"We are all responsible for what we manifest at a greater level than ourselves because we all contribute to a greater consciousness that is manifesting within the world."

Past predictions that came to pass (radio, facebook or blogged): For 2012 - predicted devestation for Philippines through more than one disaster, floods, Mexico earthquake & volcano, a wall of water hitting upper east coast of US (Hurricane Sandy). For 2013 - predicted an oil spill, nuclear accident or toxic issue would cause "a lot of concern" (Fukushima was discovered to be still leaking), new disasters would cause new leaks at Fukushima, increased volcanic activity (naming Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Italy), on radio stated the meteor in February would trigger a disaster despite people saying it would miss earth (it was another meteor in the same month), heard the word "Panama" with "Flood" (Panama City had a severe flood), a new explosion at Fukushima.

Inspired Thought

Mandy writes on the topics of the law of attraction, our connection to a bigger picture (including nature), and what our adherence to conditioned mindsets is doing to us. See her books here>>

Empathic Sensitivity

Mandy is a psychic visionary, earth intuitive, empath and EFT Practitioner. In September of 2012 she was featured in Bellesprit Magazine. The article is titled Mandy Peterson – A Voice For Mother Earth.

Radio Frequency

In past Mandy has been a guest on Live with Belle Salisbury, Bellesprit Radio as well as other radio shows. Some of the archives of the shows can be found through the media page of this website.

Mandy’s Books

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