. More often then not, I find clients will say they experience some resistance. So using muscle testing or the deck or your intuition, find out what the blocks are. Lets say “it is safe” comes up “weak”, meaning, the person does not feel it is safe. And lets say that this client felt the resistance in there heart (though it can come up in the stomach, throat or other places, it is different for everyone). Then what you want to do is send the reiki to that place while forming your set up statement in your mind. “Even though it is not safe for me to receive love, its unknown, I don’t know what it really feels like, maybe if I’m loved the person will expect something from me or control me and i can’t let myself get that close, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself”. You can make it positive to and just “tap it in”. Then what I do is keep sending the reiki while tapping the persons points “energetically” going through them all while saying the set up statement to myself (I find the other person doesnt always have to know). I may do things at the same time such as imagining light going into her heart chakra to clear out the resistance or even times I will imaging light going into the meridian points as I “tap” them, visualizing the person in side me.

It looks and feels funny. I mean, you are tapping in the air, but you might be surprised how incredibly well it can work.

Also, don’t be afraid to tap in visuals that will strengthen the individual (always ask if its in their highest best interest to receive it and if not that they don’t). Often times, if a client has said when bringing up a memory it made them feel small or something, I’ve actually tapped the set up statement while visualizing them standing tall and confident and have been shocked when I ask them how they feel and they can repeat back to me what I was doing “I feel so much better, I see myself standing tall and confident… etc etc”.

I keep asking the client to go back to tuning into their body with the main issue and keep testing for and clearing any blocks. Sometimes the energy may move. They first felt the energy, fear, sadness or whatever it was in the heart and then its the stomach or throat. I use Gary Craig’s term “chasing the pain”, except it is not with a physical pain but with a body sensation. So, I chase these sensations around till I ask them to bring the situation up and they can’t bring up anything in their body or feel only lightness and positivity around it.

Some people do not always connect with their body these ways though. In these situations, I just use the muscle testing and empathy to feel, or you can if you have the chakra cards draw a card for which chakra to work with.

Like with EFT, sometimes you will have to go around issues and find many different aspects. The more you know about EFT the better. Then you can combine the energy work into it.

Chakra Clearing

Sometimes a person may come to me simply for a chakra clearing and I use the process the same way; using the tapping and the visualization and everything else except the set up statements and muscle testing will be around clearing chakras and energy states.

Even if a person does not come to me for a chakra clearing, I will clear energy or clear certain chakras or “cords”. In relationship issues, clearing “cords” can be helpful before doing anything else. In fear or obsessive / compulsive situations, clearing the energy field of any interferences can help before doing anything else. If someone is depressed for no reason, or again in certain love situations or if the client has taken on another person’s emotions or feelings, clearing the energy field of thoughts, energies and feelings that do not belong to them may help before doing anything else.

I usually do start every session with two things: Clearing the person and myself and connecting us both to source, and clearing any potential interference from the person and their environment. But use what works for you. You can do it through EFT, intention, using a pendulum or prayer, or whatever feels right for you. A prayer my Reiki Master taught me was:

“I invoke the spirit of light within, we are clear and perfect channels. May God, Light and Love be our guides. I ask that whatever is in _________’s best interest transpire”

So, this is how I perform “Tap Free EFT”. As I keep playing with things, the method changes and grows. Some clients reported feeling big shifts if I used set up statements or intentions that the client be clear of “all frequencies, blueprints and imprints” of the condition, emotion etc and that these be replaced with the appropriate frequencies. You can add to set up statement that the issue be clear on “all levels, all timelines, all dimensions, all generations” and to clear “all causes of causes, all triggers, memories, pictures, karma” and anything else you can think of.

Mandy Peterson is a psychic visionary, empath, channel and EFT Practitioner. She is the author of the book “I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond: Peace Through Non-Conformity,” and a regular columnist for the metaphysical magazine, Bellesprit. As an empathic healer and reader, Mandy works 1-to-1 with clients, helping them to achieve clarity, peace and balance. For more information, see the “About” page.